Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 87


Chapter 87 Mortals are afraid of evil and do not know immortals

“Old fogey, have you seen it? That is Divine Immortal, it must be Divine Immortal The boss won’t die, definitely won’t die…” The old lady burst into tears with excitement.

The Niu Family has three sons, two big ones and three big ones. Seeing that the people are prosperous, but the second and third are stupid. I don’t have a normal mind to take it with me. I’m really worried that the old couple will close their eyes and something will happen to them.

“Yeah, I won’t die. No matter how powerful the devil in Yaoyue Palace is, it can’t be more powerful than Divine Immortal.” The old man was also very excited.

“The devil has done too many crimes, and the Divine Immortal came down to punish him. Our family has accumulated virtues and good deeds, so the Divine Immortal has blessed him. The boss was taken away by the Divine Immortal, maybe he could become a Divine Immortal.” The wife couldn’t tell whether she was crying or laughing, she was happy and didn’t know what to do.

The old man suddenly reacted, fiercely glaring at the old lady. “I almost forgot if you didn’t say it, you dead old woman, you made a miserable misfortune on your son.”

“Who cheated on his son?” The old lady quit. “If it wasn’t for my ancestors, the Divine Immortal wouldn’t necessarily come.”

“I mean the second and third.” Yes, but was stopped by you. And the boss, who was almost delayed by you.”

“Ah…” The old lady was stunned for a while, then turned back and looked towards the two silly sons, and again cried out. “It’s the old woman who is confused… Son, mother has harmed you…”

The Hanhan brothers didn’t know what was going on, so they looked at each other blankly and scratched their heads.

The old lady couldn’t hear the cry on this side, but a louder scream suddenly sounded on the other side.

“Ahhhh…why didn’t you recognize it…that’s Divine Immortal, Divine Immortal…and such a big piece of land, this is the land blessed by Divine Immortal, it must grow How much crops, how much money to sell…”

Is the staff beating his chest, much more sad than the old lady.

After howling for a while, he suddenly raised his head and made eye contact with the old man.

“That, Niu Family bro…” The staff put on a smile and came to the front, laughed: “Congratulations, the old Niu Family has got an immortal fate…”

“What do you want to do?” The old man was wary.

“I stopped the immortal’s frame just now, right?” “Then the last blessing, do you think it is reasonable to have me…”

“Well, it is reasonable.” The old man said: “When the crops are finally harvested, I will supply you with 20% of the land. But if you want more, then you can grab it.”

The old man beckoned, and the two strong sons picked up the guy.

“These two young men are strong.” The outsiders were not angry, only said with a slight smile, “It’s a perfect match with my niece. The maid is also a good match, and it happens to be a double marriage, double happiness. It’s a big happy event.”

The old man didn’t keep up with the span of thinking, staring at him without saying a word.

However, the Hanhan brothers obviously reacted faster than their father.

“I think it’s okay, what do you think about the third child?”

“Well, I want that girl, with a bigger butt for better fertility.”

“Then Let me marry the lady, we are more compatible.”



small The happy event in village is approaching, and a guest from the Yueyue Palace will come to the door.

Su Qing drove the carriage, walked into the mountains, crossed the deep valleys, and arrived at the gate of Yaoyue Palace.

As its name suggests, Yaoyue Palace is a magnificent palace.

The outer white jade palace wall contains gold bricks and silver tiles. Compared with the Imperial Palace of the Six Kingdoms of Qingzhou, it is not too much. It’s just that the mountains all around are bald, and the flowers and trees have all withered.

Su Qing didn’t feel anything, but Niu Da’s eyes were blurry.

“This is the Yueyue Palace, it’s really beautiful…”

Niu Da was quite excited.

Although they have lived in the vicinity for generations, they also know that there is a Palace of Inviting Moon in the mountains. But even counting the generations of people in the whole village, they couldn’t find a few who had seen the real face.

Not to mention how dangerous and rugged the mountains are, the old hunters are easy to get lost when they go deep. There is an imaginary formation near Yaoyue Palace, and it is difficult to find the real entrance even if it is near.

Although my mind has been thinking about saving my mother-in-law, but seeing this rumored palace, Niu Da is still somewhat absent-minded.


The door suddenly opened, and two women in palace costumes walked out.

“Pay respects to the Lord of Pigweed.” The two women paid their respects and squinted at the two people on the carriage, with curiosity in their eyes.

