Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 88


Chapter 88 Human Nature (800 votes plus more)

“That guy, should have arrived at Yaoyue Palace. I hope Ren Shukui can do his last thing perfectly.”

Deep in the underground cave in the south, the blood-red eyes dived back to Lava. The muttered hoarse voice echoed faintly in the cave.

“He’s stronger than I thought, smarter than I thought… But, he must have weaknesses… Those hypocritical Human Race cultivators all care about Human Race, and he’s not exempt… Whether it’s cause and effect or merit, this point must not be miscalculated…”

The old man on the stone platform still did not dare to speak out, but a strange feeling arose in his heart.

This devil has always been wild and has no fear of the Lord of Pigweed. It seems that in its cognition, it is just an ant that can be pinched to death.

But now, the old man knew it was afraid.

I was timid and afraid, so I tried different things. It doesn’t even really want to plot against anything, it just wants to do something to hide the unease inside.

“Perhaps, the Lord of Pigweed can help me free…”

In the dead eyes of the old man, there was a subtle hope.


“Old Ancestor is right, even immortals have weaknesses.”

Ren Shukui looked at Su Qing on the carriage, and his heart skipped a beat. of pride.

As Su Qing approached Yaoyue Palace step by step, Ren Shukui was increasingly having trouble sleeping and eating. Before the news of Thirteen Docks came, he already had the idea of running away.

But out of trust in an Old Ancestor, he stayed. In accordance with the teachings of the Old Ancestor, he laid out a game in meditation.

Not to kill, but to kill.

Ren Shukui didn’t know what the Lord of Pigweed was thinking, only that the plan seemed to have really succeeded. At least from the moment he walked into Yueyue Palace, he had absolutely no intention of taking action against him.

“Since this is the case, we can add more fire.”

Ren Shukui consciously had an unprecedented clarity of mind, and did not notice that his eyes were becoming less and less human-like. The fire poison not only eroded his body, but also affected his mind earlier.

“Since you don’t want to enter the great hall, please have some refreshments outside.” Ren Shukui clapped, and several women in palace costumes walked out of the great hall.

The women held trays in their hands, on which were green tea, melons, fruits, cakes and other items.

Go straight to the carriage and hold it over your head for someone to pick it up.

“I advise you to drink a little and eat a little at the end.” Ren Shukui slowly said, “These people are the most humble servants of Yaoyue Palace, and their value is to serve others. If you can’t do this, , you can only die.”

“Please, help us…”

“If you don’t eat at all, we will have nothing to eat today. “

“At least a little, just a little…”

The women pleaded, with anxiety and fear in their eyes.

Su Qing didn’t move.

Niu Da couldn’t bear beside him, grabbed a piece of dessert and stuffed it into his mouth, then took a cup of tea and drank it. But just as he put the teacup back, he suddenly froze.

“Guinxiang?” Niu Dameng grabbed the woman and cried out excitedly. “It’s me, look at me, I’m a big bull, I’m here to save you…”

The woman holding the tea tray is the one he misses.

“I know it’s you…” The woman serving tea was very reluctant. “Let me go, I won’t go back with you.”

“What?” Niu Da’s smile froze for a moment, and then he suddenly understood. “I understand, he threatened you, right? Don’t be afraid, I will protect you…”

“You protect me?” The tea-drinking woman sneered. “You can’t even protect yourself, so how can you protect me. And I tell you, no one threatens me, it’s me who doesn’t want to go.”

“Guinxiang? What did you say? Are you dizzy? You…” Niu Da’s face was full of disbelief, grabbing the tea woman and shaking it.

“Let go of me, you hurt me…” The tea-drinking woman shook off Niu Da’s hand and broke out, “To tell you the truth, I’ve never been so awake before.”


