Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Fighting (5000 Order Plus)

In the Great Desolate fantasy, the duel continues.

The big Fireball, like a small sun, continued to shine brightly, and Su Qing was dazzled by the light and no longer had a shadow.

The clothes were steaming, and some crane feathers were burning.

“This kind of power is not quite like True Fire…” Su Qing sighed, “Forget it, that’s it.”

It’s not that Tuoda waits and doesn’t shoot, but The crow’s flame feels strange. It was somewhat similar to the sword that flew to Pigweed back then, but it had true meaning but little substance.

Of course, these are more powerful, but there is no difference in essence. Even if the actual formidable power will be larger, it looks the same in Su Qing.

True Fire and Mortal Fire, the difference between Heaven and Earth.

“Those two old goods are a rare gift, and you can’t be melted here.”

Seeing that the clothes were already burning, Su Qing made a mark on his hand to release his mana. . The emerald green soft light in front of him flickered, evolving into a small mask.

It has sky and land inside, like a Small World.

Small World’s soil arched and a small green sprout grew out of it. Immediately, it grew taller, and quickly grew into a big tree.

The branches are thick and the canopy is dense. Like a delicate potted plant, every detail is perfect.

Su Qing released his hand and Small World fell to the ground.

The outer mask spreads out, and the Small World merges into the larger world.

The potted plant has become a big tree in the town, growing rapidly in proportion, and surpassing the hundred zhang in the blink of an eye.

The roots penetrate deep into the earth, and the top almost pierces the sky. The canopy unfolds, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, and blocking out the sun and heat waves.

Under the shadow of the trees, there is comfort and coolness, as if the scorching sun in the sky does not exist.

In addition to the Great Desolate fantasy, it changed its appearance in an instant.

The sudden heat wave disappeared instantly, replaced by cool and comfortable.

“This is the weather that should be in August and September.”

“It’s so strange, it was so hot just now, but now it’s cold again.”

“I just saw a big tree in the sky…”

“I’m confused, where did the tree come from…”

The people in Qianzhou chatted casually Days, crows are laughing wildly in the Great Desolate fantasy.

“Hahaha…Are you a fool? Or is your master a fool…”

The crow laughed instead, full of mockery.

“Five Elements Taoism is quite different, but have you forgotten what my body is! I am fire, you can block it with wood. Don’t forget, Fire restrains Wood!”


The brightness of the little sun is many times higher, and the rolling heat wave has already formed a substance.

Tall trees swayed in the heat, as if the next moment would burn.

It is indeed on fire.

Smoke rose from tree trunks and flames lit the edges of leaves.

Su Qing stood under the shade of the tree, still calm and peaceful.

“A strong wood can make fire, and it can turn its stubbornness. You should take a good look at it, what kind of wood is this.”

“This is… sycamore wood?!” The crow’s eyes changed.

Su Qing said: “Indus belongs to fire, which can help Phoenix Nirvana. You are sad for Golden Crow, but you don’t know what will happen.”


The sycamore tree was on fire.

The flames were stronger than the crow’s little sun, but not a single leaf showed signs of being burned.

Those flames seem to be born in the wood, and they seem to be sucking in the flames from outside.

Five Elements Taoism transforms the phoenix tree, and the phoenix tree ignites Nirvana. But the crow is not Phoenix, it can only be led away by the flame.

“No, give it back!!!” Crow was surprised and angry.

The flame of the plane tree is getting stronger and stronger, and the Fireball that the crow has turned into is beginning to become dim.

“Mine, this is mine…”

The crow no longer radiates heat, but starts to devour. Get back the flame and heat, and start a game with the sycamore wood.

“Sure enough.” Su Qing sighed. “This is not your fire.”

From the very beginning, Su Qing realized something was wrong.

The light released by Golden Crow’s remnants does not come from Extreme Yang True Fire. It is just an ordinary flame that incorporates the meaning of True Fire, and does not have the power of True Fire.

