Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 94


Chapter 94 Shade the Clouds, Shoot the Crows (2 in 1)

The nine suns are not very real, and some faintly discernible. It looks a lot smaller, far less big than the real sun. But the unique light and heat of the sun is not an illusion.

Only those at Saint Continent can see that the Northern Territory Green Island has not changed in the slightest. Even in the sea near Saint Continent, the other nine suns are not visible.

Because that’s not the real sun, but a law evolved from the feathers of the Three-legged Golden Crow.

Stand on the ground and the sun shines. To leave this land is to leave the scope of the law.

But for people on the same continent, it’s not much different from the real sun. For people living in Qianzhou, it is enough shock and torture.

“It’s too hot to take it…”

“Look for the shade to hide… hell, I can’t even see a shadow anywhere.”

“It’s useless to have shadows, it’s so hot, it’s hot to breathe…”

“Go into the room quickly… No, it’s too hot in the room… It seems that It’s like a steamer…”

“Look, the crops and wheat seedlings are all dry…”

“Don’t talk about the crops, I’m going to dry… water, give me some Water…”

At first people just felt hot, but later found out that this heat is not a problem of unbearable, but it may really kill people.

It’s like standing by nine fires in a hot summer, nothing will happen right away. If you can stay for a long time, no one can bear it.

The trees and flowers, naked eye visibly withered down. The stream that was supposed to be cool turned out to be hot. The fish turned white, and the living were weak.

The animals are looking for shade, and wolves and rabbits even huddle together.

Wild wolves have no appetite for hunting, and rabbits have no strength to escape. In the face of such a terrifying disaster, the instinctive nature no longer exists.

The people of the spirit of all things, the same is no difference.

Hiding in a room out of the sun is like stepping into a steaming steamer. He jumped into the river and tried to get rid of the heat, but he seemed to be taking a hot bath. Only by drilling into a deep cave, can barely block the terrifying heat.

Escape, pleading, despair, at a loss.

Several Great Sect’s Sect Masters also realized something and could not help but look in the direction of Sword Mountain Village.

“Sword Mountain Village used to be famous for earth fire. Could it be that Immortal Monarch did something there?”

“The nine suns were created by the Lord of Pigweed? There’s no one else…”

“Isn’t this the immortal fate gift of Lie Sword Mountain Village… If it is, I beg you to take it back.”

“The catastrophe. Immortal Monarch, please accept the Divine Ability…”

“Damn Xu Chuping, isn’t it good to live with Sister Song in Yaoyue Palace, what is it that you have to go back and come up with something like this.”

“Chuping, what happened…”

The Sect Masters guessed, fearful and suspicious. Not malicious suspicion, but this Celestial Phenomenon is too incomprehensible. Except for the existence of the Lord of Pigweed, I really can’t think of a second person who has this method.

But whether or not the Lord of Pigweed did it, there is no doubt that it was another dry continent catastrophe. And unlike last time it was limited to Martial Arts expert, this time it was Saint Continent beings who suffered.

“Even if you die, you will never change.” Su Qing looked up at the nine suns. “The power of Golden Crow can benefit all living beings, but in the end it is an enemy of all living beings. My battle with you is a personal resentment, but it is not good to let others suffer like you.”

As Su Qing’s This remark, Saint Continent gave birth to mutation again.

From different places, six beams of light are born.

Banfeng Tianlu flew a sword light, drawing a silver light in the sky. It is like a big umbrella constructed of sword light, covering the tail spoon of the continent.

“A sword can cut mountains or cover the sky… This is called a sword, this is what is called a sword…”

Yan Zhen looked at the sword in the sky, eyes filled Out of a strange look.

A shadow of a knife was cut from the water wall of the Broken Lake, like water blue and clear and like dark clouds and lacquer ink. Immediately, he held the sky horizontally, so that the sun could not shed the slightest.

“Blade Intent’s cold can make Lie Sun a strategic withdrawal, my previous comprehend is a drop in the ocean…” Blade Shadow was short of breath.

A paper kite floats from the wind waterfall and flying building, setting off a strong wind and sweeping away the heat wave. It was as if he was frolicking with flowing clouds, not letting the heat penetrate the slightest bit.

“This…the gift I left before can actually protect Heaven and Earth…Immortal Monarch compassion…”

Chu Ye sees overwhelmed by emotions, and self-consciousness counts Understand the painstaking efforts of Immortal Monarch.

There are bursts of cranes from the crane dance cloud lantern, and the huge wings cover the mountains. The gigantic Immortal Crane dancing lightly and gracefully, protecting the weak from the peeps of the evil crow.

