Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 82


Chapter 82 Father-in-law and son-in-law (600 votes plus more)

Children were attracted by Shihu The adults looked at Su Qing blankly.

“What’s the background of this man?”

“Isn’t he a coachman?”

“It’s a coachman, he seems to be able to do tricks.”

“Nonsense. , what trick can make the stone come alive?”

“Extremely powerful trick!”


Little Shihu suddenly came to life, Obviously it has something to do with this person. But this kind of thing is too mysterious, and it is difficult for people to react for a while.

After landing in Qianzhou, Su Qing left many marks. But to the overwhelming majority, his existence remains a secret.

The seven Sect Masters will remember the traces left, but they will still forget the immortal appearance, which can only be remembered when they meet again.

The destined person who has had a little intersection will remember the karma, and also will not remember the mysterious driver. As for the unrelated ordinary person, you will even forget whether you have seen it or not.

Even if you join the WTO, you are still a fairy. Ordinary mortals, how can they remember.

The person who made Shi Hu come to life is a mystery in everyone’s eyes. Some people even suspected that it was a trick or something.

As each of them guessed, there was chaos in the city. A large group of gray-haired old men, grandiose rushed out.

“Boss Hou! Is that really you?”

“Big brother! You’re not dead!”

“Wu wu wu, Uncle Hou, I’m Xiao Liuzi…”

The old people saw Hou Zhen from a distance, and after a short period of daze, they all burst into tears.

“The brothers are still there…”

Hou Zhen was very moved.

Imagine those few fellows who have experienced the same experience in Qingzhou. After returning home, either the people withered or the things have remained the same, but people have changed. There are so many familiar Old Brothers only in their own Thirteen Docks.

Among all of Saint Continent’s Sects, Thirteen Wu pays the most attention to family ties. Seniors will be respected, and they will not be inferior because of weak strength.

I just hate that those Sect Masters are not there, especially the one from Tsing Yi Building. They should really take a good look at what it means to be affectionate and righteous.

Hou Zhen greeted the crowd with open arms, and then was overwhelmed by the crowd.

“Let go of the old man and squeeze the beard of the old man…”

When he finally got out again, Hou Zhen met the person he least wanted to see .

“Liu Jian!” Looking at the young face in front of him, Hou Zhen’s happy expression instantly disappeared, and his face turned cloudy, like a thunderstorm.

“I’ll give you a chance to get out of Thirteen Docks immediately.”

“We haven’t seen each other for many years, but your temper is still so violent.” Liu Jian was very respectful. “Father-in-law.”


Thirteen docks.

The interior and exterior of the house are decorated with lanterns and colorful silk lanterns hanging high. The banquet was set out from the courtyard to the street, and the chips were exchanged and the cups were exchanged. Thirteen fortresses are celebrating, welcoming the return of the old master.

Happy laughter and cheerful voices drinking orders are everywhere, only the main table is a bit spooky.

All the elders in the thirteen docks are the most senior, and some of the old men don’t usually go out. Everyone didn’t move their chopsticks, trembling with fear watching Hou Zhen and Liu Jian.

These two people are Weng’s son-in-law, but also enemies, and they are deeply entangled.

You can tell from Hou Zhen’s dark face that he even ignored Su Qing’s existence. Both eyes stared at Liu Jian, as if he was going to eat people.

“Father-in-law, I toast to you. Congratulations on your hard work and return to your homeland.” Liu Jian raised his glass.

โ€œOld man dare not drink.โ€ Hou Zhen coldly snorted. “I’m afraid you’ll be poisoned in the wine.”

“What’s the point.” Liu Jian said, “Since I gave you one time, I never wanted to hurt you again.”

“Nonsense.” Hou Zhen stared, “That’s when the old man exiled you.”

“It wasn’t your exile, it was I who asked for it.” Liu Jian fell into memory, ” If you didn’t take the initiative to go to Qingzhou to experience, you would definitely kill me secretly.”

“Well, it’s a pity.” Hou Zhen was also very emotional. “It was already planned, you brat is too cunning.”

The elders who sat with them felt like they were sitting on pins and needles.

Anyone who is a little old in Shisanwu basically knows about the Weng and husband-in-law.

Hou Zhen had a daughter who was very much loved. When I reached the age of leaving the cabinet, I wanted to find a good family.

All surnames and rooms in Shisanwu are very harmonious, and there is no concept of family. I originally thought that as long as my daughter likes it, it will be the same for anyone to marry.

Unexpectedly, he fell in love with Liu Jian.

Liu Jian can’t say that he is not good enough, and he is also famous in Shisanwu. But he was more than ten years older, and a wife died.

