Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 81


Chapter 81 This is Tiger

Su Qing is somewhat interested in Shisanwu, but not what Hou Zhen said. It is because Spiritual Qi is hidden and hoarded in this popular place.

This area has not yet been revealed in Sea of Consciousness, but has seen something quite different.

Liuping Mountain is the gathering place of Spiritual Qi, and Spiritual Qi in Shisanwu is not less. But unlike Liuping Mountain, Spiritual Qi here is closed. Neither man nor beast can benefit from it.

The stone that Su Qing picked up was milk-white and irregular in shape like other stones. But the texture has a soft feeling and feels warm to the touch.

“This kind of stone is our specialty, but it’s not worth much.” Hou Zhen didn’t know why Su Qing was interested in the stone, but he felt that it was necessary to play the role of a good tour guide.

“Because the texture is soft and smooth, it is very suitable for carving some bauble. In the early days, the people of Shisanwu relied on this to make a living. The earliest masters were all carvings. He was born as a master. It is said that he learned the Tao from carving, leaving behind Martial Arts inheritance…”

Hou Zhen was also proud of these histories, but he did not notice Su Qing’s regret.

“Although the purity is low, it is indeed a Spirit Stone.” Su Qing rubbed the stone.

Any stone can be a Spirit Stone as long as Spiritual Qi is stored. For example, on Pigweed immortal island, every stone is full of Spiritual Qi.

Now the Spiritual Qi of these stones is very low, and there is no comparability at all on Pigweed Island. But even if there is only a trace, it is a real Spirit Stone.

Those masons who founded Shisanwu did not learn the Tao from carving, but absorbed Spiritual Qi in carving.

Su Qing is not interested in history, but does care about these stones.

Spiritual Qi of Qianzhou is better than Qingzhou, so it is not surprising that there is a Spirit Stone. But there is one thing that is very interesting, and that is the regularity of manifestation.

Shuangtuo Mountain in the Northern Sea Sword Sect is no different from Qingzhou. But the further south you go, the denser Spiritual Qi becomes.

The whole Saint Continent is like a spoon, Northern Sea Sword Sect, Huiyan Yidaoliu, Tsing Yilou, where it is the handle of the spoon. Starting from Baihemen, it is the part of the spoon.

“The White Crane Gate is in the Liuping Mountain where Spiritual Qi gathers, and the Thirteen Docks are buried with impurities Spirit Stone. Those places before are not absent, but have been sucked away. The direction of absorption, Sword Mountain Village …”

Su Qing was thinking with the stone, when the skinny boy came over. He looked at Su Qing timidly, and seemed to be hesitant to speak.

“Give it back to you.” Su Qing handed the stone back to the boy.

“Thank you.” The little boy took the stone, wiped the soil on his clothes, and put it back into the small satchel like a baby.

Su Qing glanced at him and asked, “What are you doing picking up stones?”

The little boy said timidly, “Carving things.”

Su Qing said: “Can you show it to me?”

The little boy glanced at Su Qing and quickly turned and ran away.

Hou Zhen watched with sincerity, sighed regretfully. “This child is a pity.”

Su Qing glanced at Hou Zhen. “What a pity?”

Hou Zhen opened his mouth.

Fortunately, a group of people poured out of the stockade, alleviating Hou Zhen’s embarrassment.

“Father, that old man…”

The child, who was scared away by Hou Zhen just now, rushed back with dozens of people.

Most of these people are dressed in ordinary clothes, but they all have a cultivation base. The leading man has the cultivation base of Innate Realm.

“Where did you come from?” the big man asked loudly, holding an axe. “Don’t you know this is Thirteen Wharf? How dare you make trouble here!”

Before he finished speaking, his butt was kicked, and he flew out and lay on his back.

I don’t know when, Hou Zhen appeared behind him.

“Go back and talk to me from someone older.” Hou Zhen didn’t even bother to lift his eyelids. “Tell them and say that the old man of the Hou Family is back.”

The big man’s bones were almost shattered by this kick, and he instantly understood the difference in strength. Enduring the pain, he got up and said tentatively, “You are from the clan? Which room is the Hou Family?”

Hou Zhen coldly snorted, disdain to answer.

