Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 79


The Eyes Behind Chapter 79 (monthly ticket plus more)

Huang Songzi is also admiring the cloud lights, and can gradually notice something strange.

It’s not a magical cultivation technique, but a strange feeling. It’s just that he couldn’t tell exactly what that feeling was.

“Unlike the previous cases, the Crane Dance Cloud Lantern is a little bit special.” Su Qing said, “Immortal Crane turns into a lamp soul, giving it its own will. If you can understand it, Maybe it can be free from the shackles of the world. If you can’t understand it, it’s just a beautiful lamp.”

“many thanks to Immortal Monarch for the guidance.” Huang Songzi’s heart rose and he understood what Su Qing said.

If he can find out the secret of the Crane Dance Cloud Lantern, the benefits he can get are probably better than the previous ones combined.

“My own will, isn’t it that Immortal Crane’s will…” Huang Songzi suddenly regretted a little.

It was a good mount before, but after grabbing it, I’m ready to educate it. As a result, he changed his position inadvertently and ran up to his head and squatted.

“Master.” While thinking about it, an Old Daoist Priest came over, “Immortal Crane can’t fly around the lights, do you want to think of a way?”

” It won’t fly all the time.” Huang Songzi can see through this. “I’m just being attracted now. When I’m tired, I’ll come down naturally. And with this light there, I’m afraid it will attract more spirit birds in the future.”

“so that’s how it is, this is the bait!” Old Daoist Priest eyes shined. “Disciple will let people prepare, and wait for those birds to come down and capture them quickly. The bird cages in the gate also need to be built more for the use of new birds. I am Baihemen… Master, why do you see me like this… ”

Old Daoist Priest was talking with great interest, and the yellow pine nuts stared at him with cannibal eyes.

“What bait?! So great things are just bait?! Believing or not Poor Daoist Build a cage to keep you in!” Ponderosa flies into a rage.

“You are so old, and your head is stuffed with bird feathers. Birds are raised in the house, and you should treat each other with sincerity. Make friends with them, not as livestock…”

The Taoist priest was sprayed all over his face, and his mind was even more dizzy.

When the Old Sect Master grabbed those cranes just now, he was very agile. Disciples were not tied tightly enough, and they would be scolded by him twice. Why did he suddenly change his temper after being so old…

“Forget it, you can’t understand it.” Huang Songzi was very disappointed. “Call the disciple Disciple, Poor Daoist wants to re-establish the sect rules. Also, those bird cages in the mountainside, burn me right away…” .

The Crane Dance Cloud Lantern was lit, and another piece of Qianzhou fog was dispelled.

Over four-sevenths of the area can be overlooked in the Divine Consciousness Sea.

Su Qing has no interest in human affairs and will not investigate anyone or anything. But this time the exception, because I saw a person.

And not in the newly dispelled area, but in a foggy area.

I saw a young man where Yueyue Palace was located.

Ren Shukui.

You can see him before, but only in appearance. This time I saw more, including the scene I was in.

In a dark and narrow cell, Ren Shukui was sitting on a chair. Still in that frivolous, slouchy look.

On the opposite side are two punishment posts, with two people tied to them, Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao.

The two of them didn’t look injured, just looked a little weak. Song Yueyao closed her eyes, while Xu Chuping was talking to Ren Shukui.

“I remember that when you just entered, Master said that you were wearing frivolous clothes. Every time you go to see Master, I will help you organize your clothes.” Xu Chuping sighed, “But look at you now. , it seems not as good as it used to be.”

“Because I did it on purpose.” Ren Shukui fiddled with his clothes, “Master taught me, and you taught me. In your eyes, I have never done anything right. But now, I can be myself.”

“Master has high expectations for you.” Xu Chuping said, “If you didn’t make a mistake, you are the heir of Sword Mountain Village.”

Ren Shukui laughed loudly, leaning back and forth: “Senior brother, brother, you are so old, and you are dying again, isn’t it good to tell the truth?”

