Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 83


Chapter 83 Hurry up and open that box (800 votes plus more)

Push a cup at the banquet and change it to a happy one, outside There are two people sneaking around.

“Is that the one?”


“Why don’t you go and ask?”

“Why don’t you go? .”

“Then let Mr. Hou hand it over?”

“How can someone show sincerity? Besides, Mr. Hou’s stinky temper may not be the original intention…”

The two who are looking forward and backward are the fellow apprentices of Sword Mountain Village.

Hou Zhen entered the stockade immediately, and the two of them got the news. I also saw Su Qing who seemed to be unremarkable, and I couldn’t figure it out.

From what others see, Su Qing is a mysterious Jianghu. But in the eyes of the two, it was an elder whose face could not be seen clearly.

Guessing it was who they thought, but there was no way to be sure.

While hesitating, Su Qing walked straight to the two of them.

“Do you have something for me?”

The two of them shivered immediately, and they knelt down.

The people of the Lord of Pigweed they have never met, and it is impossible to remember them. But this voice instantly resonated with the memory.

“Yes, no…”

The two of them were trembling and trembling, and they couldn’t think properly if they spoke slowly.

The two robes of Baihemen were too frightened to move just because they were brought in front of them. But for the two of them, the Lord of Pigweed came directly to ask questions.

“Who are those two people? The cultivation base is not bad, and it seems that they have changed.” Hou Zhen had noticed the two for a long time, but he was only interested in competing with Liu Jian, and he did not ask any questions for the time being. But once the Lord of Pigweed took the initiative to talk to the two, he couldn’t help but pay attention.

“Have you forgotten? You should have met thirty-six years ago, the pair of fellow apprentices from Sword Mountain Village…” Liu Jian made an introduction and finally added,

“Ren Shukui has been guarding me and sent two of them to monitor. But these two guys also have their own minds, and they are not the same as Ren Shukui. Some things are tacit understanding between me and them.”

“Oh, I think Get up.” Hou Zhen laughed. “Like the two guys from Baihemen, they escaped from Immortal Monarch twice, they are amazing guys. But they are not as smart as the two guys from Baihemen, and they are still with Ren Shukui…”

Hou Zhen was suddenly stunned and suddenly realized a problem.

I’ve been feeling like I forgot something since a while ago, but now I suddenly think about it.

“Blessing of Immortal Monarch!”

Hou Zhen gnashing teeth, fiercely glared at Liu Jian.

“No wonder Immortal Monarch has been waiting there. It turns out that the work of Thirteen Docks is not finished. It is more than enough to fail, and it is almost killed by you!”

“What?” Liu Jian Not sure why.

“I’ll settle the account with you later.” Hou Zhen didn’t want to waste any more time talking nonsense, got up and strode over to Meteor.

At this time, the two fellow apprentices had just lifted the wooden box, when Hou Zhen raised his hand to stop it.

“Old Hou is in charge?”

The two brothers were about to speak, but Hou Zhen ignored them and turned to Su Qing cup one fist in the other hand.

“Immortal Monarch, I was careless and didn’t clean up the stockade. Please wait a moment, I’ll take care of these two guys right away.”

Hou Zhen doesn’t care about these two If you have any thoughts, even if there is a hint of hidden danger, it is not allowed. The blessings have not been left, and they cannot be mixed up.

“What’s in the wooden box? Give it to me!” Hou Zhen extended his hand domineeringly.

The two fellow apprentices were hesitant, wondering if they should give it to Hou Zhen. Fortunately, Su Qing said something, so they don’t have to be embarrassed. However, the doubts in my heart were a lot more.

“You can’t hold this thing.” Su Qing looked at the wooden box. “This thing was specially given to me.”


The ruins of Sword Mountain Village, deep in the underground cave.

β€œjiΓ© jiΓ© jiΓ©…I feel it, feel it…the gift that is prepared is already in front of him…”

lava gurgled hot bubbles, An eerie hoarse voice echoed in the cave.

The mummified old man seemed to have suffered a lot, lying weakly on the stone platform and twitching.

A red light rose up and escaped into the old man’s body. The old man groaned and sat up slowly.

“Aren’t you going to kill me…” The old man said weakly, “This pot of pills has already been refined, and I don’t have the energy to refine the next one.”

