Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 92


Chapter 92 I am a fairy, you are not Golden Crow (1000 votes plus more)

Su Qing looked all around , there is nostalgia in his eyes.

He shouldn’t have been in this mood, since the Great Desolate hasn’t been full for a day. The only real memory is the Myriad Immortals Array, and the screen is full of Great Firmament flying.

The source of nostalgia is the memory of Jiuyuan daoist.

After the fusion, it was difficult to distinguish each other for a while, which also affected cognition to a certain extent.

“This place is very good, it’s time to make an end to the past.”

Su Qing looked towards the front.

The air distorted and a large, dry tree appeared. On the trunk of the big tree stood a crow.

Dark feathers glow with golden light, and three feet hold the branches firmly. The dark beak has no luster, and the blood-red eyes are full of Death Aura.

It doesn’t look very big, even smaller than a common crow. But standing on a branch, there is a strange oppression. The small body seems to cover the entire earth.

Three-legged Golden Crow.

One person and one crow looked at each other and didn’t speak for a long time. Finally Su Qing sighed, first to break the silence.

“It’s a pity…”

“jié jié jié…” The crow let out an unpleasant laugh, with pride and mockery in it.

“Even in the place where we came, you don’t have much chance to face existence like me. If you can’t hold your breath, you can’t hold your breath, why put on a pretence there.”

“It’s just some feelings.” Su Qing sighed, “The three-legged Divine Bird that once shone on the Great Desolate is worthy of respect even if it falls. Just by maintaining dignity in this way, you will really be the Divine Bird of the past. Is it?”

Of course it won’t be the Great Desolate, but the illusion created. This fantasy is very real, so real that it will have the atmosphere of the old days. The crow used those breaths to create a near-real body.

It’s too real to see the truth, but it also reveals more information.

“You really don’t look good.” Su Qing really regretted, “Three-legged Golden Crow, it’s a pity that I can’t see the real face…”

Crow There was a little embarrassment in his eyes, but it didn’t come out.

“It’s really different from other cultivators.” The crow shook his wings. “You and I are the only existences in this world, and we come from the same place. Even if it’s just a hypocritical courtesy, you should have the most basic etiquette.”

“If you are really Golden Crow, be careful. Be in awe. Even if it’s just distraction, you should call “Fellow Daoist”. But now you don’t like that.” Su Qing looked at the crow. “A ray of dead souls can’t stand the gift of True Immortal.”

“What about True Immortal, in my eyes, you are just an ant!!” The crow’s feathers overflowed with heat waves, and his emotions seemed to be unbearable. . “This world has no immortals, and you are the immortal. If you put it in the previous world, you have no qualifications to talk to me at all!”

Su Qing remained unmoved, only saying: “This world has no immortals, I am You are also a fairy. But no matter which world you are in, you are not a Golden Crow.”

A fierce light flashed in the crow’s eyes, as if he could not hold back, but suddenly laughed again. “I’m not a Golden Crow, but I can also be a fairy. Leave your body to me.”

“My body? Do you want body possession?” Su Qing wondered for a while. “Let’s not say that you are just a ray of residual thoughts, even the complete Golden Crow Primordial Spirit is impossible to succeed. As the spirit of Extreme Yang True Fire, even the immortal physique cannot bear it.”

“body possession The crow seemed to be disdainful, “No one is qualified to let me have body possession, and no one is qualified to carry my will! How can the inferior Human Race be compared with me. All I need is your body.”

Su Qing pondered for a moment, then suddenly realized. “What you need is firewood to keep the fire going. You want me to replace Saint Continent so you can keep going.”

“All I wanted was your Pigweed. “The crow obviously disliked Su Qing’s statement, but did not deny it.

“Heavenly Paradise has its own destiny, and this name is enough to show its extraordinaryness. If you get Pigweed, it will be a thousand times better than Saint Continent. But until you lead Supreme Yin Qi to suppress the yang fire in the Yueyue Palace, I will I just found out that it is you who is more suitable!”

The hoarseness of the crow became excited, and the eyes became more and more excited.

“I don’t know what the secrets of your body are, but fusion with the lunar sun is not something that an ordinary True Immortal can do. Not to mention your internal injury, the realm is not even a True Immortal now!”

“You don’t need to speak out, we are in a similar situation now.” Su Qing said, “You are a stray ray, I have an old wound that has not healed. If you want to use me as fuel, please bring it yourself.”

The crow didn’t speak again, and the feathers on his body seemed to tremble. A touch of golden radiance covers the body. apart from this, some vague flames flickered in the air.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai also reacted.

Under the Immortal Apricot spirit root of the first floor of the central palace, the four sword shadows hanging tremble. Feeling the stimulation of external forces, Xiejian wanted to go out to drink blood again.

“Not this time.”

Su Qing frowned, a few wisps of light wafted from the apricot tree, soothing the restless sword shadow.

“The Great Dao is fifty, and the sky is forty-nine, and one of them escapes. You and I are both in this world, and we are destined to keep only one of them.” Su Qing looked at the crow and made a decision. mobilize mana. “Today, I only did a previous body magic trick with you.”

