Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 99


Chapter 99 Yin God is to return

Northern Territory Qingzhou, early morning.

A towering mountain with a large building in its shadow.

The layout of the building is very strange. There are tombstones and tombs made of precious stone, and there are luxury houses carved with purple wood.

It can be seen that the designers put a lot of thought into making the overall style as unified as possible. It’s just that no matter from which angle you look at it, there is always a gloomy and evil smell.

Qing Kingdom, Su County, Huizhou, Western Mountain Mausoleum, alias the tomb of the living.

In front of the main tomb is a mansion, the largest house in the entire area.

Accompanied by the early morning sun, an old man walked out of the partial room. Although the hair grey-white is old, but the footsteps are steady and strong, and at first glance, he is a person with kung fu.

The old man walked to the master bedroom and tapped twice. “My lord, are you awake?”

After knocking several times without any response, the old man suddenly became a little excited. He cautiously pushed open the door, only to see one person on the couch.

The reason why it is said to be piled up is because the person on the bed is too fat, and all the fat is scattered, like a big pile of fat.

Fat is naturally the owner of the tomb of the living, living the life of Prince Hui, whose mourning reputation spread all over the Qingzhou. The old man is Sun Sihai, a loyal servant who follows closely.

“Your Highness, Your Highness?” Sun Sihai approached and became more and more excited. “Are you dying? It should be dying… There was snoring in the first half of the night, but it was quiet in the second half of the night… Immortal Monarch is on top, and finally it’s 18 years…”

Before Sun Sihai was excited twice, there was a sudden muffled thunder on the couch.


Lord Hui on the couch snored, but the sound was really loud.

Sun Sihai was startled, and then he reacted. The one who was panting with rage stomped his feet, and his face couldn’t hide his disappointment and anger.

“Your Highness, you won’t die if you don’t die. How dare you pretend to die, and make people feel happy!”

Lord Hui swayed and stood up, then sat down with a Roshan similar. However, the appearance is getting more and more festive, and the facial features are crowded together, which is in line with the image of the virtuous king in the eyes of the common people.

“This king has insomnia, so I sleep more deeply.” King Hui sighed.

“Yesterday I heard the news that Yuan Old Mister was critically ill, and this king was really happy for him. But when I thought about myself, I felt so useless. I was so upset that I was so upset that I was so upset. Insomnia. In the past, I could fall asleep at Xu Shi, but last night I stayed up until Hai Shi.”

“My lord, you really should learn from Yuan Old Mister.” Sun Sihai followed sighed. “People beat ghosts at night, arrest people during the day, and do not rest day and night. Of course, if you work so hard, you will die early. But you, besides eating and sleeping, how can you be short-lived.”

“Don’t just blame Ben King, don’t you have any responsibility?” King Hui also became angry.

“You are such a great expert, you stay by my side every day, and no one dares to assassinate me. But look at Yuan Old Mister, although there is Duke Qi by his side, there is nothing to assassinate. Less than that. As long as there are one or two killers, this king will be dead long ago.”

“My lord, Heaven and Earth conscience, it’s not my fault.” Sun Sihai shouted injustice.

“Yuan Old Mister was assassinated. It was because of the resignation of a high-ranking official of the Qi State, which made the court turbulent, and finally made the Emperor Qi want to kill… But you, although some courtiers came, but you After registering and making a promise, they all rushed back to work, making an all-out effort one by one. People love Your Majesty to rely on, and no one will come to assassinate.”

β€œYour Majesty personally When I come to the door and plead, this king is not good at making a fool of himself. Besides, when the court is turbulent, the people will suffer too.” King Hui’s voice was weak. “The pattern of this king is not comparable to that of old man Yuan. He is not afraid of the powerful, but he does not care about the overall situation. When Emperor Qi came to the door, he was reprimanded by him…”

“Yes, or you are Lord, the old Yuantou is just a rotten scholar.” Sun Sihai said, “It’s just that the old scoundrel now died earlier than you.”

“It will be long in the future.” Prince Hui licked his belly. , “With the strength of this king, even if he is a late Yin God, his achievements will definitely be better than him.”

“Well, I believe this. But if you can do it earlier, you should try to do it as soon as possible.” Sun Sihai said , “Don’t forget, Yuan Old Mister is now critically ill, and his assassination is a thing of the past. Ever since the new emperor ascended the throne, he has been regarded as an ancestor.”

“That’s because the new emperor’s enthronement strengthens The imperial power, use him to remove the old ministers of political enemies.” King Hui was very dissatisfied. “Say a thousand words and ten thousand, this king is better than that old fogey!”

“Dead earlier than you.” Sun Sihai said.

“This king has accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, and the old and rotten Confucian can compare.”

“Die earlier than you.”

“Ben Wang…”

“Die earlier than you.”

“Get out.”


Qi State, Beijing.

“Yuan Old Mister, you can’t be in trouble. No matter what, you have to persevere… The life of a slave is all yours…”

In the huge mansion, a middle-aged Court Eunuch was like an ant on a hot pan, moving around anxiously, waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis.

“Hey, don’t bother with this, it’s making me dizzy.”

