Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 85


Chapter 85 is nothing to talk about

Sword Mountain Village ruins, underground cave survival.

“Kill you… I’m going to tear you up… I’ll cramp and skin you…”

Lava is churning like an ocean wave, and the stone platform is constantly being beaten by flames. The corpse-like old man was already on fire, but he didn’t even dare to hum.

The one below is almost insane.


Su Qing guessed right, the thing under lava is the source of Saint Continent’s brokenness.

It is like a greedy parasite, clinging to this land and constantly absorbing nutrients. Originally thought that Su Qing was just tearing the Formation, everything was within his plot against. But I didn’t expect that it was actually replacing Formation and suppressing Saint Continent.

In response to this discovery, measures were also taken.

Leave a gift, a Golden Crow feather.

This plan was supposed to be foolproof.

He didn’t think about causing much harm to Su Qing, just wanted to give him a warning and a lesson. At the same time, the spiritual cave of Shisanwu was destroyed, so that Su Qing could not successfully suppress Qianzhou.

I was waiting with confidence, but I was waiting for a completely different result.

The energy of the Golden Crow feathers was not ignited, and Su Qing successfully left new traces. He even discovered the secret of his sojourn in Qianzhou, without the severing of the slightest hesitation.

“Damn, damn…how dare he, how dare…the box has already been opened, and the ban has been touched…even if he can’t hurt him, he should be able to destroy the spiritual cave of Thirteen Docks. But why, what happened…”

The hoarse voice was very angry, and even more puzzled.

“Okay, since we’ve reached this step, let’s meet first. You must know what kind of existence you’re facing!”

lava suddenly calmed down Come down, something slowly rises from below.

A solitary eyeball.

Flesh and a piece of scalp hang from the eyeball, and there are scattered black golden feathers on the scalp.

It should be dead, but the eyeballs are moving.

Scarlet pupils with dead silence and madness are things that should not exist in this world at all.

The mummified old man buried his head lower.

“I didn’t want to see you before because I was afraid you would discover my secret. But since I’ve been stripped away, it doesn’t matter whether I know it or not.”

It thinks it’s aloof The great existence of and remote, all living beings are ants and maggots in its eyes. With his own pride and dignity, he does not want to be seen by insect.

Of course the more important thing is to not want to be known that it is weak and to discover its subtle connection with Saint Continent. Therefore, it has always avoided exposing itself, and even dared not reveal its will and consciousness easily.

Because whether it is a will to come, or a sense of consciousness, it is possible for the other party to perceive the truth.

Especially in the face of the existence from the same place as him, it is no less than a face-to-face conversation. Saint Continent wouldn’t want to take that risk if it weren’t for the fact that Saint Continent couldn’t last long and needed to take advantage of that guy.

But now, it doesn’t matter.

“I’m going to declare war on you, I’m going to let you know who you’re up against. You’ll tremble under my gaze, you’ll feel the fear in the flames…”

The blood vessels on the eyeball shrink and bulge, and the hanging skin and feathers flutter. A violent and domineering will slowly rose from the cave.

Meanwhile, Thirteen Docks.

“Dare to ask Immortal Monarch, what is the mystery of this cave?” Hou Zhen asked Su Qing for advice.

Several other Sect Masters have not asked this question, and they all figured it out on their own when Su Qing didn’t take the initiative to speak. Hou Zhen didn’t intend to ask, but he really didn’t understand.

The ones left before are all obvious at a glance, and after watching for a long time, I can comprehend something. But Shisanwu is a stone cave, and you can’t see anything in the depths. There is only a wild beast roar that is specious, and can’t hear why.

“This question shouldn’t be asked of me.” Su Qing said, “Someone here has found the answer.”

“Someone found the answer?” Hou Zhen frowned, subconsciously in Measured in the crowd.

Now almost all of the people from the thirteen fortresses have come out, rushing out to the caves at the foot of the mountain.

Not everyone saw the cave, but the Stone Beast galloping scene was visible to everyone. Even if you don’t know anything, you follow the crowd to watch the fun.

“Father-in-law, that child.” Liu Jian noticed something and pointed to Hou Zhen.

Hou Zhen followed the direction and looked over, it was the child who carved the stone tiger. With a group of children, also running down the mountain. The living stone tiger followed behind the child.

“He?” Hou Zhen looked towards the skinny boy and the little tiger following him.

At first it was just a chance for a boy, the Stone Tiger was a gift from the Immortal Monarch. Of course, we should pay attention to this child, but I haven’t thought about it in connection with fairy tales.