Su Qing didn’t get out of the car, tapped his whip lightly, and entered the palace gate directly.

The two women were slightly frowned and seemed a little unhappy.

Arrived inside, it is a square. Hundreds of richly dressed men and women lined up on either side, saluting and shouting the Lord of Pigweed.

The scenes are well done, and the attitudes are very respectful. But even the numb-headed Niu Da felt something was wrong.

“Master?” Niu Da asked tentatively, “Is it you who are the master of Pigweed they said?”

Su Qing slightly nodded.

“Really…” Niu Da couldn’t figure it out, “but why do I feel that they seem to be just like me, and they don’t even know who the master of Pigweed is…”

“I can’t believe that a farmer would have such insight.”

It wasn’t Su Qing who spoke, but Ren Shukui.

The square up ahead is the great hall, and Ren Shukui is standing under the stone steps in front of the hall. He raised his hand and waved, and the crowd in the square disappeared in an instant. Afterwards, they bowed their hands from afar and saluted Su Qing.

“Please forgive me, those humble ants don’t know of your existence.” Ren Shukui bent down with a very humble attitude.

“Thirty-six years ago, the Seven Sect Masters crossed the sea, and a sword from thousands of miles away caused the catastrophe of the Martial Arts in Qianzhou… They only knew that someone had done these things, but they didn’t know what kind of people they were. Only a few people know of your existence. In the eyes of the overwhelming majority, people like me should be more terrifying.”

Su Qing ignored Ren Shukui, just looked up at the sky .

Niu Da scratched his head, but still didn’t understand.

“If I let those people die, they won’t dare to live. If I let them live, they won’t dare to die. Because their most important person or handle is in my hands.” Ren Shukui Keep smiling, as if talking about irrelevant things.

“Speaking of which is interesting, even if you kill me now. They won’t be happy and will even die with me.”

Niu Da scratched his head again , this time seems to understand. “Master, he’s threatening you, isn’t he?”

Su Qing didn’t answer, leaning on the car and changing into a comfortable position, as if waiting for something.

“Aren’t you going to sit in the hall?” Ren Shukui remained calm. “Don’t worry, there are no organs in the hall, only the wine prepared for you. There should be no things that can trap you in this world. But Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao are different.”

“Who is that? Is that your friend?” Niu Da was curious and suddenly came to his senses. “Oh, I see, you are also here to save people.”

Ren Shukui looked at Su Qing and continued to say faintly. “The two of them are in a very safe place, and you should be able to break in easily. But as long as there is the slightest change in there, the two of them will die immediately.”

“Bah, less. Scare people here!” Niu Da pouted and cursed. “You’re the devil who catches women everywhere, aren’t you? If you are sensible, let go of those who are caught, otherwise…or else…”

Otherwise, Niu Da didn’t know what to say for a long time. He only took out the sickle like a threat, and waved it with a gesture.

“Fool.” Ren Shukui’s face turned bad. “Mortals are so ignorant, they are afraid of evil and do not know immortals. You are a fool, but you are different.”

“I don’t understand what’s messed up.” Niu Da waved his sickle. “Anyway, I know that you are very afraid of this hero, so you threaten other people’s lives. Coward, scumbag, the people in our village don’t fight like you…” It was three points dark, and True Qi’s clothes were bulging, revealing the body covered below.

Bone racks dripping with blood, almost devoid of flesh and skin. The internal organs can be clearly seen, emitting flames and black smoke.

“It’s really a devil…” Niu was startled and couldn’t help but say to Su Qing, “Master, he’s so afraid of you, why don’t you do it?”

“It will take a while.” Su Qing looked up at the sky, “Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, Sun and Moon Essence. The founder of the Moon Palace really chose a good place.”

In the eyes of others, the sun is slanting west, and the sky is normal.

In Su Qing’s eyes, Spiritual Qi is as happy as a stream, but disordered and in a mess. Just wait for the bright moon to be in the sky before you can sort out your actions.

As for clown who falsely uses the name of Pigweed, it’s not worth wasting your energy. Just wait for the time to come, and deal with it easily.

even more how, and use him.


The rich family has daughters, and they are rich and virtuous. The peasant youth admires and humbles himself, and he is afraid that he will not accept it. The daughter-in-law said, “I think it’s not my daughter to be poor, and you are a good son-in-law.” So give it. Young people have younger brothers, favorite maids, and rich families get married together, spreading the beautiful talk of double happiness.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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