Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 97


Chapter 97 Sacrifice Golden Feather, Sendai Kun Palace

Just like when I thought Yan Chixia’s name was good, Su Qing thought Xu Fu was this The name is also good. But whether it is a blessing or a curse will have to wait a few years to look back.

Su Qing returned to Pigweed.

Immortal Apricot swaying foliage and babbling brooks. Scholar was reading under the tree, and the snake hid in the grass. The bluebird was quietly guarding the nest, and the Immortal Crane hummed from time to time.

“It’s better to be at home.”

Standing on the top of Genting overlooking the whole island, Su Qing had a rare feeling of nostalgia.

When I went out before, I didn’t feel much at all. However, this time is different, and it is quite comfortable to go home.

It’s not a hand-to-hand injury, but a pure feeling.

Although Green Island contacts the world, it all soars into the clouds and mounts the mists to stay out of the way. Qianzhou entered the WTO as an immortal body, and really got involved in it by car and on foot. In order to break the Formation’s suppression of the continent, seven traces were left.

Going from a bystander to a builder is an entirely different sensory thing.

In addition, the atmosphere of the rivers and lakes in Qianzhou is very strong, and there are blade light and sword shadows everywhere, which makes Su Qing who likes quietness somewhat disliked.

More importantly, met the Golden Crow remnant.

That thing itself doesn’t mean anything, even the battle of luck is not the main thing. The key is the existence of Golden Crow’s remnants, evoking the past that is unwilling to recall.

On the surface, it always seems peaceful, but in fact, some things have not been put down.

Immortality is only in an instant, previously it was only ordinary. Although he has the memory of the Great Desolate and the immortal mentality, there is always a trace of unknown ties in his heart.

In Qianzhou World Traveler, leave immortal traces in seven places. While suppressing the continent continent, it also allowed Su Qing to truly recognize himself.

To cut off the Golden Crow remnants is to cut off the past.

What happened to Golden Crow Cannian a thousand years ago is still a mystery. But no matter what the answer is, Su Qing will not hesitate any more.

The immortals come to fight, and the devils come to suppress. No matter who the opponent is, I am the fairy of this world.

Su Qing lowered the cloud head and landed on the hilltop courtyard.

The two Immortal Apricot canopies have been intertwined, the leaves rustling like a greeting. The scholar holds the book, sculpturally motionless.

Su Qing took out the Golden Crow feather, and took out the cottage Heaven and Earth Cauldron.

The bird egg in his arms shook slightly, as if he had noticed something, and some began to stir.

The eggs were nothing special at the Great Desolate, nor are they mysterious now. But the feathers contained Extreme Yang True Fire, stimulating the deep Sacred Beast bloodline.

The bird’s egg shakes more and more, and it has a faint meaning of flying out on its own.

“He seems to be a more impatient guy, but it’s not yet when the time comes.”

Su Qing applied a small spell to calm the nerves, and the egg gradually became quiet.

The Golden Crow feather contains Extreme Yang True Fire, but its owner has already died. In addition, the trace of residual thoughts used Qianzhou to continue life, making it contaminated with a lot of dead energy and impurities.

It can be used to elicit True Fire now, but it’s hard to say what it hatches. Su Qing didn’t want to be lazy for a while and create a monster that was close to the remnants of Golden Crow.

It must be pure Extreme Yang True Fire that can wake up the Vermilion Bird bloodline.

“It’s not too difficult to get rid of dead qi impurities, the key is to not waste what you get rid of.”

When I was still in Qianzhou, the feather small cauldron created Sendai, the three There was some kind of connection between them, which made the Southwest Kun Palace shine. Refining True Fire is one thing, but the key is to light up this house.

Su Qing picked up the Golden Crow feathers and carefully placed them in the small cauldron.

There is no Great Desolate cultivator that will not pill concocting, but the level must be high and low. The predecessor of Su Qing, Jiuyuan daoist, is considered to be on the high side.

Su Qing knotted her fingers, released light to cover her feathers, and cast Fire of Five Elements.

Golden Crow feathers contain Extreme Yang True Fire, but need to refining its impurities, and then carefully separate the True Fire. Especially after the True Fire spontaneous combustion replaces the fire method, you have to be more careful.