Recalling the thirteen giant Stone Beasts just now, Hou Zhen faintly realized something.

“many thanks to Immortal Monarch, I probably understand.” Hou Zhen said tentatively, “The opportunity of Thirteen Docks is not from the comprehend of the stone caves. It’s the stones, the ten Three Stone Beasts.”

“You can find it by yourself, no need to say more.” Su Qing said, “If someone can find the hammer and chisel, let him go to Pigweed to find another chance. “

“Pigweed…” Hou Zhen had infinite yearning in his eyes and couldn’t help sighing: “I have no chance for an old fogey like me, the future is for youngsters.”

Liu Jianzai He coughed and puffed out his chest.

“It’s none of your business.” Hou Zhen was annoyed, “You just got a young skin, which is essentially no different from an old man.”

Liu Jian chuckled: “Father-in-law My lord, just say it when you are jealous. I’m not fake, I only became like this after I ate Spirit Fruit.”

“That’s not Spirit Fruit.” Su Qing said beside him, “It’s just with The medicine pill made by True Fire stimulates all the potential of the fleshy body. Although it can restore the youthful appearance, it will reduce a lot of lifespan.”

Liu Jian’s smile froze.

He can be jealous of what Hou Zhen said, but how can I believe this one.

“Immortal Monarch help.” Liu Jian fell to his knees.

“Those who save themselves, people will always save them.” Su Qing said, “Let’s fight with others less, don’t act rashly on True Qi, you can enjoy the life of ordinary people.”

Su Qing points The hidden dangers in Liu Jian’s body are not related to him. Rather, the medicine pills he takes are of a high standard, and he is somewhat interested in the people who make medicine pills. Saying a few words and saying a few words is enough to fulfill this predestination.

As for Guo Canyang, who is in the same situation as Liu Jian, it is the same whether or not to mention. Even if he takes another short-lived medicine pill, he can live longer than most people.

“The longevity of ordinary people…” Liu Jian was a little confused.

“Be content.” Hou Zhen said while staring, “Just to nurture your temperament, so as not to fight against the old man all day long. By the way, the old man is going to change the name of Shisanwu, you Just let the host handle it.”

“Why do you change your name?” Liu Jian was very depressed, “This is handed down from the ancestors, how can it be so easy to move. Even if you want to use me, don’t deliberately trick me. Me.”

I was already suppressed by this old man, and now I am afraid that I will be even more angry.

“Seriously old man, I have to change the name to Shishiwu in the future.” Hou Zhen said, “I also just thought that Immortal Monarch just dug a stone cave, but smashed it fourteen times.”

“Do you change your name just because of this…” Liu Jian felt more and more painful.

While I was working on changing my name, there was a sudden crackling sound.

Everyone looked for the sound and saw that the wooden box that was broken before had moved.

Those scattered sawdust burned, producing a lot of black smoke. Black smoke gathered in the air, gradually taking on a human appearance.

“Old Manor Xu?” Hou Zhen recognized it at a glance.

“jiรฉ jiรฉ jiรฉ…I’m not Xu Wansheng…” The dark figure laughed, his voice hoarse and his eyes dead, like a crow. “It’s just that you don’t have the qualifications to see my real body, so I borrowed it all… uu…”

Su Qing’s palm was immortal, and an invisible big hand grabbed the shadow.

“Will projection?” Su Qing looked towards the shadow.

“jiรฉ jiรฉ jiรฉ…” The shadow continued to smile strangely. “Finally met, didn’t expect this way. You want to know, who am I?”

“I don’t want to.” Su Qing tightened his mana.


The black shadow was shattered by the grip, and disappeared into smoke again.

Other people may have the desire to talk, but Su Qing doesn’t have that kind of fun.

“Your real body can’t come through, and I don’t want to be in the past, so there is nothing to talk about.” Su Qing rubbed her hands. “Don’t worry, it will be soon.”

Thirteen docks regained their former calm, and a frantic roar erupted again in the distant cave.


Mountain man caveman, fake and hidden blog name. One day in a busy city, he collided with Young Master, in order to become famous. Said, you know who I am and whether you know the etiquette or not. Young Master replied, I don’t know. Then he hammered his face until he fainted, and then left.

ใ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualuใ€‹

Thanks to the Alliance Leader who rewarded Qingshu Shimo, I am very uneasy. So today two more, calm down the excitement.

In addition to this real reason, it is the climax of the plot right away, and I want to modify it again. The rhythm has not been set up too much, and I want to spend as much thought as possible at the end.

Tomorrow, Jiageng will break out, and the Qianzhou plot will end within two days.

(End of this chapter)

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