Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 8


Chapter 8 Six Kingdoms Seek Immortals

Northern Territory Qingzhou, Six Kingdoms contend for glory. Not long ago, there was still a big melee, and the border was beacon fire beacon. Pigweed immortal island is alive, and they choose a truce by coincidence.

In the face of immortal fate, nothing matters.

The Qing Kingdom, which is the closest, directly seals off the sea, and the other five countries send envoys at the same time. Finally decided to make a six-nation alliance and join forces to find Pigweed. After the efficient negotiation, Su Qing’s quiet days came to an end.


โ€œHeaven and Earth have a righteousness, and are mixed with manifolds. The lower is the river, the upper is the sun…โ€

Su Qing sit cross-legged bamboo couch, The body surface is cloudy. Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai, regeneration mysterious change.

The phantom of the apricot tree in the middle palace is like a stream of purple air. Sinking down the rivers and mountains, showing Sun, Moon and Stars. Sword qi turned into four sword shadows, and swayed under the tree like a good baby.

The main reason for the change is the growth of the spirit root at the top of Pigweed.

โ€œAlthough spirit root can theoretically grow, it shouldnโ€™t be so fast. At this rate, it is possible to evolve after the first mature period.โ€

Su Qing It is natural to be satisfied with this evolution.

The two Immortal Apricot spirit roots are the roots of Pigweed, evolution means the transformation of the immortal island. Immortal island is closely related to Good Fortune Sendai, which directly affects him.

Although he is still Earth Immortal Realm, his injuries are much more stable. Can already soar into the clouds and mount the mists, and use some little spells or something.

You know, he was injured in the Myriad Immortals Array. Even if he was lucky enough to save his life, he would have to support it for eighteen thousand years according to common sense.

“You deserve credit for this.”

Su Qing turned her eyes to the outside of the house, and scholar was still reading under the tree.

Scholar has a name, but he has forgotten everything since he sat under the tree. I didn’t get up when I sat there, except to read books.

Will see when don’t know, but certainly not a nerd.

Read Heaven and Earth vibes in three days, Immortal Apricot spirit root Shaking leaves. This extraordinary aptitude, even Su Qing admired it.

If you say Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai cheat, this can be regarded as a novel gift pack. Immortal Apricot spirit root grows so fast, thanks to scholar.

“There is a scholar in the middle palace, so don’t worry about it, and the other eight palaces need some thought.” Su Qing looked towards the west palace.

The tiger-shaped illusory shadow continues to intensify, but it’s barely discernible.

“Not everyone is a scholar, and a little child can’t be too demanding. Besides, he has been killed since he was a child, so he doesn’t know what the future will look like. In twenty or thirty years, we need to see Let’s take a look.”

Su Qing retracted his consciousness and took out snake eggs, bird eggs, and tortoise shells.

All species in the Great Desolate are more or less related to various Divine Beasts. Among these three things, there are three other bloodlines of the Sacred Beast. But if you want to draw bloodline out, you don’t have to hatch it.

“Snake eggs and bird eggs can hatch, but innate water and fire are needed to attract bloodline. Tortoise shells are even more troublesome, I’m afraid I have to go to Yin Sector. There is only one thing that can be done now.”


Su Qing retracted the other objects and took out the hoe.

Sunda Palace, southeast.

Su Qing had two options when he was about to lock the Great Desolate Earth Spiritual Qi.

In addition to planting Immortal Apricot spirit root, you can also choose to dig spiritual spring. It’s just that the Spiritual Qi locked in that way is limited, and the efficiency of planting trees is not high. Now that Heavenly Paradise has been completed, it is just time to prepare to make up the project.

As long as Pigweed has a spiritual spring, it can not only light up the Southeast Sunda Palace, but also use it to hatch snake eggs and lead out the Azure Dragon bloodline to light up the Eastern Zhen Palace, which is one move, two gains.

It will take more time for Su Qing to do this by himself. In theory, he can continue to seek assistance from a destined person. Heavenly Paradise is the most efficient way to open up wasteland and dig springs.

It’s just that realm hasn’t recovered yet, so I don’t dare to go out and get sick. Waiting for the destined person, I don’t know what year and month to wait.

Although it is more troublesome, it can only be self-reliant.

Su Qing took a hoe to the southeast of the island, and was ready to dig after choosing a place. But before I could dig a few times, I suddenly felt a sense. He quickly concentrated his attention and looked into the distance.

Su Qing was stunned when he looked over.

A large fleet appears in the distance, targeting Pigweed. Grandiose does not have hundreds of ships, densely packed like small dragon shrimp.