“I’ve been married to you for all these years, have you lived a good life? It’s fine to serve two old men, and you have to take care of your two silly younger brothers. There is no new clothes, and no jewelry. It is the same as serving people here, but they are well dressed and eaten. Those women in Yueyue Palace even have to look at my face. Look at the bracelet I am wearing, even if you sell the fields, you will not be able to get them back…”

“You, how can you say that?!” Niu Da gasped. “It was you who said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me, and… you also took the initiative to hug me… I was the one who was responsible and only came to the door to mention it…”

“If you hug me, you will spend the rest of your life with you? I have hugged many people!” The woman looked a little regretful.

“Originally, I thought that your family was a big family and had the most fields in the village. But the whole family had no brains, so they knew how to live in the fields. After only three or five years of work, they were compared by the Old Yang family. If I had known earlier, it would be better to marry Old Yang and be a concubine…”

The woman spit out the anger in her chest, while Niu Da was completely dumbfounded.

“Hahaha, it’s interesting, it’s very interesting, isn’t it…” Ren Shukui in the distance laughed uncontrollably and said loudly, “Which one of you wants to leave here? Just leave. Say, I will never stop.”

“No, no, we won’t go…”

“Stay, I want to stay…”

“Please, hurry up, don’t stay here…”

“Yeah, you are hurting us…”

The women shouted one by one Up, there are even people who are angry with Su Qing and Niu Da.

These women were specially selected, and they all voluntarily stayed just like the women who served tea. It is a loyal servant who has been completely mastered by Ren Shukui, and also assists in managing those who are disobedient.

“You heard, these people are not my stay, but they don’t want to leave.” Ren Shukui turned his eyes to Su Qing. “You are aloof and remote, not interested in mundane affairs. I’m afraid you don’t know how delicate human hearts are…”

Ren Shukui laughed even more happily, and felt more and more that the Old Ancestor was right .

“What can Divine Immortal do, there is no freedom from the devil. As long as you are concerned about the lives of those ants, no matter how strong your strength is, it will not help. Of course, there is still a gap in strength, and you can’t anger him too much. Just leave it as soon as it’s good, just let Old Ancestor take care of him.”

Just as Ren Shukui was thinking about it, a sudden change occurred on the field.

“Slut, I killed you!”

Niu Da, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly broke out. Picking up the sickle in his hand, he slashed at the woman who served tea.

The woman dodged faster, and took the tray to block it. Only a small piece of scalp was shaved along with the hair, but the neck was not chopped. But even so, it was scary.

“Are you crazy?!” The woman exclaimed.

“Yes, I’m crazy, I’m blind and married your wife!” Niu’s eyes were red, and he was approaching aggressively.

“Killed, killed…help…” The woman turned her head and ran.

“Bitch, go away!” Niu Da round chased after him with a sickle.

The couple ran after me and ran in circles on the square.

Ren Shukui watched the fun with great interest at first, but his face gradually became a little unsightly.

“Why didn’t the lord of Pigweed stop him? He couldn’t care less about the lives of these people? Could he just sit and watch the farmer kill his wife in front of his eyes? No, he must be pretending, he is impossible…”

Ren Shukui was startled.

Because he suddenly remembered that since the Lord of Pigweed entered the palace gate, he didn’t seem to have said a word to him, not even a gesture.

The only thing I’ve ever done is just looking at the sky.

“What’s wrong with the sky?”

Ren Shukui looked up.

I don’t see any problem.

The only change was that it was getting dark.

The sun sets and the moon rises.

Full moon.

Ren Shukui suddenly thought of another thing.

The legend of Yueyue Palace.

“Could he be waiting for it to get dark?”

Ren Shukui looked towards Su Qing again and couldn’t help shivering.

Su Qing is also looking at him.

For the first time after entering the door, I looked at him.

“It’s time.” Su Qing said.


The mountain is infested with bandits, and the women are captured and turned into prostitutes. The husband brought in troops to rescue him, but the wife became angry. Said, your family has only four walls, and the bandits have accumulated thousands of dollars. Why do you want to return? I am very good now, so don’t be too busy. Husband was angry, raised his hook and sickle to chase him.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

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