The big man frowned, said a few words to the person around him, and the person quickly ran back to the stockade.

Old man Hou ignores the big man, and the big man doesn’t dare to mess with this stinky old man again. A group of people waited silently, and the little boy from before went back.

“Here, I carved this.” The little boy gasping for breath ran to Su Qing, blushing and handed a stone statue.

“The younger generations will surpass us in time.” Hou Zhen raised his thumb secretly, remembering this child deeply. But looking at the stone statue in his hand, the corners of his eyes twitched.

It’s ugly.

At first glance it looks like a pig, but the ears and nose are different. Short legs and short feet, fat and stout, as ugly as they are.

A few children who were crowded in the crowd met, and they were even more laughed heartily.

“When did you carve it again? It’s really ugly every time.”

“Is it a pig? It looks like a pig.”

“No way. Pig, it’s a pig with its nose cut off…”

The little boy blushed even more, subconsciously trying to get the stone sculpture back. But Su Qing extended the hand and took over the stone carving.

“Very good.” Su Qing looked over and over and said. “Is it a tiger who carved it?”

The little boy’s eyes lit up and nodded vigorously. “Yes, it’s a tiger.”

A group of people stared at it, but they couldn’t tell it was a tiger. Hou Zhen stretched his neck and took a hard look. He couldn’t help but say, “Immortal Monarch, is this a tiger?”

“It doesn’t have the shape of a fierce tiger, but it has the intention of a crouching tiger.” Su Qing squatted down and placed the stone sculpture gently on it. to the ground. “This is a tiger.”

Γ‘o hΗ’u…

Following the three characters “this is a tiger”, a tiger roar suddenly flattened the ground.

Everyone watching the fun was stunned, and a few laughing children were even more shivered.

Then, I saw the stone sculpture move.

He shook his neck and stretched his limbs. Staring a pair of eyes, looked all around curiously.

Yes, it’s a tiger.

A living stone tiger.

“This, I carved this?” The little boy stared blankly, crouching down and wanting to touch it, but he didn’t dare to stretch out his hand.

“You carved it.” Su Qing picked up a stone, crushed it into small pieces, and put it beside Shihu’s mouth.

The chubby little stone tiger sniffed, and ao wu swallowed the gravel into his mouth and chewed it crunchly.

“It can still eat?” The little boy was no longer afraid, and he came over and took a few pieces of gravel and put them to the mouth of the little tiger.

The stone tiger still swallowed it in one bite and chewed it crunchly. He even rubbed his head against the boy’s hand, as if expressing intimacy.

“You can try to raise it.” Su Qing said, “It doesn’t eat all rocks, you have to pay more attention. If you can raise it, you can come to Pigweed to find me. .”

Hou Zhen shivered suddenly, watching the little boy and Shi Hu’s eyes light up. Looking more instinctively all around, it seems that something will jump out and grab people at any time.

The little boy was humming, not sure if he heard clearly or not. His attention was all on the stone tiger, and it was difficult to take his eyes away for a moment.

Of course other children are the same.

“Can I touch it…”

“Can I feed it?”

“Will it bite?”

Children don’t think as much as adults, they just think this little thing is cute. Attraction is deadly for boys and girls.

“It’s okay, just touch it. It doesn’t bite, it’s very good…” The thin boy couldn’t help but stop his waist, as if he was a Young Lord.


The child who had bullied him before also came over, hesitating. “Before, I was bad before… You can kick me too. After kicking, we’ll be even. Let me touch it…”

The thin boy flattened his mouth and said: “I don’t want to kick you, but you have to listen to me in the future.”

“Yes, yes.” The strong boy nodded hard. “Starting today, you will be the leader. You will hit anyone you say you want to hit, and if you don’t let me hit me, I won’t hit anyone.”

“Then go touch it.” The skinny boy stepped aside.

The strong boy cheered excitedly and immediately squeezed over. “Get out of the way, let me touch it first, I’m the second leader…”

The boy is good at carving stones, and he is weak and weak, and is often humiliated. One day, a tiger was carved at the entrance of the village, imitating the sound of a beast, and all the children were running, exclaiming that they would eat people. Know the truth later, obey its skills, and take the lead from it.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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