“Passing by.”

Su Qing guessed.

While Pigweed is protected by Formation, it cannot hide for the time being. If the fleet does not change course, it will soon collide.

The fleet seemed to notice the island and stopped slowly under the command of the semaphore. Then I saw the six ships in front, lined up and raised their flags. There are words on each flag, which together are just one sentence.

Go to Pigweed and ask for immortal fate.


Su Qing was silent.

For the uprightness of these people, it is more their own misjudgment.

I thought someone would come to Pigweed, but never thought it would be this big.

The Great Desolate has no lack of worldly kingdoms, and immortal blessings are commonplace. Although mortals are in awe of Immortal God, they are far from kneeling and licking. King Zhou was able to write poems at the Saint Dojo, which shows how harmonious the relationship between immortals and mortals is.

How can I imagine that the people here are so ignorant, a little Earth Immortal will make a move.

But recalling the tragedy of Myriad Immortals Array, Su Qing immediately restrained her contempt.

โ€œThe cultivator is a path that goes against the Heavens, but be in awe. Donโ€™t be domineering because of your weakness, and donโ€™t be arrogant because youโ€™re strong.โ€

Great Firmament goes everywhere , Golden Immortal is not as good as a dog, how dangerous the cultivation world is. Even if it looks like a mortal body, it doesn’t mean that it is really weak.

Su Qing acted prudently and waited patiently, but she didn’t know that the other side was also a little confused at the moment.

“It’s so easy to find?”

“It’s the same as the location given by the wizard, it doesn’t seem to be hidden at all.”

“It seems immortal I’m not forbidding me to come.”

“The Lord of Pigweed is so grateful, I am so grateful…”

The people on the fleet were very excited.

I thought that the journey to find the fairy was extremely difficult, and howling wind and torrential rain Sea Beast demon were essential. Organizing a fleet of this size is entirely out of consideration for nine deaths and still alive. Thinking that when you reach immortal island, it is lucky that one tenth survives.

I didn’t expect it to be so easy to find calm and tranquil along the way.

“Don’t take it lightly, difficulties should be at the back.” King Hui of Qing Kingdom is the Alliance Leader in name. “According to the previous plan, the first-class ships from the six countries will land on the island first. The Wei Country will be the first, and the Qing Kingdom will be the last.”

“The people who go to the island first are faster, and if they are rejected, they cannot delay. “Old General Wang of Dawei added. “Immortal island has no years, one day is a year, and people outside can’t wait too long.”

The fleet is divided into four categories.

The first class is dominated by the royal family of the six countries, the second class is the Aristocratic Family, the third class is the courtiers and generals, and the D class is the Jianghu people or wealthy businessmen who spend a lot of money to buy tickets.

The proportion of people in each country has nothing common with each other, which is formulated according to national strength and interests. The kind of ordinary person who landed on the island before, didn’t have half of them.

“Let’s go!”

King Hui of the Qing Kingdom gave an order, and fleet quickly moved. More than 40 ships left the fleet and slowly sailed to Pigweed Island.

There is an incense table at the bow of the boat, and various offerings are placed. People are basically kneeling on the deck, and the whole feeling is full of ceremony.

โ€œWhat are these people doing?โ€ Su Qing felt that her IQ was insulted.

Now the support of Pigweed is a natural array, whether it can come in is entirely a matter of face. With such a group of people rushing in, no matter how big their faces are.

But soon, new discoveries were made.

“Someone else is coming.” Su Qing moved his gaze to the cloud.

A dozen huge birds flew from the clouds above the fleet.

Or Immortal Crane, or Eagle, and two blue birds. There are different numbers of people riding on each back, and they are vaguely divided into seven camps.

“It’s a bit strange.”

Su Qing felt that these people were weak, at most the level of Foundation Establishment. Of course, those on the sea are weaker, and they are completely ordinary persons.

Of course, in Su Qing’s eyes, there is no difference. If the sky is Beijing Ba, the bottom is Teddy at best. It’s all meat in front of tigers, the only difference is the amount.

And those in the sky are not cultivators, but the blood strength is equivalent to the Foundation Establishment. Although it has the strength to compete with the Foundation Establishment cultivator, there is absolutely no possibility of seeking longevity.

Simply put, they are all mortals.

But it is such a group of mortals, but they are all detached from the world and ignore the common people.

โ€œThere is something weird.โ€

ย โ€ฆ

Pigweed has a fairy, and the world loves it. There are hundreds of boat teams, A, B, C, D, and 4, respectively, from Guideng Island.

“Jiuzhou Chronicle”

(end of this chapter)

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