“jié jié jié…It seems to be the teaching of some small sect…” Crow laughed strangely. “You Human Race cultivators are just long-winded, those barbarians are more pleasing to your eyes. Nonsense, if I say I want your body, I will bring your body!”


The flames burned violently, and the crow instantly turned into a huge Fireball.

The already dry tree turned to ashes in an instant, and Fireball was suspended in the air like that. There is a shadow of a three-legged crow hidden in it, which is like a shrinking sun.

The little sun did not move, nor did it give off flames. Just emit rays of light like a real sun, illuminating everything around.

It’s just the lights, too bright.

The person who took the photo was completely unable to open his eyes, and the ground squeaked.

Su Qing stood in the sun and looked more and more insignificant. The Immortal Spirit Power on his body also seemed to begin to dim.

“Hahahaha, just because you want to fight with me?” Crow laughed. “Why do you think I allow you to leave marks on Qianzhou, that is to make you carry more burdens. Just look at how you, a little True Immortal who fell from the realm, can resist the light of the sun.”

From the deep mountains in the distance, there were bursts of miserable roars, and the giant beast, covered in flames, rampaged. There were bursts of screams from the clouds, and the giant dragon dragged its charred body and flew desperately into the void.

The scorching sun is in the sky, and all things melt away.

The illusion is of course fake, but the terrifying heat is also real. Those images are not for bluffing, but a true reproduction of the Golden Crow peak state.

Without moves and spells, its own heat alone is enough to kill the overwhelming majority.

In the Great Desolate, everything melts in the illusion, and there is a heat wave in Saint Continent outside.

“Why is it so hot all of a sudden?”

Xu Chuping, who was waiting outside, suddenly felt very hot, which made him very different.

The Martial Artist of Primordial Spirit 2nd rank can basically be protected from cold and heat. This kind of hot feeling was only experienced when the cultivation base was banned and exiled to Qingzhou.

I instinctively ran True Qi and found that I had no problem. But that hot feeling is getting stronger and stronger.

all around is originally a thousand miles of red, and nothing can be seen on the surface. But a drop of sweat fell on the ground, and it was actually hot.

The big black dog was too hot for a long time, panting with tongue out. The old horse pulling the cart was also restless, and kept digging the ground with his hooves.

Even far away.

“The Yaoyue Palace is cool all year round, why has it ever been so hot? Could it be that the beast in the Moon Lake is making trouble in the dark?” Inside the Yaoyue Palace, Song Yueyao looked up at the sky, her eyes flashing. Have a touch of baleful aura.

“We need to settle everything quickly, and let the Disciples go to Yuetan to practice. Even if they don’t understand anything for a while, they can’t make that beast feel comfortable. Also, Lin’er…”

“You bastards, it’s really useless to compare each other, God is getting a fever from you.” In another place, Hou Zhenzhong stood on the edge of the beast sound stone cave and cursed, standing in front of him. A group of young men.

“We are standing behind the 14th dock. The future depends on you, not us. Liu Jian, show them how to jump into the cave!”

“Father-in-law, think If I die, I’ll just say it…”

Baihemen, Tsingyi Building, Huiyan Yidaoliu, Northern Sea Sword Sect…

Every place in Qianzhou feels hot to varying degrees . It’s just that people haven’t realized what’s weird and are still doing their own thing.

“Could it be that something happened inside?”

Only Xu Chuping, who was outside the site of Lie Sword Mountain Village, knew something was wrong, and he couldn’t hold it any longer. I want to go inside. Of course there is still that sense of fear, but also on the brace oneself.

This is the Sword Mountain Villa, the owner of the Villa. He was rescued by Immortal Monarch once in Yaoyue Palace, how could he still do nothing when he got to his homeland.

“wang wang wang~ ……ao wu ……”

The big black dog barked twice and grabbed Xu Chuping’s trousers.

“You bastard, let me go.”

Xu Chuping was very annoyed, and rushed inside with the big black dog.

The two sides were pulling, but Xu Chuping didn’t step in, but the sword in his hand stretched halfway across the boundary.


Like putting thin iron sheets into the fire, the blue steel sword instantly turned red. It even bent very quickly, dripping molten iron down.

“This is…”

Xu Chuping was stunned for a moment, and then he watched as the blade melted away.

The molten iron tickled to the ground and continued to bubble up.

Xu Chuping withdrew the sword and looked at the half of the sword in a daze.

Then he turned to look at the big black dog biting his trouser legs, squatted down and slowly wrapped his arms around the dog’s neck.

“I will never eat dog meat in the future.”


There are dogs in the rivers and lakes, and big dogs will follow. One day’s long trip, the dog bites the clothes and does not send it away. When the guest was angry and attacked, the sword fell to the ground, only to know that the mud and swamp of the road ahead swallowed people. Feel the righteousness of the big dog, hold the dog’s neck and swear, never eat the dog.

《Qianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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