“Immortal Monarch left the cloud lamp to protect sentient beings. But I guessed like that… a big sin, a big sin… I ask Immortal Monarch to forgive the old-fashioned stupidity…”

Huang Songzi knelt down with a group of Disciples, terrified and ashamed.

The beast’s sound stone cave roared and roared, and more than a dozen beast shadows rushed out. Standing on the top of the mountain, his body soared, blocking the terrifying heat wave with his huge body.

“Even the Heaven and Earth catastrophe is protected by the Stone Beast… hahahaha, Immortal Monarch, I understand!! I understand… Liu Jian, quickly roll the old man into the stone cave to explore, This is my hope for the rise of Shishiwu…”

Hou Zhen danced with excitement, and brought a group of clansman to kneel to thank Xian En.

The water in the Shadow Moon Lake was boiling hot, as if something was about to be driven out. Eventually an incomparable gigantic silhouette floats out, reluctantly blocking the nine suns.

“It turns out that the ghost has such a miraculous effect, and immortal’s legacy is really extraordinary. Chuping and that person will be together, nothing will happen… nothing will happen…”

Song Yueyao took the Yaoyue Palace Disciple to pray sincerely for the gift of Immortal Monarch and the safety of Husband.

The Sect Masters all know they were wrong.

The Ten Days Sky is not the work of the Lord of Pigweed, it is the One who is doing the fight against this horrific cataclysm.

Leaving wonders and wonders on various sects, which is not only the grace bestowed on Sect, but also the shelter for the common people in Qianzhou.

No, there is one place that has not been protected.

A thousand miles of red ground around Sword Mountain Village is still unbearably hot.

The old horse was already on the ground weakly, and the big black dog seemed to have no strength to stick out his tongue. Xu Chuping was running True Qi, helping himself and the two animals to block the heat wave.

“Immortal Monarch, no matter what you are doing, hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore…”

Xu Chuping knew that he could not die, but this feeling was too uncomfortable . Hold on for a few more hours, I’m afraid he wants to stick out his tongue.

“Hahahahahaha…Are you afraid…” The crow didn’t notice the scene outside, and was still there with a hoarse voice and a weird laugh. “You stopped it once before, and that was my mistake. Now it’s nine Golden Crow feathers, see how you can escape alive.”

“This time really can’t let you escape, even a trace Silk’s residual thoughts can’t be left.”

Su Qing cast the spell seal again, and a golden glow appeared in front of him.

The golden glow is twisted and transformed, as if forming something.

“Five Elements Taoism again? Gold?” Raven’s voice was gloomy. “When Jin Weak meets fire, it will definitely be destroyed. I just didn’t notice it. You are still playing this trick, and it is impossible to succeed twice!”

“I just want to kill you.” Su Qing continued to cast spells , the golden light is more condensed. Vaguely, it seems to be turning into a slender weapon.

After a while, Su Qing’s condensed and evolved weapon finally appeared in golden light.

When the crow saw it, his eyes were sharp. A hoarse screech resounds through Heaven and Earth, with endless rage and hidden fear.

“How dare you show this thing in front of me, you are so bold!!!!”

“It seems that your memory is not missing.” Su Qing stretched out the right Pinch the golden light condensed object with your hand, and stretch your left hand forward to hold it. Right hand Pull back slowly.

The crunching sound of pulling is breathtaking, and every pinch seems to be moving the mountains.

“Remember, the thing that shot you in the first place was also gold.”

Su Qing held an arrow in his hand, and the bow pulled the full moon towards the surprised and angry crow.

A giant silhouette looms over Qianzhou outside the illusion.

Head of the sky, feet of the earth. The heaven and man with the jade crown on his head descended, wearing the real body of a fairy in a white shirt.

“What is that?”

People were so shocked that they kept rubbing their eyes.

Nine extra suns can be said to be an anomaly of Celestial Phenomenon, but how can this sudden giant silhouette be explained?

“The Lord of Pigweed!”

“It’s the Immortal Monarch…”

The Sect Masters all understood, and they bowed down again in unison. More and more terrified at the thought of great disrespect, and ashamed of the suspicion in my heart.

Where is the Lord of Pigweed who created the Ten Celestial Phenomenon, clearly because they are facing a powerful unknown evil.

The overwhelming majority do not know who it is, only those who have seen it have some vague impressions. But even if you don’t know anything, you can more or less guess the truth.

A catastrophe fell from the sky, and a fairy came to rescue.

“I beg immortal for mercy!”

“Help us, drive that pesky sun away…”

“immortal help…”

People cry and beg, and Xian Ying seems to hear them.

The sky giant raised a bow and a golden arrow.

No one knew what material the arrow was made of, but everyone felt a shudder for some reason.