The stone cauldron is now open, with a few red medicine pills lying in it. With an eye-catching luster, like a fruit.

“You are my servant, I will let you die, and you will die. I will let you live, and you will live…” The hoarse voice murmured faintly. “The Pigweed lord you call him doesn’t know how to be a servant. You have to live well and show him how.”

“What?” The old man started. “Lord of Pigweed? Servant?”

“Is it difficult to understand?” The hoarse voice laughed strangely, “You are all too weak to be qualified servants. But he is different, he serves My qualifications. And the so-called Pigweed, which is more suitable for me than Qianzhou.”

The old man was speechless.

He knew that this demon was crazy, but he never imagined it would be so crazy.

“But before we meet formally, he still needs to learn more rules.” The hoarse voice was still the same low.

“He can shake the Formation of Saint Continent, but he shouldn’t hit the idea of this land. This is my thing, even if it is scrapped, it will not allow others to interfere…”

Su Qing shakes the Qianzhou Formation, which is something it is happy to see. Because breaking the Formation means carrying more burdens.

Before the official meeting, he needed to consume the other party as much as possible, which was originally his plan.

But absolutely did not expect that Su Qing had his own ideas. The reason why it didn’t come directly is because it’s not just breaking the Formation. But to fundamentally replace and completely suppress Saint Continent.

This touches its bottom line and threatens the very foundation of its existence.

It’s a pity that I found out late, and there is no way to stop it directly. Warnings and lessons can only be given by other means.

“You gave me a surprise, and I prepared a surprise for you.” The hoarse voice was faint. “When you get this gift, you will understand what kind of existence you are facing…”

Su Qing approached the wooden box, and it immediately sensed.

But it didn’t dare to try to probe, because that would expose it to Su Qing. While seeing the other party, the other party will also discover its biggest secret.

Fortunately, the things in the wooden box are special and can be detected without deliberately.

Because that’s part of it.

After coming to this world, there is only a small part left.

For Peak, it can be thrown away. But in this world, it is the Supreme Treasure that absolutely does not exist.

Far away in the Thirteen Docks, Su Qing took over the wooden box.

“Very good, he got it, now open it, open it…” The hoarse voice was a little excited, uncontrollably excited.

The previous temptation was too much to make it suffocating, this time I can finally return it again.

“What is it?” The mummified old man couldn’t help but wonder.

In his conception, nothing in this world could threaten the Lord of Pigweed. But the devil in Lava seems to be very confident to do it.

“It’s something that doesn’t exist in this world, something that he can’t resist…” The hoarse voice laughed triumphantly. “He won’t die, but he won’t feel better. Including the so-called Thirteen Docks, it will be completely destroyed. Just like your Sword Mountain Villa thirty-six years ago.”

lava Constantly tossing and splashing onto the stone platform from time to time. The mummified old man didn’t speak anymore, buried his head and couldn’t stop shaking.

The two terrifying existences compete with each other, but they sandwich him in the middle. not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death, there is no second person in the world as unlucky as him. If I could go back thirty-six years ago, the first thing would be to wipe my neck with a Martial Saint sword.

In the Thirteen Dock, Su Qing dragged the wooden box with his left hand and pressed the box cover with his right hand. There was a faint light in the palm of his hand, with a coolness. Like a light ribbon made of water, it wraps and wraps the wooden box in circles.

“Did you feel it? He’s about to open…” The hoarse voice became more and more excited. “Don’t worry, you’ll hear it. The power of that thing is beyond your imagination. Even here, you can feel the horror…”

“A boring trick. ”

Su Qing rotates her arms parallel and squeezes her hands together in front of her chest.

Not much mana, almost brute force squeezing.


With a crisp sound, a burst of sparks exploded.

The wooden box turns into sawdust and ash and dies, fluttering and dropping a feather.

Hou Zhen and the others were taken aback. “What?”

“Feather.” Su Qing reached out to catch it. “A crow’s feather.”

Deep in the distant underground cave, the hoarse voice was still laughing frantically, waiting expectantly.


The young man is famous for his talents, and he is jealous of his classmates. Use a brocade box to hide the Gu objects and give it to the young man. When the young man saw the box, he smashed it with a hammer. The gentleman was confused and asked what it was, and the young man said, Mao. It seems that there is no heart and liver at all, what is it?

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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