Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 84


Chapter 84 Wonderful Scene 5, Animal Sound Stone Cave

Su Qing knew what was in the box.

Extreme Yang True Fire is burning aura, any immortal can judge. It’s just that the box has been sealed, so other immortals may not be able to see through it. Su Qing can detect, mainly Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai reacted immediately when Sword Mountain Zhuangna came over with a box to fellow apprentices.

The nine palaces on the first floor, the Kun Palace in the southwest.

As if the ignition was on and off, the tiny fire star flames splashed from time to time.

At the same time, the small cauldron in his arms was also feverish.

The feathers in the wooden box, the cottage Heaven and Earth Cauldron, the fortune-telling Sendai Kun Palace. There is some kind of connection between the three that can make Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai shine again.

“I wanted to find True Fire to incubate Vermilion Bird, but I didn’t think there would be other harvests.” Su Qing twirled the feather in his hand and looked at it.

The dark color, but with golden rays of light. The heat contained in it is even comparable to that of the sun.

“Golden Crow’s feathers? But it’s not too pure. There are some impurities in it, and the aura of death is very strong…” Su Qing turned to look. “It didn’t fall from the live Golden Crow, but it was pulled from the corpse.”

The other party put this thing in the box and imposed a very special seal.

No mortal can open it, only immortal can. And it is not difficult to open, immortal mana is the key to open. Any immortal can be turned on with no difficulty.

Then, it will ignite.

It’s like a big powder keg, it’s safe to put there. But as long as there is fire contact, it is the result of heaven falls and earth rends.

A thoughtful plot against, in a simple and rude way.

From the very beginning, Su Qing never thought to open the box.

Ignore the seal on the box and break it with brute force. The Golden Crow feathers inside will not have the chance to be ignited again, no matter how powerful the energy is.

“Unfortunately, it is dead after all.” Su Qing could finally confirm, and put the feather in his arms.

The feather of the Golden Crow is true, but it is the dead Golden Crow. If it came down from the Golden Crow, it would not be so easy to suppress it.

That is the powerful existence that once shone through the entire Great Desolate, even in the state of the whole province, he could not compete. Even just a feather is quite a deadly threat.

But now this dead feather is a bit far behind. It is even more troublesome to extract the True Fire inside. After ordering the Kun Palace and hatching Vermilion Bird, we need to wait until we return to Pigweed before making plans.

For now, there are other things to do.

β€œIs there a chisel?” Su Qing asked Hou Zhen.

Previously, the traces were simply suppressing Qianzhou, but now it seems that some arrangements are needed. If the other party is really similar to what they guessed, they will most likely use these things left behind when they fight back.

Once you face that guy, it’s going to be a real fight.

Hou Zhen didn’t answer because he didn’t hear it at all. This would be throwing a tantrum with Lie Sword Mountain and Zhuang, and he didn’t notice Su Qing talking to him at all.

“You two bastards, you are really brave! Even if you are blamed by Brother Xu afterwards, the old man will have to kill you two today!!”

Golden in the wooden box The Crow’s Feather didn’t ignite, but even the slowest response could have realized something was wrong.

Apparently someone is plotting against Immortal Monarch!

Hou Zhen was scared and angry.

Existences like the Lord of Pigweed will certainly not be successfully plotted against, but the nature of this is simply terrible. Nothing happened along the way, but something happened on his site.

It’s not a matter of slapping the face or not, it’s simply stepping on his shoulders.

“Looking at Xu Chuping’s face, let you two shoot first… Come… Liu Jian, are you trying to rebel again! Why are you dragging me? believing or not I’ll beat you together… “

Hou Zhen rolled his arms and sleeves and was about to start, while Liu Jian was pulling him.

“Father-in-law, Immortal Monarch is talking to you…”

“It’s useless for anyone to talk…Who…Who are you talking about?”

Liu Jian felt very tired.

If it wasn’t for the stinky temper of father-in-law, there would not have been so many things back then.

“Immortal Monarch asked you for a chisel.”

For anything else, Liu Jianzhen doesn’t care. But this one, he didn’t dare to be a little sloppy.

“Oh, chisel, chisel…” Hou Zhen came back to his senses and suddenly woke up.

This is to leave gifts and blessings.

It’s easy to find knives, guns and sticks, but it’s really hard to find chisels.

My ancestor was a group of masons, but that was hundreds of years ago. Now everyone is wielding knives and guns, how many people are like playing with one.

After a lot of tossing, I really found a set. The little boy who carved the stone tiger before, his father took it out.

And it’s a full set, with a hammer.

The others are all practicing martial arts, and this one has not left the stonemasonry craftsmanship. In the past, he was ridiculed by neighbors and friends, but now he has become a hero.

Su Qing took the hammer and chisel, and threw them out without stopping.

