Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 96


Chapter 96 The Origin of the Legend

“Can’t I hold it so soon…”

see The scenery all around disappeared, Su Qing knew that Golden Crow’s remnants were dying.

I originally wanted to give a decent way to die, but it’s hard to save it. So, let’s go with the flow and want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Watching the shooting sun divide arrow is the second only, mainly another memory of Golden Crow’s remnant.

In addition to being shot down by that Beast Skin Man, another enemy of the Golden Crow could have been seen.

It fell to this world, the existence it faced.

To Su Qing’s surprise, the other party turned out to be Martial Artist.

Very weak at first, trifling Primordial Spirit Realm level. Although I couldn’t see what the Golden Crow Remnant looked like at the time, I killed the Martial Artist with no difficulty.

However, the strange thing is that the Martial Artist was quickly reborn, and his strength was also upgraded to Primordial Spirit.

Of course, the result is still the same, still with no difficulty to kill again.

Then, get up again, and the strength is improved again.

Golden Crow realized the abnormality of the enemy and used his true skills as early as the fourth time. But the result is still the same, even if it is disgusted by burn to ashes, the Martial Artist will be resurrected and fight again, stronger and stronger each time.

It went back and forth and was knocked down nine times in total. When he got up for the ninth time, the Martial Artist already had the same immediate strength.

The power used is still Martial Arts and has nothing to do with immortal dao.

The Martial Artist takes a piece of ore and forges a sword. Then cut the shatter void, and the body escaped into it.

But what happened next, I didn’t see it.

I didn’t see how Golden Crow arranged the miniature version of Zhou Tian’s Stars Great Array, and I didn’t see how the Martial Artist changed.

The only thing that is certain is that Martial Artist is not soaring. Later, with that Golden Crow, there must have been a war.

Both sides suffer, Martial Artist’s life or death is unknown.

Because my memory is already incomplete, I can’t see the details of what I can see. It’s basically impossible to tell what the Martial Artist looks like.

But even if you can see clearly, it doesn’t make much sense, because you can be sure that the other party is not human. It is also not a Ghost Demon, and it is impossible to judge what exists.

The legend of Martial Artist soaring in Qianzhou is mostly derived from this.

Su Qing tried to calculate again.

Thinking that more information has been obtained, the deduction may be able to get closer to the truth. But the result is still not working, and there is no difference from before.

The target is still Su Qing himself.

“Forget it, it’s not worth it if you don’t count it.”

After experiencing the scene like Myriad Immortals Array, nothing can make Su Qing shake Dao Heart. Even if there is a terrifying enemy, it is enough to deal with it when the time comes.

But when Su Qing turned around, she couldn’t help but pause.

The big black dog ran in and was eating.

The illusion created by the Golden Crow remnant disappears, and the body is completely destroyed. The field that was almost forbidden, naturally disappeared.

In the gap between Su Qing’s deduction and thinking, the big black dog realized that there was no danger, and ran in to look for food. Before being tossed outside, it was a biological instinct to replenish energy.

It’s just that the black dog found something special.

“I thought you were destined to be here, but I didn’t think it would be this.”

Looking at what the black dog ate, Su Qing was quite speechless.

The Golden Crow is a Desolate God, and it will deceive the heavens. Even if a feather is dropped, it cannot be easily counted. The remaining bits and pieces are naturally difficult to count to the final outcome.

“ao wu…”

The big black dog suddenly howled and rolled on the ground in pain. One after another black smoke came out of the body, and there was a faint flame overflowing.

β€œSun Devouring Celestial Hound, black dog swallows crow.” Su Qing sighed. “Forget it, let me help you once.”

Su Qing pointed to the nearby mountain, and a cave appeared with a bang. Then a fairy light wrapped around the big black dog that was about to burn, and it floated up and flew straight into the cave. Then Su Qing took another boulder to seal the hole.