“With Saint Continent as fuelwood, these flames are refined.” Su Qing’s handprints change, and the plane tree stretches its branches. “If you only have these skills, I won’t play with you anymore.”

“No, that’s not right! Even if it’s not the real Extreme Yang True Fire, it can’t be broken by ordinary Taoism. .” The crow flapped its wings and flew far away, looking at Su Qing standing under the tree, with fear in its fierce eyes.

“Where did you learn Five Elements Taoism? You can actually touch the law Heavenly Dao!! is it possible that, you are a Saint disciple?” But to build on the basis of absolute strength. Different sect inheritance can learn different degrees.

Although it’s just a remnant now, it used to be the Three-legged Golden Crow. It can be hurt by the body of Earth Immortal, which is absolutely impossible for ordinary cultivator sects.

“This is not the Great Desolate. You and I are fighting for one.” Su Qing said, “Which one’s disciple is important.”

“Of course. It’s important.” The crow’s eyes flashed, and he laughed strangely.

“The more extraordinary your teacher’s origin, the more taboos you cannot touch. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses in the war between my clan and those barbarians, and whether my clan is still the co-owner of Heaven and Earth. Only Based on my origin and history, I am not an existence you can easily touch.”

“I was really afraid…” Su Qing stood under the shadow of the big tree, as if recalling, as if in emotion.

“When I came to this world, I felt that I had a powerful existence. Even those mortals made me a little difficult for a while. Although I finally chose to use the sword, I also left sympathy and leeway.”

“An ant is an ant, and you are destined to be humble. Since you are afraid of me, why not acknowledge allegiance?” The crow sneered, “I only need your fleshy body, which can protect your Primordial Spirit and find it for you. A new body.”

“When I first came, I didn’t know who I was. Is it Su Qing? Found it.” Su Qing’s eyes were calm.

“When you cut you off, you cut off my fear and my hesitation. Just use your residual thoughts to completely end the past.”

“Then you Come and try it!” The crow flapped its wings and flew up, releasing furious heat and killing intent.

It doesn’t want to play trumps if possible. But from Su Qing’s eyes, it can be seen that this mysterious immortal really has the heart to kill it.

Have a killing intent, not a killing intent.

This is too dangerous a guy.

Cannot stay.

“If you want to see the real Extreme Yang True Fire, then I’ll give you this chance.”

The crow flapped its wings, and nine feathers flew out.

“This is the last Golden Crow feather, and it is not a waste to use it on your body. Because after a while, your body will turn into scorched flesh, and it will become my fuelwood nourishment. …”

The feathers that flew out slowly fluttered, blooming with dazzling golden light and burning hot flames.

Nine little Fireballs, appeared.

The Fireball that the crow turned into just now is like the sun, scorching all over the place and the heat waves are overwhelming.

Although these nine little Fireballs are much smaller, they feel more like the sun than the big Fireball just now.

At first glance, there seems to be no strong flame, and the light is comfortable and not very dazzling.

But if you look closely, it will be like a needle prick. Through the light, you can probably see some details, but you can never see clearly.

The big sun just now is fake, but these nine little suns are real.

The origin of the sun is True Fire, how can a true fire sun be fake.

Su Qing realized that he was locked.

Nine suns hang high around themselves, sunshine and heat everywhere. And in that indistinguishable light and heat lies the real murderous intention.

That is the power that burns everything, the real Power of Supreme Yang.

Not only inside the Great Desolate, but also outside the Great Desolate.

Saint Continent.

“What is that? Am I blinded?”

“You read that right, it’s true.”

“The number of suns There are more.”

“How come there are so many suns…although a little smaller…”

People stared at the sky, dumbfounded.

Around the big sun, there are nine more small suns.

The calamity of Heaven and Earth, ten days are empty.


In September of the first year of the Holy Land, there is a natural phenomenon, with an extra nine days. Ten days are empty, and the people are all afraid.

“Qianzhou Dream Hualu”

It was not intentionally out of chapter, just in time.

In addition, I also want to see if this way of writing works, so as to decide how to accept the palace.

(End of this chapter)

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