Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 95


Chapter 95 A Decent Way to Die (6000 Order Plus Update)

Looking at that ugly eye, Su Qing The mood is quite complicated.

It doesn’t seem like the victory is too much effort, but in fact it’s all done.

This fight just now is equivalent to the battle of luck in this world. The two are destined to survive only one, and cannot use means other than themselves.

Su Qing just used Five Elements Taoism, all of which are the skills of her predecessor. Going into battle when injury has not recovered is like dancing on the tip of a knife. As long as there is a little carelessness, it is ten thousand zhang abyss.

A closer look at Su Qing’s face shows that there is a dark red under her fair face. The mana turned upside down in the body, and it was almost uncontrollable.

Now let alone continue fighting, it’s hard to cast a small spell.

And what forced Su Qing to do this was just a trace of Golden Crow’s remnants. If it is a complete Golden Crow, it is not difficult to imagine how powerful it is.

“No, it’s not even a remnant.” Su Qing looked at that eye. “It’s not so much the remnants of Golden Crow, but the will derived from the corpse.”

Three-legged Golden Crow is long dead.

It inherits part of the memory of the Three-legged Golden Crow, even including the habits and temperament of his lifetime. But it is not a Three-legged Golden Crow, it can even be said to be two completely different creatures.

“Who made you look like this?” Su Qing asked a question.

Not sure if the body was intact when it came here. But what is certain is that it is by no means what it is now.

The Great Desolate Killing Formation of Sword Mountain Village, this look can’t be arranged.

Su Qing wanted to know who the enemy that Killing Formation pointed to was.

Stronger than it is now, and with the help of the Great Desolate Killing Formation. But even so, he was hit hard by the opponent.

What kind of enemy will be able to do it?

The result deduced, impossible is the correct answer. There must be something important that he missed.

“You really dare…that’s my last nine Golden Crow feathers…no…you can’t do it…how could you possibly do it…”

The blood-red eyes bulged and made a hoarse and unpleasant sound. There is even more madness in the anger, it seems that the consciousness is not very clear.

It played two rounds against Su Qing.

In the first round, the flames refined by burning the Ganzhou sacrifice were destroyed by the five Elements Taoist sycamore wood.

In the second round, took out nine Golden Crow feathers, which were also broken by the golden arrows evolved from Five Elements Taoism.

It seems that it just broke the spell, but it is actually equivalent to giving a heavy blow.

The former destroys the fuel that fuels the combustion, and the latter is equivalent to cutting off the foundation.

Now this seemingly scary eye doesn’t even count as an appearance. The original residual thoughts and memories have been quite impacted. It is all supported by the last obsession, and it may collapse at any time. Even an ordinary Martial Artist can crush it with one foot.

“You said just now that I am an immortal without immortals in this world. In other words, the enemies you faced back then were not immortals. But if not immortals, what could make you fall into a hard fight? ?”

Su Qing looked at the bloody eyes with regret. “The memory has always been incomplete, and now it has been damaged again. It seems that there is no answer for the time being.”

“Answer? What answer do you want? Are you finished with me? You thought it was all over. No? No, you’re wrong!!!”

Sometimes crazy and sometimes sober, blood red eyes flashing madness.

“I may fall soon, but you won’t live! He’s not dead, he’s just cultivating like me. When he recovers, he’ll come to me, and if he can’t find me, he’ll go Looking for you…”

“No matter what you say, I will wait for him, just as I was waiting for you before.” Su Qing raised her hand to gather Faguang. “I’ll give you a decent way to die if we come from the same place.”

“jiΓ© jiΓ© jiΓ©…you’re really generous, but you’re still too naive.” Blood red eyes laughed wildly stand up. “The battle is not over yet, I want you to bury me with you!”

In the frenzied laughter, the scenery all around changed.

The grass grows and quickly withers, and the distant mountains collapse and rise again. It seems that the earth is going through time and is going to evolve something new.

“This is…” Su Qing looked all around with a strange expression. “Are you going to dream with the memory of desperation?”

“Innocent ants… Do you think those Golden Crow feathers are my last cards?” The blood-red eyes laughed wildly.

“What keeps me alive is my will, and what supports my survival is my obsession… Dao Fa, True Fire, are all foreign objects. The most terrifying thing in me is the last moment of my life. The big fear.”

Su Qing was silent.

“hahahaha, you know, you must know, right?” The blood-red eyes continued to laugh.

“But you only know that ten of our brothers were shot to death by that barbarian. Nine out of ten. But you won’t really understand what we are facing at that moment… But now, you have a chance to experience It’s gone.”

“Imagination is like a mirror, you let me fall into my dreams, and you will fall into my dreams too.” Su Qing’s expression became more and more strange, “You really want to know what my desperate situation is. Do you look like this?”

“You?” The blood-red eyes were full of contempt. “Little True Immortal, what can you experience. I remember the sword qi back then, it was left to you by a Great Firmament. In your eyes or God, what is it to me.”

At this time, the scene is still changing, and one world is divided into two.