The flying hammer chisel hovered in the air and slowly landed on an empty rocky beach.

The Shisanwu Walled City faces each other, and Su Qing is the main village, which is the highest place.

And the place where the hammer and chisel fell is the bottom, which is the rocky beach that it passed through when it came.

The rocky beach is full of large and small stones, usually only children come to play.

Now, there is an extra set of stone chisels.

The chisel hits a spot and the hammer hits it.


Crisp, loud, and long.

The sound is not very loud, but the entire Thirteen Docks can be heard clearly.

“What’s the sound?”

“It sounds good…”

Except for some people in the main village who saw the hammer and chisel flying down, the overwhelming majority did not Realize what happened.

The rocky beach is rippling, the rock crackle rolls. The ground rumbled and cracked, and a huge cave appeared. The white stone walls of the cave are barren and ancient, and they seem to have existed for many years.


The hammer and chisel sank into the depths of the cave, and there was a second sound.

The thirteen fortresses echoed everywhere, and scattered stones floated into the sky. In the walled city closest to the cave, the stones combine to form a stone deer.

“What happened?”

“Why are the rocks flying?”

“Forget about the rocks, what happened to the deer?”

The people in the stockade were in chaos, and the stockade above also saw Shilu.

The deer was so big that it was half a head taller than the house.

The stone deer raised its hooves and let out a deer croak, and dashed forward. The heavy hooves left hoof prints on the ground, and they went straight to the cave and got in.

It all happened so quickly that some people even suspected it was a hallucination.

But there is indeed a rhythmic stomping sound that drifts away, leaving hoof prints that prove that the deer once existed.


The third sound rang deep in the cave, and another stockade had changed.

This time, the stone was composed of a big wild boar. In the screams of people, it violently broke through the fence and several houses, and finally rushed into the stone cave.

The sound of Dangdang continues, and every time it sounds, a Stone Beast will appear in a certain stockade.

Leopards, wolves, monkeys…

All are wild beasts that can be seen nearby, leaving traces of trampling or collision, and finally all of them burrowed into the stone cave.

It didn’t sound for a long time until after the thirteenth sound.

“Is it over?” Hou Zhen saw everything in his eyes, overwhelmed by emotions having ups and downs.

“There’s still one more…” Liu Jian looked towards all around.

The main village also has stones floating, but it has not yet formed an illusionary Stone Beast.

“This is the Thirteen Docks, does it only ring thirteen?” Everyone felt a bit of a loss.

Hou Zhen and Liu Jian looked towards Su Qing, Su Qing was frowning.

“Something has tied up Qianzhou…”

Replace the Formation with the Big Dipper seven-yuan star recast, in order to achieve the purpose of suppressing Saint Continent. Thirteen docks is the fifth place, and it is almost time to face that guy after completion.

Just when I was about to reach it, I suddenly realized that there was an obstacle.

It’s not a matter of Formation, it’s the exact opposite.

The original Formation was born from Heaven and Earth, and appeared to protect Saint Continent. But the current tie seems to be absorbing the nutrients of this continent.

It is the real destroyer, the source of the disaster that caused the collapse of Qianzhou.

“The greedy guy actually uses Qianzhou as a nutrient. Then you are eyeing me, the real target should be Pigweed.” Su Qing is not yet completely sure of the other party’s identity, but the real intention has been revealed. .

The dry island is almost hoho, that thing needs new nutrients.

“You and I will settle the account later. Now let go of your mouth!”

Su Qing scolded, raised his foot and stomped the ground.


The earth shook and the mountain quivered, and the sea swelled.

After returning to Yan Town to cut the lake, Saint Continent has once again experienced global turmoil.

Under the lava in the underground cave in the south, there was a mournful scream.


In the depths of the cave of Thirteen Wharf, the fourteenth sound of hammer and chisel sounded.

Γ‘o hΗ’u……

The stone in the main village floated and rolled, turning into a huge stone tiger.

Shi Hu roared and jumped up the cliff next to him, stepping on a huge gap. Then, with the help of a vertical lift, he jumped into the bottom cave.

With the deafening tiger roar, a dazzling white light flashed from the mouth of the cave.

When the white light dissipated, I saw white stones like jade, extending to the depths. There is no trace of light, but it is as dazzling as the light. The claw marks and hoof prints on the cave wall are clearly discernible, and the sound of tigers roaring, deer and beasts is hidden in the depths.

The traces left in Qianzhou, the cave of animal sounds.


There are grottoes in the northwest, with white stones on the walls, and the bottom is bottomless. Outside see the stone trapped beast mark, inside there are extravagant animal sounds. It is said that immortal drives all the beasts to this point, and the beasts can’t get out and cry. It is called the Beast Sound Stone Cave, one of the seven wonders.

“Jianzhou Travel Notes Seven Wonders”

(end of this chapter)

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