Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 89


Chapter 89 Magic Shadow Moon Lake (Shi Mo Jia Geng, Shoumeng Qingshu)

Ren Shukui pretended to be the descendant of Pigweed. concluded. But in Su Qing’s cognition, it is still only an insignificant little thing. Compared with this trivial thing that can be done easily, replacing Formation to suppress Qianzhou is the first priority.

Su Qing spread out five fingers and brushed in front of him, and two silhouettes appeared after a fairy light flashed.

Xu Chuping, the owner of Sword Mountain Villa, invites Song Yueyao, the Palace Lord of Yueyue Gongyuan.

riddled with scars Bloodstained, faint breath, blurred eyes. As soon as he appeared, he collapsed to the ground, as if he would faint at any time. But there are no restrictions or shackles on the two people.

The two were stunned for a while, and then they saw Ren Shukui. After that, almost instinctively, he jumped up violently. With a violent expression, True Qi was overflowing, and he had to go up and work hard. But next moment, the two of them reacted.

“The devil! Do you want to… eh? Where is this place?”

“What’s going on? The power has recovered?”

The two Instinctively, he looked around and saw Su Qing standing beside him.

β€œImmortal Monarch?”

The two bowed down instinctively, and they also had the answer in their hearts.

“Impossible!” Ren Shukui turned pale in fright. “How is that possible? How did you escape? The prohibition mechanism there is carefully arranged by me, even if the strongest person breaks in, it will be triggered! Even if you can escape, it is impossible to be so silent!”

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao were just like looking at fools, with no interest in explaining.

“Immortal Monarch’s methods can’t be measured by strength or weakness.”

“It is foolish to try to speculate on Immortal Monarch with the concept of Martial Arts. It is the greatest shame in this life to have the same sect.”

After a symbolic contempt, he turned his attention back to Su Qing.

“I’ve let you down…” Song Yueyao said ashamed, “Not only did I not take back the Yueyue Palace and welcome the Immortal Monarch. I even fell into prison, so Immortal Monarch came to the rescue.”

“I don’t blame Palace Lord Song for this matter.” Xu Chuping replied, “It was the traitor of Sword Mountain Village who did evil things, and I, the owner of the village, can’t be blamed.”

“No, it’s me. , it has nothing to do with Lord Xu. I don’t dare to ask you to bless Yaoyue Palace, but please don’t take anger on Lord Xu.”

“It has nothing to do with Lord Song Palace, it’s my fault. Clean up the portal. It’s not good, and it will also bring disaster to Yaoyue Palace. Lie Sword Mountain Village’s grace is gone, I just ask you not to blame Song Palace Lord.”

“You shut up, it’s none of your business. Lie Sword Mountain Village It’s gone, you can’t lose this opportunity.”

“Yueyao, your business is mine. And I’ve already said it…”

Su Qing couldn’t help shaking her head for a while.

“What I did before is different from your understanding, and it has nothing to do with the success or failure of human affairs. The reason I waited a few times before was because I was unwilling to intervene. But the Yueyue Palace is different, there is a cause and effect here. People. Whether you come or not, I will take action.”

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao raised their heads in surprise.

“What do you mean…”

Su Qing glanced at the bright moon in the sky and said: “The White Crane Gate gathers Spiritual Qi, and the Thirteen Docks store the Spirit Stone. The Yueyue Palace is blessed. By heaven, Supreme Yin Qi can be cited. It’s just that this kind of power is too cold and unsuitable for men’s cultivation.”

“so that’s how it is…” Song Yueyao suddenly said, “In the early days of Yueyue Palace, I tried to recruit male Disciples, but those Disciples either died early or became seriously ill, and later they decided not to admit men…”

“You haven’t answered my question!!!!”

Ren Shukui, who was repeatedly ignored, roared.

Accompanied by his roar, a bang burst into flames.

I saw black smoke coming out of its body, and the flames of hunting ignited the clothes. His mouth and nose hu hu spit out hot air, like an evil spirit coming out of hell.

“Ren Shukui?”

“What’s wrong with him?”

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao were startled and instinctively jumped up to take a defensive stance.

It’s not that I forgot that the Lord of Pigweed was standing beside me, but that the horror was just too scary.

In addition to the flames and black smoke on the outside, it seems that the body shape has also changed. The body has obviously become taller and thinner, and the facial features are distorted.