Behind the blood-red eyes is what it has experienced, the vastness of the endless land. Behind Su Qing is another memory, a battlefield like flags fluttering.

“I do want to give you a decent way to die, considering your past glory.” Su Qing said, “You still have the last chance to receive this Divine Ability.”

Both sides are in each other’s positions, and will soon experience the same hopeless situation that the other has been through.

“Have you received Divine Ability, do you just rely on this battlefield memory? I thought you had experienced something.” The blood-red eyes became more and more disdainful.

“The nine arrows of the barbarian were not purely their own formidable power, but borrowed Heavenly Dao Power. It is almost Saint’s power, splitting and destroying everything you have, do you know what it feels like? You This is just a battlefield in the world, how do you know what the real horror is.”

A tall silhouette appeared behind the blood-red eyes.

A tall man in animal skins, had a dignified appearance and was domineering. He held a large bow in his hand and ten sharp arrows in his quiver.

I saw him pick up an arrow, point it somewhere in the sky, and shoot it out with a swish.

A pure image, without the slightest mana.

Su Qing has just shot arrows, but has no comparability with this guy. It seems like an ordinary arrow, but it seems to be full of bows pulling the mountains. After the arrow was fired, Heaven and Earth suddenly went dark, as if the entire world had been taken away.

Just now Su Qing is just fighting, this Beast Skin Man is really shooting the sun.

Afterwards, the man shot two more arrows, pointing much closer to Su Qing. Wait until the third arrow, it is even closer.

One arrow followed by another, the more terror Su Qing could experience. Divine Soul shook with the second arrow alone. If it was replaced by someone else, they would not be able to support three or four arrows, and I was afraid that they would collapse.

However, these are to Su Qing…

“It is worthy of being a famous diver archer.” Su Qing looked at the silhouette and silently understood the truth. It is rare to see such an opportunity not to be missed.

As for those blood-red eyes, those Golden Crow remnants, it’s been a long time since he laughed. Su Qing didn’t watch it either, because it’s the same whether or not you watch it.

“This, what the hell is this place…”

The blood-red eyeballs swelled a lot at this moment, as if they were about to burst at any moment.

This is a battlefield on earth, but no one is fighting.

The first thing I saw was a weird man with long hands in his eyes, fanning wildly with a fan, and the fire was billowing into the sky.

The geek isn’t very powerful, but that fan is. The flames and smoke engulfed even made Golden Immortal fascinated.

Of course, these are nothing to blood red eyes, but then it will be different.

After a little blink of an eye, a Taoist man came forward with a big sword.

Without saying a word, it is a sword to cover the face.

Yes, this is the Great Firmament Golden Immortal. The sword intent conveyed in the memory image is exactly the same as the sword that broke Martial Saint back then.

But this sword is significantly stronger.

Because the sword qi that came in that year has been warmed up, it is far from the sword qi terrifying that the Taoist cut down. That sword is also very wrong, no matter how you look at it, it looks like a treasure of Saint.

The body was slashed by a sword, and the heart was shaken. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he encountered another Taoist.

Holding a big sword with a very similar shape, he stabbed it with a cool heart.

In a flash, the body flew to another place, and once again encountered a Taoist with a big sword. Also holding the long sword suspected of Saint’s treasure, he slashed in the air.

And then, there’s a fourth…

“These four people…the four swords…this is…you, what the hell have you been through…”

The blood-red eyes shed blood and tears, and there is a faint tendency to crack.

The arrow that was shot at the beginning was boundless, but none of the four swords was weaker than that arrow.

It was supposed to kill him with a single sword, but the battle situation was too tragic. Before the end of life annihilation, he was stabbed by others.

The four forces are strangling everything, but they have reached a delicate balance.

“It’s still not right… This balance won’t last, his body will still be annihilated… There must be some strength, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to come here alive…”

The blood-red eyes just thought of this when the scene changed again.

After being stabbed by four different Daoists with four different swords in a row, he fell into the center of the melee between three old Daoists and two monks.

Some people ride on green ox with crutches, while others ride on Kui ox with sword. Some people hold the Seven Treasures Tree, some people…


The blood-red eyes can’t hold on anymore.

Numerous cracks appeared, and the eyes cracked a little bit. With the great horror of unimaginable before, consciousness is lost little by little.

But at the last moment of losing consciousness, I couldn’t help but think of a question.

“How did he survive…”

The villagers keep big dogs, aggressive in nature and feared by all dogs. One day, go out with the dog, the group of dogs avoids, the only dog is not afraid, lying on the road with little heart. The villagers were displeased and drove the dogs to provoke them. Instantly lost his mouth, still no sound. The villagers were terrified and asked He Quan bravely. Passers-by said that the hair is bald, and it is really a lion.

“Dream of Dreams of Qianzhou”

The outline of the next volume has not been completed yet, and it is only 7000 words today. For the next two days, I will be stable for the time being, try my best to keep the rhythm and not procrastinate, and save two chapters before paying off the debt.

(End of this chapter)

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