Xu Chuping glanced at him, closed his eyes and stopped talking.

“Why don’t you talk about it, it’s not like you.” Ren Shukui stopped laughing, “You are so pedagogical, you should have a lot to say.”

” Because you reminded me that it is pointless to talk to someone who is about to die.” Xu Chuping said, “You may escape from other guilt. But if you pretend to be the descendant of Pigweed, you are destined to be dead.”

“Master Xu, you shouldn’t be so optimistic about your Junior Brother.” Song Yueyao interjected, “Immortal Monarch means extraordinary people can figure out, and his guilt must be unimaginable. If it just loses one life, it is the best outcome. “

Ren Shukui laughed again: “Yueyao, your mouth is still unforgiving. It hasn’t changed for so many years. It’s just a pity that your face is gone, and you’re already old.”

Song Yueyao said: “It’s just a stinky skin. When you get old, you get old.”

“Hahaha, it’s a free and easy way to say it.” Ren Shukui laughed even more, “If I have a way, I can make you like us. , how about restoring youth? Guo Canyang, you should have seen it.”

“So what if you have seen it.” Song Yueyao said, “If you are like you, I might as well die.”

“I won’t let you die, you have to live well.” Ren Shukui chuckled, “Don’t worry, I’m not in a hurry. One day, you will beg me. Before you beg me, those female disciples of Yueyue Palace, I will serve me instead of you.”

“You…” Song Yueyao gnashing teeth, shaking chains oh la la. “Ren Shukui, if you dare to touch them, you must die!”

Xu Chuping also said angrily: “If you are still the Disciple of Sword Mountain Village, don’t do such rude things! “

“You think I like it?” Ren Shukui sneered, “It’s their blessing to have the opportunity to serve those dirty women. If it wasn’t for suppressing the pain of fire poison, you would think I could really like them.” ? They are just tools, tools for my practice.”

“shameless!” Song Yueyao shivered angrily.

“Don’t worry, all I care about is you.” Ren Shukui looked towards Song Yueyao again, and smiled grimly.

“Although you are a little older now, I remember what you looked like back then. When you ask Old Ancestor for another Spirit Fruit, we will be here to invite the Moon Palace to stay together.”

“You can’t even think about it!” Song Yueyao gnashing teeth. “Even if I die, I won’t do what you want!”

“You bastard!” Xu Chuping became even more furious, struggling to break free from the shackles. But apart from the rumbling sound, there was no sign of being able to break free.

“This kind of feeling of not being able to exercise, isn’t it uncomfortable?” Seeing the two struggling with anger, Ren Shukui was very satisfied, and sighed, “Only when you really lose everything, do you know how much time you have. Precious.”

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao became quiet and looked at him with strange eyes. The two suddenly felt that it was really impossible to be angry with this guy.

What a sin to pretend to be a Pigweed descendant. Immortal Monarch just ignored him temporarily, how could he really be so proud of him.

Ren Shukui felt strange for a while, wondering what happened to these two people suddenly.

“Just now, did I say something wrong?”

The three of them were staring at small eyes in the cell, and Su Qing was watching from the Sea of Consciousness.

After taking a few glances at Ren Shukui, he turned his gaze back to him.

There is something behind Ren Shukui.

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao couldn’t see it, but they couldn’t hide from Su Qing’s perception.

In the dark fog, there is an eye hidden.

With a wild and ancient meaning, with tyranny and dead silence.

That thing is not in Yaoyue Palace, but it is undoubtedly real.

The sound was heard before, and now the silhouette is seen. And that thing seems to be watching Su Qing too.

β€œDo you want me to find you now?” Su Qing asked.

The eyes soon disappeared, and the black mist dissipated.

It hides the breath perfectly, as if it never existed.


Taoist priests raise cranes and teach the dance of hanging lanterns. The traveler is shocked when he sees it, and the crane dance is like a human being. The Tao said, Crane is my friend, treat him with sincerity, and have the same meaning. The traveler sighs, the crane friend is noble and honorable.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

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