The feathers burn slowly and pure Extreme Yang True Fire overflows. At the same time, many droplets were separated and turned into golden water into the small cauldron. The small cauldron emits a faint red light, giving off a hint of dryness.

“True Fire is True Fire, and impurities are not necessarily impurities. How can the derivatives of millennium combustion be really useless.”

Su Qing relaxed, will small cauldron Lift and float. Perceiving Pigweed Spiritual Qi, Qi machines are connected to each other.

After slowly rotating twice in the air, it fell straight to an open space in the southwest of the island. Then the cauldron burst into flames, and wisps of gray-black mist wafted out.

The fog’s eyes were dark and heavy, and after it floated out, it fell heavily on the ground, and even stirred up a little dust.

The flame in the tripod continued to burn, and the smoke gradually accumulated on the ground, gradually changing its appearance.

Floor tiles, walls, eaves…

Although the outline is relatively rough, it has the appearance of a pill room.

The small cauldron is located in the middle of the room, and its appearance seems to change in the smoke. The flame inside the cauldron grew stronger and stronger, and the outer flame licked the inner wall of the pill room.

At the same time, under Su Qing sit cross-legged, Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai also gave birth to mutation.

A furnace cauldron appeared on the first floor of Sendai, the nine palaces, and the mutation of Kun Palace in the southwest.

The furnace cauldron faintly discernible has no substance, echoing the pill room in the southwest of Pigweed.

The appearance of the pill room is clear, and the furnace cauldron of the Kun Palace appears a little bit. The flames burned more and more vigorously, the hot and dry breath overflowed, and a layer of red mist formed around.

The little snake crawled over and seemed very curious about the pill room. Looking around the red fog for a while, I tentatively drilled in.

As a result, as soon as he touched his head, he seemed to be scalded. He shrank back like lightning and plunged directly into the stream, si si twisting and turning.

However, the heat and red fog seemed to only float around the pill room, not more than ten feet. Even if it is only an inch more, there is no heat at all.

Pigweed is as cool as ever, unaffected.

Except for the little snake.

Time goes by little by little, day by day. After the fifteenth day, a quaint and heavy pill room appeared on the island in its entirety.

Greystone plinth vermilion wall, glazed fire tile Purple Gold plaque. It stood there as if it had been roasted for so many years, but it could not see the slightest bit of dirt and filth. Inside the pill room, there is a three-legged great cauldron, and the smoke of the Golden Crow is lingering.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai, Kun Palace has been lit up. A great cauldron stands in the southwest, with substance but little light.

Su Qing’s eyes slowly opened and spit out a mouthful of impure air.

โ€œGolden Crow remnants of the millennium refining derivative, reproduce the three-legged pill cauldron, and call it the Golden Crow cauldron in the future.โ€

I saw the mana boiling around Su Qing. , the Celestial Grotto light appeared faintly above his head.

The Golden Crow cauldron made Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai shine again, and the downed realm finally showed signs of real recovery.

The nine palaces on the first floor were originally lit in five directions.

Immortal Apricot spirit root in the middle palace, Zhen Palace Azure Dragon in the east, White Tiger in the west, Black Tortoise in the north, and spiritual spring in the Sunda Palace in the southeast. Now there is a furnace cauldron in the southwest Kun Palace, and a total of six palaces have been lit up.

And the seventh house, not too far.

Su Qing took out the egg, and Xianguang lifted it and floated into the pill room great cauldron.

Ding Nei is the purest Extreme Yang True Fire, which has met the conditions for awakening the Vermilion Bird bloodline. But time is not easy to say, the thinner it is, the longer it will take.

“When the descendants of the Vermilion Bird hatch and light up the Southern Li Palace, it should be able to restore to Heavenly Immortal Realm.”

Su Qing’s heart suddenly moved, and he turned his head and looked towards the woods on the side of the mountain.


There were bursts of birdsong in the forest, and two pairs of blue birds, Immortal Crane, flew up.

“Vermilion Bird hasn’t moved yet, but you guys have taken the lead.” Su Qing showed a bit of a smile.

Pigweed, Tim.


Pigweed has tripod, immortal cooks alchemy stone, heaven and earth’s nature. The Divine Pill becomes a Divine Pill, and you can live forever if you take it.

ใ€ŠJiuzhou ChronicleยทPigweedใ€‹

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