“Calamity Tribulation is also a condition, and it depends on whether you can stand it. But even if you can stand it, you won’t be you anymore.”

Su Qing turned body, the old horse came running.

Heaven and Earth changed color when they fought just now, and Xu Chuping removed him from the car.

“It was really hard to drag me to walk on Ganzhou.” Su Qing stroked the horse’s mane. “I walked with you this way, and then you have to walk your own way.”

The old horse snorted and didn’t seem to want to leave. Eyes Spiritual God moving dive light, has long been no longer an ordinary horse. Looking at Su Qing’s eyes, he seemed to realize something. Nodding at Su Qing, he let out a neighing cry, turned around and ran away.

β€œImmortal Monarch.”

Xu Chuping came over and saluted respectfully.

When the black dog and the old horse ran in just now, Xu Chuping was not scared to death.

The half-melted sword is still in his hand, I’m really afraid that this dog will turn into a barbecue in an instant. Later, seeing that they were all right, I dared to step over.

“Immortal Monarch’s move to pacify the chaos, I…” Xu Chuping repented ashamed, but was interrupted by Su Qing raising his hand.

“My relationship has ended, but your relationship is not.” Su Qing said to Xu Chuping, “Sword Mountain Village has used the Golden Crow’s remnants for thousands of years, which is a doom and an opportunity. You can do it again. Rebuild the Sword Mountain Village, suppress the residual fire and cultivate the splendid mountains and rivers.”

“Yes.” Xu Chuping was a little excited.

Because of Golden Crow’s lingering thoughts, Su Qing gave two more hints. For Xu Chuping, these two sentences are of extraordinary significance.

When the previous Sect Masters went back, the Pigweed Masters didn’t ask about human affairs. Only the name of Lie Sword Mountain Village was named, so that those few people knew that they were afraid to die of jealousy.

But Xu Chuping thought of another thing and couldn’t help but get tangled.

“Immortal Monarch, I want to go to Qingzhou to find Lin’er…” Xu Chuping hesitated.

“Can I give me some of the burden of rebuilding the villa? They were used by Ren Shukui before, and they were also involuntarily. I’ll give them strict discipline and make them change their past. “

“Your own affairs, you decide for yourself, you don’t need to ask me.” Su Qing said.

“many thanks Immortal Monarch.” Xu Chuping sighed in relief, and uncertain probed. “Then I will go to Yaoyue Palace first and tell Yueyao the good news. Then, stay in Yaoyue Palace for a while?”

Su Qing indifferent expression.

He doesn’t care about the major event in the world, and he doesn’t care how the couple live.

Xu Chuping glanced at the earth fire Wutong next to him, thinking that no one would come over in a short time. After thanking Su Qing again, Yunqi True Qi left in a hurry.

Watching Xu Chuping go away, Su Qing felt a little pity.

Xu Chuping experienced his battle with Golden Crow’s remnants up close, which is a precious treasure that is difficult for others to touch. If you go to the comprehend next to the earth fire parasol immediately, you can not only quickly break through the three turns of Primordial Spirit, but also touch the door of the cultivator.

Yan Chixia was the first cultivator in Qingzhou, and Xu Chuping had hoped to be the second.

But Xu Chuping is not wrong.

“The road to cultivation has no time. If you really want to stay, you will lose your family. From another angle, this might not be a better choice.” Su Qing sighed and looked away. Turn to the other side.

“Then, what is your choice?”

earth fire Under the plane tree, in the deep cave. A mummified old man was still sitting there.

Xu Wansheng, former owner of Sword Mountain Village.

“I beg Immortal Monarch to free me.” Hearing Su Qing’s voice, he immediately bowed and prayed.

β€œHow to get free?” Su Qing asked.

“Death.” Xu Wansheng said.

“If you die, you will be annihilated.” Su Qing said, “Golden Crow’s remnants use Ganzhou as fuelwood, and you are often accompanied by the fire as if you were being sacrificed. Now you are immortal, and it is impossible to continue. Entering reincarnation.”

