Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 98


Chapter 98 Pigweed Day 15

Immortal Crane is more active, flying around frequently. Bluebirds have always been relatively quiet, basically only hatching eggs in their nests. This time, it seemed even more cheerful than Immortal Crane, whistling and circling and dancing.

There is only one reason why they are so excited. Both pairs of chicklings have hatched.

Each litter is a dozen or so, chirp chirp twitter twitter is very noisy. The ones with gray feathers are not very good-looking, like a group of unwashed chickens and ducks.

Looking at the parents flying in the sky, they raised their necks anxiously and screamed. More struggled to climb outwards, flapping their wings one by one.

They don’t want food, they want to fly.

These are all born spiritual birds with a natural yearning for the sky. Compared with the demands of food, I am more eager to soar in the clouds. Ordinary birds are impossibly successful, but their failure to fly is a failure.

Two pairs of bluebirds and Immortal Crane know this too, flying around to give encouragement. From time to time, they swooped down to dry their children’s feathers, and then spread their wings and flew to demonstrate.

A chick crawled to the edge of the nest, flapping its wings hard to fly. It ended up rolling down again, knocking over a group of brother sisters.

The little snake, which had just been scalded by the fire, emerged from the stream and looked at the chicks in the nest with curiosity. Seeing how clumsy these guys look, it seems funny.


A little blue bird seemed to find a sense, flapped its wings and fluttered, and finally flew up with a swish.

It starts to look awkward, up and down as if it could fall at any moment. But he quickly grasped the essentials and happily followed behind the big blue bird.

With the first, there will be a second.

The little bluebirds and the little Immortal Crane flew up one after another, dancing and chirping excitedly in the sky. Let Pigweed, which was very quiet, have a little more noise and interest.

The little azure snake stared at it for a while, then suddenly turned around and dived into the creek.

It seems that I want to prove that flying is not a big deal, and amphibious like me is really powerful.

“xiu, xiu…”

The little snake heard a sound in the grass and looked over and found it was a small Immortal Crane.

All the chicks have spread their wings, but this little Immortal Crane fell into the grass. It seemed to be entangled by blades of grass, struggling to struggle there. The two Great Immortal cranes didn’t know if they had noticed the missing child, but were flying with other chicks.

The little snake climbed over and arched, raising its neck in a threat.

The Immortal Crane chick was clearly frightened and didn’t dare to chirp again. He stared at him in horror, as if tears were swirling.

โ€œsi si…โ€

The little snake used to interrupt the grass that was entangling the chick, and proudly raised its neck to show off. Then he pouted to the sky and told the idiot to find his family quickly.


The Immortal Crane fluttered his wings, hesitating. But it didn’t fly a foot, and then fell down again.

“si si, si si…”

The little snake scratched its head with its tail, seeming to be very distressed. After thinking about it seriously, he curled up and gestured to Little Immortal Crane with his head to fly again.

โ€œxiu… โ€

The Immortal Crane chick reluctantly tries to fly again. Just like before, it fell down after a foot.


The little snake springs up like a spring, lifting the Immortal Crane chick up from below.

โ€œxiu… โ€

The Immortal Crane chick was startled and flapped its wings instinctively.

It keeps going up and down, and the little snake uses its body to top it underneath. After going back and forth a dozen times, it finally flew up awkwardly.

She gave a happy cry to the little snake and followed her parents and compatriots.

Su Qing really looked at the mountain, and had a different look at this naughty little snake. Looking up at the flock of soaring birds, he waved his hand to cast a haze of light.

“Pigweed, please be polite.”

The two groups of birds immediately got in, and when they came out, their pupils were a little more agile. The little fellows have colored feathers, and their bodies have grown significantly, and they are 70 to 80 percent similar to their parents.

The growth of a spiritual object should not be rushed, spilling things through excessive enthusiasm will only affect it. Su Qing, in the name of a gift, helped a little within a controllable range.

A small Immortal Crane suddenly broke away from the group and glided over the grass.

When it flew again, a small snake was wrapped around its claws.

The little snake was startled at first and almost turned around and opened its mouth to bite. But he soon realized something and became happy.

Wrap the claws around the middle of the body, keeping the rest as straight as possible. Like a ribbon swaying in the wind, his head was proudly raised, as if he was flying.

The Great Immortal Crane noticed the illegal immigrant, but didn’t stop it. A flock of birds and a snake flew around the island like this.

“This little fellow…”

Su Qing couldn’t help laughing, and after laughing, she became a little worried.

Even an ordinary Great Desolate azure snake can grow and fly in Pigweed after these days. But although the little snake has shed its skin several times, it has never shown signs of growing.

“It seems that the opportunity for this little thing is not in Pigweed, it needs to enter the world to experience Cultivation to grow.” Su Qing looked thoughtful.

“If you join the WTO, you must join the WTO, but I’m afraid it won’t work like this. Even if there is no danger of being made into a snake soup, it will inevitably cause some trouble. Unless you find a suitable nanny, it is absolutely impossible. Just let it go.”

Su Qing glanced at the golden plaque in the pill room.

The golden plaque was empty, with no writing on it.

“Little azure snake needs a nanny, pill room needs a pill concocting alchemist, Pigweed needs more world walks.”

Although the nine palaces have already lit up the sixth palaces, the island Looks like there is no shortage of items. But Su Qing is sitting on Pigweed to bond with all beings, and already knows where his path is.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune Innate First Layer is not all, but more like a base. The Nine Palaces canโ€™t just be lit up, it needs to grow and grow to support it.

Among the six houses that have been lit up, the Immortal Apricot, the central palace, has been progressing very well, needless to say.

Duigong White Tiger originally had a lot of potential, and the slaughter and slaughter grew steadily. However, as Zhao Ji entered the reincarnation and killed the robbery, he fell into the abyss and was guarded by warriors, and now it is basically in a stagnant state.

Zhen Palace Azure Dragon Needless to say, brat snakes are only tricky and not long, without the slightest change.

The spiritual spring of the Sunda Palace is innate liquid, and it is no worse than the beginning of the middle palace. But there was no progress after that, just like Zhen Palace Azure Dragon One.

Now the fastest progress is the Black Tortoise of Cangong, and it is no trivial matter to catch up later. And what caused this change was naturally Yan Chixia who suppressed ghosts everywhere. Combined with the scholar of follow closely Immortal Apricot, the way of enhancement is naturally obvious.

The progress will be faster when the world walks and provides support. If it is on its own, it will be slow.

Su Qing has several candidates in mind, but is not in a hurry to meet now. Whether it is suitable or not depends on the predestined law.

Su Qing suddenly felt something in her heart.

“The world is undecided, but there are other matters pending.”

It has been unconsciously fifteen days since the feathers of refining Golden Crow. In the world outside Pigweed, fifteen years have passed.

“Pigweed is fine for the time being, and will go to Qingzhou.”

Northern Territory Qingzhou, Yin God will return to his place.

ย โ€ฆ

Pigweed produces different snakes and has a very special habit. Seeing that the chicks do not eat, they are driven to fly; if they do not fly, they are hit with their heads. After a long time, the chicks grow up and fly into the sky. The snake bound its feet, struggle against the Heavens high, and was content.

ใ€ŠJiuzhou ChronicleยทPigweedใ€‹

(End of this chapter)

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