Besides the middle-aged Court Eunuch, there is an Imperial Tutor chair, and an old man without a beard is lying on it. on top. Holding the fan and shaking it, he looked down on life.

“birth, aging, sickness and death, such is human nature. Yuan Old Mister lived such an old age, it’s time to go. Even if Your Majesty really wants you to be buried with you, it’s nothing more than giving up It’s just a stinky bag.”

“Eunuch Qi, don’t stand talking without your back hurting.” The middle-aged Court Eunuch was annoyed. “You have also worked in the palace before, you should know how difficult it is to be in this position now. You are enjoying yourself enough, but my good days have not yet begun.”

“vulgar, too common It’s gone.” No need for the old man to shake his head. “I tell you, now is a good time. You listen to me and serve in this yard. If Yuan Old Mister is really bad, Your Majesty will let you be buried with you, that’s a great blessing.”

“That’s right, Court Eunuch has a good time…”

“You have to keep an eye on it, you are only alive for several decades, and you are dead for a long time…”

No need There is a group of old men behind the old man, either standing or sitting obviously waiting for news.

The middle-aged Court Eunuch blushed and had a thick neck, feeling that he couldn’t communicate with this group of people at all. It’s just that I don’t have the guts to scold people, because one number counts as one number, all of them are Qi State’s great characters, and no one can afford them. The last stomping, simply go out of the yard to breathe.

“Father-in-law, what’s going on in this yard. I’ve been on guard for three days, and I’m getting more and more incomprehensible.”

There are Imperial Family guards standing guard outside. , the leading captain was newly promoted by the frontier army, and he was a confidant of the middle-aged Court Eunuch. Seeing the middle-aged Court Eunuch coming out, he hurriedly stepped forward to ask.

“I’ve heard the name of Yuan Old Mister, and he’s considered a celebrity in our Qi State. But he left the field many years ago, and I haven’t heard of him having anything to do with Imperial Court. Why the past few days? Lively?”

“Has nothing to do with the Imperial Court? It’s a big deal!” Court Eunuch felt aggrieved in the courtyard and couldn’t help but want to complain.

“Do you know the identity of those old fogeys in the courtyard? The one without a beard is the former head of the Palace of Qi Gong. Cricket, old military marquis… These people are all Yuan Xiangru’s godsons.”

“Huh?” “Really or not? No way. I haven’t heard of it.”

“It’s not a face-to-face thing, and of course it won’t be spread. Yes.” Middle-aged Court Eunuch sighed, caught in a memory.

“speaking of which, it was almost seventeen or eighteen years ago. At that time, our Qi State was quite normal. Yuan Old Mister was an ordinary savage person, and no one even dared to fight with him in the capital. He came and went…”

The middle-aged Court Eunuch recounted the past, and the captain was dizzy when he heard it.

“Father-in-law, it’s possible that you don’t read much, and you don’t understand many things. According to what you said, so many people recognize Yuan Old Mister as their godfather, and they go out every day to punish evil and promote good, and deal with those They are criminals. But they were originally important ministers of the Imperial Court, so they don’t need to resign even if they do these things?”

“You are right, this involves a rumor.” Middle-aged Court Eunuch said mysteriously, “They all believe that Yuan Old Mister is valued by immortal and can become Spiritual God after death. Recognizing godfather while alive is to make plans for after death.” “I believe this too?”

“Not everyone believes it, but there are always people who believe it.” Middle-aged Court Eunuch said, “Have you seen it, all of them are old. As you get older, you naturally think more.”

The captain nodded, he can understand this. But on second thought, another question came to mind.

“Your Majesty is so worried about Yuan Old Mister’s safety, does it have anything to do with what you said?”

“That’s another matter.” Middle-aged Court Eunuch lowered his voice He said, “When the first emperor was there, Your Majesty was still Crown Prince, and he competed with Prince Su for heir. At that time, many of those old officials tended to favor Prince Su… Let’s put it this way, many of Yuan Old Mister’s rumors were spread by Your Majesty at that time. .”

“What do you mean?” The captain looked blank.

“It means you can live a hundred years.” Middle-aged Court Eunuch was angry. “Forget it, what do I tell you about? I just hope that Yuan Old Mister can turn a good one out of bad luck, and at least live a few more years, otherwise I will be sad.”

Qi in the courtyard The father-in-law glanced outside and glared in dissatisfaction.

“It’s a crow’s mouth. If I have to live for a few more years, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold it anymore. Besides, Lao Yuan is like this, how can he survive. Let me see, at most tomorrow. .”

Eunuch Qi’s good expectations are not delusional, because Su Qing also holds the same view.

Of course, only the lifespan part.

But before that, Su Qing has another thing to consider.

“I came here to confer the canonization of Yin God, but I was able to meet these two people.”

A few streets away from Yuan’s house, there is an ordinary wine shop. one old and one young two people, drinking in the corner.

The old one is Dou Qianli and the young one is Xu Jinlin.


King Hui respects Confucianism and virtue, and has heard of the famous scholar Yuan Gong in the neighboring country, but he admires him and cannot see him, and he is far away from thinking. He suddenly heard that he was critically ill and died soon. The king wept and said, “I don’t know the relationship between gods and gods. It’s sad that death is separated from life.”

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