Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 86


Chapter 86 Farmers and Fields

In a few days.

The carriage travels alone on the road, and there is no attendant behind the car. Only the big black dog was left, and the lazily was dozing off beside Su Qing. Su Qing leaned on the carriage, looking out over the river and mountains.

Su Qing does not have the habit of looking at maps, so she is free and easy. Anyway, nothing can stop him, even if there is an obstacle, it can be destroyed.

But after leaving the animal sound rock cave to see more things, Su Qing felt touched for the first time.

Now the truth about Saint Continent can be seen.

Saint Continent is not the Great Desolate crumb, but in a sense the same as Pigweed.

Su Qing enlightened Pigweed to create a fortune in Sendai, and the two complement each other and become almost the same. And Saint Continent and another guy are also tightly bound.

It’s just that unlike Su Qing, that guy is just a parasite. Use Saint Continent as lamp oil and almost burn it out. Heaven and Earth Formation is Ganzhou’s last self-help, and the reality is worse than guessed.

“That guy may be in a similar situation to me, but he just made a completely different choice. But if I didn’t fall with Pigweed, what would it be like now…” Su Qing felt a little surprised. Feeling, withdrew the consciousness, raised his eyes and looked forward.

In front of it is a small village, and at the end of it is the mountain range. The Yueyue Palace, which we are going to, is in the deep mountains.

The carriage entered the village with little sound. Some houses were visibly occupied, but the doors and windows were closed immediately upon hearing the sound of the carriage.

There are some dead trees scattered along the village road, which seem to have just died not long ago. After passing the village, there is farmland near the road, and a large area of rice is planted. It’s just that they are all wilted, and they will follow in the footsteps of those withered trees at any time.

Two gangs of villagers are arguing over the sale of the farmland.

“Don’t be so savage, how can anyone make a bid like you.”

“Hey, old bull, you can’t say that. There is a 30% discount on the market price. Are you a black heart?”

“Don’t you look at the current situation, other people’s homes are sold at a discount. Besides, if you want the whole family to move out, the land will be deserted. When the time comes, don’t If you say a few folds, you can’t sell it for a penny.”

“If you can’t sell it, you can’t sell it, anyway, you can’t sell it cheaply. It’s better to be a wild graveyard, and it’s impossible to sell it at a discount…”

The party who bought the land was a family of five, the old couple and three sons.

The old couple is dressed as an ordinary farmer, not like a rich family. The three sons are sturdy and simple in appearance. One short and two tall, and the two tall are still twins.

The land is sold by a wealthy family, wearing a decent staff robe, with two domestic servants.

“Dad, are you ready?” Two women came over.

The combination of the young lady and the maid is safe and plump.

The tall and strong twin couldn’t take his eyes away when he saw this pair.

“Mother asked me to urge me to sell those pieces of land as soon as possible.” The rich lady said, “Yueyuegong will come to arrest people every three days, and if you say anything bad, then I will also be punished. Take it away. I don’t want to be like the daughter-in-law of the Niu Family and be taken to that kind of place to serve others.”

The eldest son of the farmer’s family darkened and clenched his fists tightly.

“It’s really time for you to come.” The staff member gave his daughter a dissatisfied look and turned to the old man, “Forget it, it’s 10% off, it’s a bargain for you.”

“Okay, here’s the title deed…” The old man was very happy and paid the money happily.

“Hey, I don’t understand you.” The old lady was not happy. “Everyone else sells their property to flee, so if you don’t leave, you buy land. You can plant it, but you don’t want to see if you can live.”

“What do peasants do if they don’t plant land!” The old man stared. “We are fighting and killing people everywhere. Where can we escape? The land is the life of our peasants, and it is not a loss to buy it any time…”

At this time, Su Qing’s carriage came to the front. .

Su Qing did not intend to stop and continued to walk forward. The old man’s family looked a little strange, but they still got out of the way.

But the staff seemed to be thinking of something, and trotted two steps to stop the carriage.

“Hey, my friend, how about you sell me your carriage?” the staff member said, “My family has a large population, and I’m worried that there won’t be enough cars.”

“I won’t sell it.” Su Qing back.

“I know, you must be going to Yaoyue Palace, right?” The member didn’t give up.

“Looking at your appearance, you can tell that you are from the Jianghu. During this time, many people went to suppress the devil. There are so many beauties in Yueyue Palace, and the hero is the hero. It’s not too far away, You might as well give me the car. Anyway, you go…you may not have a chance to use it in the future.”

