Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 80


Chapter 80 The other two survivors

There was a lot of noise and little smoke. The fields are cultivated, and children are herding cattle by the river. Between the Chongshan Plains, more than a dozen fortresses watch each other.

Thirteen towns and villages are connected together, which is the origin of Thirteen Docks.

In the yard of a farmhouse, two old people are enjoying the cool air. An old man, an old woman.

From the perspective of dress, they are two ordinary farmers, but these two people have the strength of Primordial Spirit. In today’s Saint Continent, it belongs to the existence standing at the top.

They also have the story of Legendary, the Great Destiny who escaped the Calamity Tribulation twice.

“Junior Sister, have you heard?”


“What should we do?”

“Wait. Die.”

Like the two old men of Baihemen, they were the survivors of the catastrophe. It’s just that the later situation is not better than those two.

The two Taoist priests returned to Baihemen and spent at least ten years of comfortable life. But the two of them fought from the very beginning, and there was no day when they were at ease.

Walking around to plan the reconstruction of Lie Sword Mountain Villa, Ren Shukui came back just after saving some family property. Not only is Primordial Spirit outstanding in the second turn, but it is also known as the successor of the Lord of Pigweed.

The two people who were only scared by Pigweed were dubious, but they didn’t dare to ask any questions, and they became servants in a confused way. By the time he felt something was wrong, Ren Shukui had already become a climate.

He recruited a large circle of scum from all corners of the world, leaving the Sword Mountain village alone, and set up the Palace of the Moon to be the Palace Lord. Because of their perceived strength and cowardice, the two dared not speak out. Some time ago, he was sent to Shisanwu to monitor Liu Jian’s movements.

Although this errand does not seem to be very good, the two of them originally liked it. As long as you can stay away from that lunatic Ren Shukui, it seems to be a good idea to be an old farmer here.

But with a flurry of news, the day will never end.

They are different from the two veterans of Baihemen, the news is not blocked at all. Since I heard the first news, I haven’t slept peacefully for a day.

While the others were still verifying what happened to the fairy trail, they had reached their final conclusion.

Here comes the Lord of Pigweed.

The first reaction of the two was to run, but they found that there was nowhere to go.

Returning to Ren Shukui would be an absolute death. If you want to go anywhere else, there is no guarantee that the Lord of Pigweed will not be found. Going is not staying or staying, and the days are lived with trepidation.

“Junior Sister, otherwise let’s run.” The old man said, “According to the previous news, that person seems to be only going to Seven Major Sects. We should be safe as long as we leave Thirteen Docks.”

“If that person really has a killing intent, it’s the same wherever he runs.” The old woman shook her head. “Don’t forget, we were in Qianzhou back then, and we didn’t know how far away we were from that person. As a result…”

“That’s really waiting to die…” The old man was decadent.

“What else could it be?” the old woman sighed, “Old Ancestor used to attack that one, and now Ren Shukui is pretending to be that descendant. They are both from Sword Mountain Village, and so are we. Lie Sword Mountain Village. Others can forgive, how can we both.”

“Lie Sword Mountain Village… how can I… alas, not right.” The old man thought for a while and said, ” Isn’t the village owner back? He’s still with him. If it’s because of Sect, it doesn’t make sense.”

“We’re not the same thing as the village owner.” The old woman said, “The village owner these I havenโ€™t been here for years, and I was arrested not long ago because of the invitation to Yueyue Palace. We were together with Ren Shukui, and then we happened to be absent, and we couldnโ€™t pick them up.โ€

โ€œItโ€™s really unfortunate…โ€ The old man bit. , “It’s better to go back and fight with him, and die with the village owner, and die heroically.”

“Don’t be impulsive, there is still a chance.” The old woman said, “Do you still remember that box? “

“Why don’t you remember.” The old man subconsciously looked towards the room.

On the table cabinet at the base of the wall, there is a seemingly unremarkable wooden box. But the two of them knew that the box was not simple.

They tried opening it, but they couldn’t pry a single crack. There is no mystery in the box itself, it is simply impossible to open. Two Martial Artists with Primordial Spirit one turn can’t even get a wooden box.

The old man said: “Ren Shukui specially brought it here, let us two protect it. He said that if there is any danger, he will take this box and hide. He trusts you and me, but it is this trust that makes the It’s really deceiving people.”