“I will.” Xu Wansheng pressed his head against the ground, “I can’t drink water when I’m thirsty, I can’t eat when I’m hungry, and now I’m no different from a living corpse. Sword, it should end up like this.”

“The sword has been repaid back then, and you and I have no grudges.” Su Qing said, “Another option is for you, and consider it before making a decision.”


Xu Wansheng hurriedly said: “Immortal Monarch, please instruct me.”

Su Qing said: “This place is surrounded by thousands of miles of bare land and is deeply affected by fire poison. It’s hard to see good results in a hundred years. I want you to stay here for a long time to help the sycamore refining the fire poison. When the grass and trees are in spring All Living Things to Recover, you can really get rid of it.”

With the earth fire sycamore species Next, Big Dipper has made seven yuan, and the land of Qianzhou is all in the Sea of Consciousness.

But because of the remnants of the Golden Crow, this land is indeed riddled with holes. Although Su Qing has set up an array to stabilize the continent, it will take a long time to truly recover. In particular, the area where the Sword Mountain Village is located has been badly damaged.

It’s just looking at the scorched earth, the reality is actually worse. If there is no earth fire sycamore, it will become desert in a few years. To bring this place back to life, more arrangements are needed.

Xu Wansheng was a little silent.

From a purely sensory point of view, this choice is no different from pill concocting for crows, and still suffers from earth fire.

“I would like to be redeemed.” Xu Wansheng made a choice. “I was bewitched by the devil to throw a sword at Immortal Monarch, causing harm to the people of Saint Continent. Even if I continue to suffer day and night, I am willing to do my part for the recovery of the earth.”

“Good.” Su Qing nods.

Xu Wansheng and Ren Shukui are both used by Golden Crow Cannian, but they are fundamentally different. Xu Wansheng was simply deceived and deceived, while Ren Shukui was driven by his own grievances.

In addition, Xu Wansheng has an extraordinary will, and suffers from earth fire without losing his mind. Like Ren Shukui, he has already turned into a demon.

More importantly, Su Qing does not count his future.

The ordinary person can see through the past and present life at a glance, but the lucky person will not see it so clearly.

“This is a man with a Great Destiny.” Su Qing commented.

After Xu Wansheng came up with another idea, the evaluation became more objective.

“Immortal Monarch, I have a request.” Xu Wansheng said: “Xu Wansheng has committed a lot of sins and brought disaster to the land of Qianzhou. Immortal Monarch gave me the chance of redemption, and only Good Fortune should be left to the future generations. Therefore, I think Change your name.”

“Whatever.” Su Qing said, “What’s your name?”

“Xu Fu.”


In ancient times, there was the Foreign Heavenly Demon, where the strong and the enemy were killed. Heroes are fierce and strong, and their spirits are always there. They continue to fight with their limbs. Later generations will cherish the memory of Yinggai, the saint of thousands of years.

“Menghua Lu of Qianzhou”

Concluding remarks of Qianzhou chapter.

As said before, there are two main issues in this volume. There are too many seven Sect Masters, so that the rhythm is slow and the plot framework is the same. If there are three Sect Masters, it will be much more enjoyable. Then there is the background setting of Qianzhou is the turbulent times of rivers and lakes, the lack of life fireworks, making the taste more mysterious, opening the map and playing BOSS all the way, less fairy flavor.

It hurts that this story gets stuck on the shelves, but it’s still essential, and this link is indispensable in the main line. And I personally feel that it is necessary to intersperse similar plots.

I think every fairyland has a story, and I don’t want to just lay the groundwork for the past. A few years later, people in Qianzhou recalled that there would be real stories and legends. Otherwise, the whole article is to send leaves, and it is necessary to read if it is not annoying to write. It is simply not handled well and caused by insufficient level.

A newcomer makes mistakes.

Thank you again for your companionship, and hope to write better stories.

(End of this chapter)

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