At this moment, in the eyes of these people, Su Qing is the appearance of Jianghu people. He looks sturdy and rough, and his body is sturdy and strong. At first glance, he can dance a hundred jins big sword.

Su Qing didn’t answer any more and just drove forward.

“Hey, another one.” The staff was not surprised and moved out of the way.

“Wait a minute, hero, take me with you!” The old man’s elder son chased after the car and said in a panic, “I’m going to save the lady, can I go with the hero? “

Su Qing glanced at the short brawny man and said, “If you go, you will regret it, are you still willing to go?”

The short brawny man was stunned for a moment. , hurriedly said: “I don’t know if I don’t regret it after I go, but I will regret it for a lifetime if I don’t go.”

Su Qing nods. “In that case, get in the car.”

The short brawny man was overjoyed, but the old lady was terrified. “Boss, you’re crazy! Do you have to work hard for such a woman? The second and third, grab your big brother.”

The two big twins came over obediently and grabbed the big Brother’s two arms.

The brothers were very strong, and they lifted it up at once.

“I’m not crazy, you let go!!” The thin man struggled angrily. “If you die, you have to go. I promised the lady that I will protect her for the rest of my life…”

“What do you protect, is she worthy of your protection?” The old lady was even more angry, ” You flirt with other people every day, but don’t let you in. Don’t think that the old woman doesn’t know anything, she’s not blind yet.”

“Let him go.” The old man was also angry, ” If you stop him one or two times, you won’t be able to stop him for a lifetime. Since you must go, let’s go.”

The twin obediently let go, and the short brawny man knelt on the ground and kowtowed to his parents, copying Picked up a sickle and got into the car.

“Big brother, why don’t we go too…”

“That’s right, the three of us fight together. You can’t fight without us. .”

Hanhan’s brothers picked up their pickaxes and shovels, and got into the car if they wanted to.

“No way!” The old lady was in a hurry. “You all went, this is what made the old Niu Family unstoppable… old fogey, you don’t care, I don’t care…”

“You two don’t go.” The old man whispered: “Your big brother is not going to fight, just looking for your sister-in-law.”

“Second and third, you take care of your father and mother.” The short brawny man bit his lip. “I… I’ll be back.”

The old man hesitated, took out the purse, weighed it, and handed it all to Su Qing.

“Master, the old man doesn’t have much money left here, I’ll give it all to you. If there is an emergency, I hope I can take care of the old man’s son. Even… I hope he can leave happily. .”

Su Qing was silent for a moment and took the purse. “I can’t do what you asked for. But I’ll allow you some other things.”

The old man smiled bitterly: “The old man’s thoughts are nothing but the family and the fields. Heroes Do as much as you can, the old man doesn’t dare to force anything.”

Su Qing didn’t speak any more, and urged the horse to drive on.

“Old man, you really can’t think of it.” Before the staff left, he kept shaking his head.

“Buy a piece of land and talk to me about the price for a long time, and then give the money to the dead. You deserve to be poor all your life, you really don’t have a brain at all… Also, take care of your two idiots, stop Stare at my daughter. Even if you can’t get married, it’s not your family’s turn to miss…”

Amid the jeering outside the staff, Su Qing’s carriage left the village and walked across the fields.

“Evil monsters make trouble, the land is dry and the sky is dry. The farmers keep their original aspirations, and they should enjoy a prosperous and peaceful year.” . As the carriage progressed, the paddy fields seemed to be awakened by something.

The shriveled straw straightened its waist, and the dry leaves gave birth to an emerald green color. Bunch of rice flowers scramble to bloom first, and the thick rice fragrance is intoxicating.

“This is…”

The old man and his wife were in disbelief, and the family members were stunned.

Looking at the carriage that was far away, he fell to his knees.

Not a knight, but a Divine Immortal.


In disaster years, the villagers flee with their families. Only the old peasants stayed and bought the escaped land at a discount. The merchants ridiculed, the land is dry and barren, you should save gold and silver, how stupid it is for you to set up inferior fields. The old farmer said that gold and silver are valuable, but only the land will last forever. The day after tomorrow, the rain fell, the price of land rose sharply, and the merchants stopped. Regret short profit blindfolded, not as wise as a farmer.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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