“Senior brother, why don’t you understand. It is because of the box that you can’t go all out.” The old woman said, “Since the box is important to Ren Shukui, let’s leave it to That one. Even if we still don’t forgive, we have done the right thing.”

The old man suddenly nodded. “Yeah, that’s what I can do.”


“I’m home…”

Standing outside the village, Hou Zhenpo Somewhat excited.

When I was in Qingzhou, everyone wanted to go home, but Hou Zhen was the most nostalgic one.

One is that he is the eldest, and he is afraid that he will die in a foreign country. In addition, the situation of Thirteen Docks is different from other Sects. It is more appropriate to say that it is a gang than to say the same sect of the same town.

Of course, there is another reason for the excitement, that is, he is finally no longer alone.

The previous Sect Masters followed Su Qing’s carriage, talking and laughing along the way was going on a scenic tour. There is no shame in being a sidekick to the master of Pigweed.

It’s just that this family has passed away, and there are fewer and fewer people. He didn’t realize it before leaving Baihemen, and later found out that he was the only old man left.

Walking behind the carriage, his cultivation base will definitely not be tired, but the sense of loneliness is too strong. The most irritating thing is that the big black dog is still wagging its tail on the car, walking all the way is suffocating, it is difficult to find someone to complain.

It is theoretically possible to talk to Su Qing, but Hou Zhen thinks he is not qualified.

It’s luck to follow behind, and have a chat with the Lord of Pigweed?

What a big face.

But now at the door, Hou Zhen thinks he should be able to say a few words.

As a host, entertaining guests is the most basic.

“Immortal Monarch.” Mr. Hou gathered up his courage and walked a few steps quickly, and when he arrived at the carriage, he smiled. “Look, this is Thirteen Docks.”

“en.” Su Qing looked all around.

Seeing that Su Qing seemed interested, Hou Zhen became more courageous.

“The thirteen fortresses are interdependent, and they are closely related to each other. There is a long tradition, and the people who live there are very united. Nominally, there are 400,000 gangs, but in fact, there are more people connected. Every city has its own family, and the most respected one is the boss.”

Hou Zhen stiffened his body and pretended to be casual: “Hou is the number one surname in Shisanwu, and I am the oldest and the most prestigious. , that’s why I have been the boss for many years. Up and down, no one disrespects me…”

“Old man, stop!!” stop. Holding a wooden stick and a wooden knife in his hand, they all look fierce. “Where did you guys come from? I don’t know if this is Thirteen Piers? How dare you rush in!”

The people here are fierce, aggressive and extremely xenophobic. Will not prevent strangers from entering, but also impossible to be polite to people. Judging from the performance of these children, nothing seems to have changed over the years.

“Go check to see if they are spies!” The lead child gave an order, and a thin boy was pushed out.

“I, can I do it if I don’t go…” The boy was a little scared.

“No way!” The lead child was very angry. “You are a man from Shisanwu, how can you be so timid.”

The thin boy glanced at Hou Zhen and said in a low voice, “This great grandfather is very kind, so he shouldn’t be a bad guy. Even if he is a bad guy, Just let the adults come, we…”

“Trash!” The boy in the lead lost his patience and kicked the thin boy on the head. Many stones rolled out of the boy’s bag and scattered all over the floor. A piece rolled far away and landed next to the carriage.

“little bastard.” Hou Zhen scolded. “You are older than him, how can you bully the weak!”

The boy in the lead was startled, then became angry again and pointed at Hou Zhen with a wooden knife. “What qualifications do you have to say that you are older than me, and you are also bullying the weak. I called my father to beat you.”

“Hey, smiley brat.” Hou Zhen grabbed the wooden knife and rushed at the boy. The butt was slashed. “Old man is educating you bastards, can it be the same thing? Call your parents, and the old man will be beaten the same way!” Seam slips away. His eyes glared at the boy fiercely, and he took a half step forward.

The Thirteen Dock Boss is a hero, no child can bear this aura.

The little children were stunned and ran away with a wow.

Su Qing got off the carriage and picked up the stone dropped by the skinny boy.

โ€œSpirit Stone.โ€


Several children play at the entrance of the village, and the strong bully the young. The elder sees, earnestly advises, and the child listens to the sudden enlightenment. Thank you for your teachings and go home hand in hand.

ใ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualuใ€‹

(End of this chapter)

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