Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 91


Chapter 91 The enemy of a thousand years ago

carriage slowly marched on the road, Xu Chuping looked all around. He clenched his fists tightly, looking suspicious.

It was already within the sphere of influence of the Sword Mountain estate, but he could hardly believe his eyes.

Before leaving Tsing Yi Building, Xu Chuping asked Guo Canyang about Sword Mountain Villa.

The answer was rundown, and even ordinary people fled. So there are no spies there, and the situation in recent years is not clear. At that time, I was mentally prepared, but I didn’t expect it to be so serious.

Scarred and devastated.

There are familiar mountains and rivers, but the specifics are completely opposite.

The mountains are bald and the rivers are dry.

the past few days There is barren land everywhere, as if to some remote wilderness.

“Is it Immortal Monarch’s handwriting…” Xu Chuping guessed secretly in his heart, but he didn’t feel like it.

According to the intelligence of Tsing Yi Building, the catastrophe 36 years ago was limited to Sword Mountain Villa, and did not affect the larger area. After the destruction of Sword Mountain Village, many forces even snatch it because of the power vacuum.

If it was what it is now, it would not be given away, let alone robbed.

โ€œWhat happened to Lie Sword Mountain Village?โ€

With this question, he finally arrived at Lie Sword Mountain Village.

The ruins are broken, the ruins are in shambles.

It looks like it was destroyed by a storm, but sword marks can be seen everywhere. Just close your eyes and imagine, you can reproduce a horror scene in your mind.

The sword light poured down like a heavy rain, destroying everything here.

“Old Ancestor, you really did a good major event…”

Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar ruins, as the former owner of Sword Mountain Villa, Xu Chuping was very emotional. intersection.

Xu Chuping wanted to move forward, but he was a little afraid.

Because of the sword intent.

Although thirty-six years have passed, Xu Chuping can still perceive the terrifying sword intent. Even if I only took half a step, I felt like my body was about to be torn apart.

“Sword Mountain Village, it’s outdated…” Xu Chuping felt very uncomfortable.

The periphery is a barren land, but here it has become a Jedi. The business could be rebuilt elsewhere, but it will never be the same Sword Mountain estate it once was.

Also, the environment here is a little weird.

The periphery is deserted, as if it had been burned by fire. But inside the Sword Mountain Villa, it is the color of gray. The two environments are closely linked, with a clear dividing line in between.

Xu Chuping can stand outside, but as long as he steps inside, he feels very dangerous.

“Perhaps this is my chance.” Xu Chuping gritted his teeth and wanted to walk in. “No matter what, you have to try.”

“Wang Wang…” The big black dog suddenly barked twice, getting out of the car and grabbing Xu Chuping’s clothes.

“Let’s go.” Xu Chuping was not angry.

This big black dog is not pleasing to the eye, just like Hou Zhen and Huang Songzi before. In addition, I am in a bad mood now, and I have thoughts of hitting the dog and venting my anger.

“You should treat him better.” Su Qing also got out of the car. “You may need it very much.”

If it were another person, Xu Chuping would definitely swear it out.

Need something bad, need a dog? I haven’t had any other needs, but I’ve eaten dog meat a few times.

It was just the Lord of Pigweed who said it, and Xu Chuping had to think about it.

โ€œImmortal Monarch, please also clarify.โ€

Xu Chuping could not guess.

“I’ll find out when I’m here.” Su Qing said, “When something happens, you can watch it if you can, but don’t watch it if you can’t.”

Su Qing took a step. Walking into the gray area, his expression was unprecedentedly cautious.

There is indeed a little sword intent left in the past, which is basically impossible for mortals to bear. But this wasn’t the most dangerous thing, and Su Qing cared about something else.

In Yaoyue Palace, I just dust off the dust, and here I have to face the real opponent.

Walk through the large ruins to a clearing at the foot of the mountain.

There isn’t as much rubble here, but it’s also the most damaged. There were potholes everywhere, as if they had been plowed over many times.

However, if you look closely through the sores, you can still see some traces of the past.