If the arrow is pointed at it, even if it doesn’t shoot, it seems to die immediately.

Fortunately, there is no point to them.

Pointing to the sky, pointing to the sun.

In the Great Desolate fantasy, it is natural to point to the crow.

The crow is like a black lightning, moving fast above the Heavens and Under the Earth. Su Qing pulled the bow and moved back and forth, but was unable to lock effectively.

“I was imprisoned by Heavenly Dao Power back then, so I couldn’t dodge the barbarian’s arrow. Now you want to shoot at me, it’s just a dream!”

The crow laughed wildly.

“Thank you for your reminder, I almost forgot.” Su Qing snorted.

A beam of light rises from Sword Mountain.

It is a plane tree.

The big tree that evolved before has not disappeared, but actually appeared on the blackened land.

The branches are thick and the canopy is dense like a hill, and there are more or less flames burning in the gaps in the bark.

This is a real tree, a plane tree that feeds on fire.

earth fire Indus.

The beam of light shoots high, and the canopy blocks the sky. Along with the other six, the entire Saint Continent is protected.

The extra nine suns couldn’t shine in a single ray, and the Heaven and Earth Formation on the periphery completely melted away like an inch by inch. Big rivers and mountains, one flower and one grass, the whole piece of Saint Continent is in the Divine Consciousness Sea.

Big Dipper is seven yuan, and the array is complete.

Suppressed Saint Continent and locked up Golden Crow’s remnants.

“No, you stop… We can discuss…” Golden Crow Cannian felt the danger.

Su Qing released the bowstring, and the golden arrow shot out.

Not shooting the sun, shooting at the crow.

The crow tried to hide, but didn’t.

Like it at the peak period, when locked by another archer.

It’s not how fast the arrow is, but it’s simply impossible to dodge. The arrow that was shot had no concept of speed.

The Big Dipper seven yuan locks its space, ignoring time and distance.

The golden arrow left the string a moment ago, and the next moment it was penetrated.

Nine little suns were also penetrated.

The arrows were not shot at them, but they were shot at the same time.

Nine days are just nine feathers, and the crow is the body of the feathers.

To shoot a crow is to shoot the sun.

In addition to the Great Desolate block, nine suns were also shot.

In the eyes of countless people in Qianzhou, the giant in the sky shot an arrow.

The arrow flew so slowly that even a child could see it clearly. But no one can tell the direction of the flight, and can’t tell which arrow is going there.

Flying and flying, the number of arrows increased, from one to nine.

But everyone didn’t pay attention, it seems that at first is nine.

Nine arrows flew in the air, turning into ten thousand zhang long rainbow streamers. Like a god who is determined and determined, a shooting star glides across the sky. Under the watchful eyes of all beings in Qianzhou, they hit the extra nine suns.

Nine suns exploded simultaneously.

Dazzling spots of light scattered, and the fire seemed to pierce the dome. Although there was no sound, everyone seemed to hear the whining.

The brilliance gradually dissipated, and the heat wave slowly melted away. The bowed shadow of the Human Immortal disappeared, and everything was calm.

But for the sentient beings of Saint Continent, it is really difficult to calm down.

People were breathing heavily, their hearts pounding, and their bodies trembling.

The sky was so clean that even the clouds could not be seen. If it weren’t for the residual heat of the earth hadn’t completely subsided, it would even make people wonder if the scene just now really happened.

This is a dream.

A dream too real to be real.

In the fantasy world of Great Desolate, a dream is also being interpreted.

The Crow’s Nightmare.

The body that was penetrated did not shed a single drop of blood.

But the feathers and skin started to splinter, as if something stuck to the body fell off.

Three claws, body and wings, gradually appear a little ethereal. The head, including the head, also appears to be dented. Only the part of the left eye still retains its original color.


The rough and hoarse voice resounded again, as loud as an earthquake and thunder.

It seems to be screaming, it seems to be roaring.

The nine suns in the sky all went out and disappeared.

The crows on the ground also disappeared.

Only one eye remains.

Looking at the eyes hung with blood vessels and flesh, Su Qing long sighed.

“I guessed right, it really doesn’t look good.”


On the 10th day of the first year of the Holy Land, the grass withered and the soil melted , all beings are in danger. Immortal shadows, wonders cover the sun, shoot it with a bow. In the end, the arrow will fall for nine days, and the world will be safe.

“Dream of Dreams of Qianzhou”

It was originally more than two chapters, but I feel it should be refreshing or refreshing. I apologize for breaking the chapter. Hair effect is better. There are more than 1,000 words less, so it can be counted as two updates (〃’β–½’〃)

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