Hou Zhen is naturally unwilling to say anything, and Liu Jian is more in love with Jin Jian. Taking advantage of Hou Zhen’s inattentiveness, he eloped with his daughter.

From then on, the grievances began.

I’ve tried a knife and poisoned myself, swore poison and pretended to die. There are a lot of shitty things, anyway, for many years. Especially after Hou Zhen’s daughter died unexpectedly in a vendetta, the conflict between the two sides was irreconcilable. It wasn’t until Liu Jian was exiled to Qingzhou that it stopped.

“I’ll tell you the truth, I originally wanted to take revenge when I came back.” Liu Jian put down his glass and seemed to have some feelings.

“Not only will I take revenge on you, but I also want to take revenge on the entire Shisanwu. Since Ren Shukui is a lunatic, I will take Shisanwu to go crazy with him. Because I know that here is the place you cherish the most. It will make you feel worse than killing you.โ€

โ€œBut you didnโ€™t do that.โ€ Hou Zhendao, โ€œBecause you also grew up here.โ€

โ€œHere I can’t help it…” Liu Jian smiled bitterly. “The people in Thirteen Wu are too fond of their family, especially when they are old. No matter how big the matter is, it is no big deal. If it were 20 or 30 years ago, our grandfather would have to use a knife to meet each other.”

“Just for this? Aren’t you afraid…”

Hou Zhen looked out subconsciously.

Only being angry with my unfortunate son-in-law, I remembered that the important figure seemed to be ignored.

Su Qing didn’t take a seat, but took a walk outside as if enjoying the scenery. Occasionally, people from Thirteen Docks would take the initiative to greet Su Qing with a salute.

“Don’t worry, I have greeted the following.” Liu Jian was very calm, “This person can’t be a mortal’s thinking, and it’s not easy to contact him without revealing anything. As long as you are careful about basic etiquette, I won’t be neglected.”

Hou Zhen was a little surprised: “I didn’t realize that you brat had a brain before.”

“Because I don’t care about it now, I can watch it instead. It’s more thorough.” Liu Jian said, “Of course, I’m afraid I’m really afraid. If I really offend this person, Shisanwu will be wiped out in an instant. I dare to go to war on the entire Ganzhou Sect, but I dare not fight This one is offended in the slightest.”

“You still understand people.” Hou Zhen snorted. “Since I think so clearly, and I have no desire for revenge, why do I still get involved with that Ren Shukui?”

“Because before that person came, I really couldn’t afford to offend.” Liu Jian Said, “I’m not afraid of Ren Shukui, but there are other people behind.”

Hou Zhen frowned and asked: “How do you know?”

“Because he gave me The so-called Spirit Fruit.” Liu Jiandao, “He said it is a natural Spirit Fruit, but I think it is some kind of medicine pill. And as far as I know, he is not good at this.”

Hou Zhendao . “I met Guo Canyang, and he said it was Spirit Fruit.”

“Definitely not.” Liu Jian shook his head. “Guo Canyang doesn’t understand the way of medicine pills, and he is sincere and easy to be deceived.”

Hou Zhen is a little weird. “Guo Canyang is a sincere person?”

“en.” Liu Jian said: “Although he is a little timid, he is sincere and loyal. I admire him very much. The relationship between Shisanwu and Tsing Yi Lou has also improved over the years. A lot.”

“Loyalty…” Hou Zhen’s expression became more and more strange.

“Don’t you still remember old grudges?” Liu Jian sighed, “It’s been so many years, it’s time to put it down. Tsing Yi Lou…”

“Hmmmmm , forget what happened in the past, don’t mention it anymore.” Hou Zhen was a little emotional. “I finally know why Feng’er liked you back then. That child likes simple things.”

“??” Liu Jian was a little confused.

This seems to improve his senses, but why does it sound so awkward.

Hou Zhen picked up the wine glass: “Forget the kindness and grievances in the past.”

Liu Jian glanced, took another glass from the side, poured the wine and raised it up .

Hou Zhen stared. “What do you mean? Lao Tzu is toasting, you change the glass?”

“You have touched this glass of wine.” Liu Jian said, “I am now on the second level of Primordial Spirit, arsenic can’t kill people, but I have a bad stomach. It’s inevitable.”

“The heart of a villain! Is an old man that kind of person?” Hou Zhen cursed, hiding a small medicine bag calmly back into his cuff.

Weng and husband-in-law were on guard against each other, and cautiously drank the wine.


Wengโ€™s son-in-law drank each other, and the wine was rewarded with virtue. Weng please drink, son-in-law three words. Weng is calm and self-satisfied, and his son-in-law has no choice but to reward him. Weng’s son-in-law met each other, and at the drunken servant’s table, he passed on beautiful talks.

ใ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualuใ€‹

(End of this chapter)

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