The ground on which the feet are stepping begins to melt, slowly turning into lava. The surrounding air was scorching hot, and the smell of dryness permeated everywhere.

I was just like a ghost just now, but now I look like a ghost.

“This is an exception.” Su Qing followed Song Yueyao’s words just now, “Like him, his body is corroded by Yang Qi, and he needs Supreme Yin Qi to suppress the fire poison. If he can’t suppress it, he will lose his mind. However, it’s also suitable to use here.”

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao didn’t quite understand it, but instinctively noticed what Su Qing wanted to do with Ren Shukui.

Ren Shukui’s eyes became hollow, and he approached step by step.

“Kill!!! Kill!!!” Ren Shukui growled.

“Kneel.” Su Qing said.


Ren Shukui knelt on the ground and continued to growl.

“Quiet.” Su Qing said again.

Ren Shukui stopped roaring and his eyes calmed down. The body has not returned to its original state, but the mind has apparently returned. His mouth was speechless, and his eyes were filled with suspicion and fear.

Su Qing made a hand-pinch, Spiritual Qi was surging.

The hanging bright moon seemed to be a little brighter, and a naked eye visible light ribbon fluttered in the night sky.

“The human world uses human objects, not the world’s living beings. But the invitation of the Yueyue Palace to invite Supreme Yin Power, here Spiritual Qi does not belong to the human world completely. Since you bear the name of Pigweed’s successor, you can Come and shoulder this responsibility.”

Su Qing raised a finger.

Ren Shukui’s body sank, only to see a large area melted on the ground.

“This is…”

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao were both stunned.

It seems that Su Qing is using some kind of trick, but the two feel as if Ren Shukui did it.

The flames on him melted the bricks on the ground.

The square of Yaoyue Palace has become a huge lava pool.

This melting is still going on, there is still the earth under the bricks, the thick mud in the earth…

“wu wu…wu…”

Ren Shukui struggled, waving his arms non-stop.

But every time he waved his arm, the earth melted faster by one point.

It’s like creating a swamp by yourself and sinking your body into it little by little.

Wrong, not sinking, but melting.

Ren Shukui’s body is also melting a little bit.

The melting area of the earth continues to expand, corroding the walls of the front door of Yaoyue Palace. From a distance, it looks like a weird giant Great Swamp.

“No, no…”

Ren Shukui became more and more frightened, and his eyes were full of despair and regret.

There is no way to make a begging sound, so I cup one fist in the other hand with both hands and keep nodding.

He was really scared and regretted it.

The Old Ancestor was terrifying, but not as good as the person in front of him. The power of the Old Ancestor he could at least read, but the power of the Lord of Pigweed was beyond recognition.

But it’s too late now because he can’t even beg for mercy. Even the arms that were raised and bowed collapsed and disappeared like mud.

The body sinks and gradually loses its shape.

The ribbons of light in the night sky also fell, covering the melted lava.

After the contact, the lava changed.

The heat is disappearing and the color is changing.

The ribbons are wrapped in circles and covered, and the ground changes one after another in circles.

It became transparent water, a cool lake.

The periphery is the flowing water of white light, and the terrified Ren Shukui and Lava are in the middle.

No, it’s not lava anymore.

The rising flame goes out, and the burning aura disappears. Instead, there is a mirror-like reflection, which is more refreshing.

The hot lava turned into cool water, and Ren Shukui thoroughly integrated into it.

A giant moon-like water pool flooding.

Echoes with the bright moon in the sky, and more shadows float like clouds.

As the moon is in the sky, so is this pool.

When clouds cover the bright moon in the sky, shadows cover the pools. Tonight the full moon is like a disc, and the pool is as clear as a jade plate. If the string music is like a hook on any night, the pool will also be covered with shadows and only dew bends.

The sixth place of scars is the Shadow Moon Lake.


There is a strange lake in the southwest of Qianzhou. It is rumored that immortal is trapped in it, and ghosts are roaming around, and it is affected by the sun. The change of the night from the moon, the full moon lake is round, and the crescent moon lake is curved, which is the magic shadow moon lake.

γ€ŠJianzhou Travel Notes: Seven Wonders》

Thanks again to Qingshu Shimo, and will continue to fight BOSS tomorrow.

(End of this chapter)

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