Su Qing squinted for a while and spat out a name.

โ€œZhou Tian Stars Great Array.โ€

With the experience of Myriad Immortals Array, it is hard for Su Qing to be frightened. But when I saw this Formation, my heart skipped a beat.

Zhou Tian Stars Great Array, the Killing Formation unique to Monster Race, is famous in Great Desolate. Of course, the impossible is the original version, but there are also some charms.

Now that you’ve seen the Golden Crow feathers, it’s not unusual to see the Monster Race. It was just that Su Qing was acutely aware of a problem, and it was difficult for him to figure it out for a while, and even gave birth to some unease.

“Why do you want to build such an array?” Su Qing didn’t quite understand.

“This is the Great Desolate Killing Formation, which can only be used for killing. Unlike Pigweed’s protective array, it can only deal with any enemy. Even if it is just a broken pseudo-formation, it is absolutely no small matter when it is first formed. in In this world, what can be matched with such an array?”

When she first came to this world, Su Qing had mistakenly thought that there was a powerful existence. But it turned out that it was entirely the Myriad Immortals Array post-war traumatic syndrome.

This is a different world from the Great Desolate, with no power to threaten him. Even the owner of that feather is just a fugitive like him.

But judging from this array, what happened to the fugitive. But Su Qing couldn’t think of anything that could match this.

“Did they encounter something? Or were they chased by the original enemy?”

Su Qing hesitated for a while, then figured it out.

It’s definitely a bit risky to do, but it’s a must try. I didn’t take all kinds of things to heart before, nothing could threaten Su Qing. Seeing such a Great Desolate Killing Formation, the situation must be worse than imagined.

Su Qing is already mentally prepared, as long as she notices that something is wrong, she will immediately cut off the secret. But after pinching his fingers a few times, his expression became strange.

That’s it, it’s easy.

Although not particularly clear, the targeting is very clear.

“It’s me?” Su Qing was stunned.

This ancient formation imitating the Zhoutian Stars Great Array has a history of thousands of years, but Su Qing was not the current Su Qing a thousand years ago. No matter how you think about it, it is impossible to face this thing.

“Could it have something to do with the predecessor of Jiuyuan daoist? Or some other reason? I will never travel again, let’s go more than a thousand years ago…”

After thinking After a long time, Su Qing finally gave up.

“There is no warning sign of danger, so you don’t need to disturb yourself. When the karma arrives, it will be clear.”

Su Qing stopped thinking about the big formation for a while, and turned to the central formation eye position , where there is a stabbed altar.

The altar has long been broken into pieces and turned into a big pile of stones. In the center covered by rubble, there is a faint red light.

“It’s better to end the current situation first.”

Su Qing walked to the rotten stone platform and called out softly.

“I’m already here, you still don’t plan to show up?”

A big red light flickered under the rocks, and a hoarse and gloomy voice came from afar.

“jiรฉ jiรฉ jiรฉ…Since you’re here, let’s come down. I’ve been waiting for a long time…”

“I can’t go down, what’s the difference.” Su Qing Standing still. “You should already know that we come from the same place. Between you and me, don’t deliberately mystifying.”

The hoarse laughter sounded again, but this time not from underground, but all directions.

At the same time, the scenery of all around has also changed.

The clouds in the sky galloped away, and the blue sea turned into mulberry fields. The entire world is changing, a pavement of wild and ancient rhyme.

The place where Su Qing is standing is no longer the remains of Sword Mountain Village, but a strange yet familiar place.

The vast and vast land, the mountains that break through the sky in the distance. In the mist, a giant beast of thousands zhang passed by vaguely, and a ten thousand zhang yellow dragon soared in the sky.

Su Qing has never been here, but she is very familiar.

Because it’s Great Desolate.


There was a disaster in the southwest, where thousands of miles of bare land were left uninhabited. Seeing the stone formation in the ruins, murderous aura Ling Ran, legend has it that there was a great war thousands of years ago. The array has an ancient name, which is indescribable.

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(End of this chapter)

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