Flower Master in the City Chapter 2181


Zhao Qingqing’s powerful move of taking people away from Shuixie Tianju quickly spread throughout the capital. Although few people know who the boss behind Shuixietianju is, everyone knows that he must be a Heavenspan guy.

In fact, not long ago, there were also a few river-crossing dragons making troubles in the Shuixie Tianju. As a result, within half a day, they knelt at the entrance of the clubhouse. They knocked their heads for two hours, and they were beaten by the security guards. Driven away.

Zhao Qingqing’s hard rush into the waterside villa is not big or small, but it doesn’t prevent some people from watching the excitement. Many people have long seen Zhao Qingqing and Heaven Way Organization displeased. I really want to watch a good show this time.

So, after Zhao Qingqing escorted Guan Tianxiao and a group of people back to Heavenly Dao Building, it is rare to see Zhao Xiaozhuo and Yuan Shihuang in the office.

“What brings you here?” Zhao Qingqing asked strangely: “Is there anything to do with me?”

Zhao Xiaozhuo shook the head: “strictly speaking, I’m here to find Xia Tian.”

Xia Tian drowsily said: “If you have anything to say, hurry up, I will have to sleep with Qingqing girl later.”

“Hey, you are not finished, right? You just slept.” Zhao Xiaozhuo looked at Xia Tian incomprehensibly, “Is that kind of thing so interesting? Just sleep a few times and you can’t die. I really have I’m looking for you for business.”

Xia Tian curl one’s lip: “That’s your business, it’s my shit.”

Zhao Xiaozhuo was speechless in an instant.

Zhao Qingqing smiled and said, “Stop quarreling, just talk about it. I just arrested a few people, and I will interrogate them later.”

“It’s for you,” Yuan Shihuang said casually.

Zhao Qingqing is sometimes weird: “Are these people with very big backgrounds? I can actually ask you to come to intercede.”

“Interesting, saying a fart.” Zhao Xiaozhuo rubbed his eyes and said angrily: “No matter who you catch, give me death. Damn, I slept well. Seven Eight phone calls came and it was so noisy.”

Yuan Shihuang looked at Zhao Xiaozhuo amusedly, but instead of losing his temper, he pointed out the key to the problem: “The few people you caught, don’t care about it, the most important thing is that you rush into the water. Some people from old-school families greeted us.”

“Oh.” Zhao Qingqing smiled and asked: “What did you say hello?”

Yuan Shihuang lightly said: “They asked you to let go of the people you caught, and apologize to the boss of Shuixie Tianju.”

“Apologize for the fart.” Xia Tian drowsily yawned, “Qingqing girl, you don’t need to pay attention to those idiots. If anyone refuses to accept, let him come over and tell me.”

“I guess no one will come.” Yuan Shihuang waved his hand awkwardly, “Who dares to provoke your God of Death? In fact, some people don’t even know you are there. Otherwise, avoid this. It’s too late.”

Zhao Xiaozhuo still said a little uncomfortably: “A bunch of old cabbage clappers, not to mention, they are really snobbish.”

“What’s the origin of the Boss of Shuixie Tianju?” Zhao Qingqing was also a little curious at this time, “Even the old-school families of the Imperial Capital have passed on to you.”

Zhao Xiaozhuo raised his eyelids and said to Yuan Shihuang: “You can tell me.”

“It’s this person.” Yuan Shihuang hesitated, then raised his hand and drew a circle in the void, then clicked in the middle, “The previous Xingyuan Club, you should have heard of it.”

Zhao Qingqing couldn’t help but roll his eyes: “Just say the name, I don’t like guessing.”

“Okay.” Yuan Shihuang sighed, slowly said: “It is Yuan Yifang. In terms of seniority, I should be counted as my grandfather generation, but age not to old, just 15 years old.”

“Oh, I understand.” Zhao Qingqing came over now, beautiful eyes staring at Zhao Xiaozhuo and Yuan Shihuang closely: “You two are definitely not here to spread the word, there must be other things to say. Right?”

Xia Tian said with a smile hehe: “Qingqing girl, you are still a little stupid, you can only see it now.”

“Master, you’ve seen it a long time ago, and you didn’t remind me?” Zhao Qingqing hit Xia Tian in an annoyed way, this kind of girly side made Zhao Xiaozhuo goose bumps all over the place.

Zhao Qingqing stared at Zhao Xiaozhuo: “You have an opinion.”

“No.” Zhao Xiaozhuo is not begging at this time.

Zhao Qingqing looked impatient: “So, what do you want to do, hurry up, then go around the corners and get out of here.”

“That’s it, we have found a candidate.” Zhao Xiaozhuo hesitated for a few seconds, and then said: “However, his strength in all aspects is not enough, I hope Xia Tian will take the time to help him strengthen it a little.”


Zhao Qingqing asked: “Who is in your photo?”

“Song Yumei’s cousin Song Yuqing.” Zhao Xiaozhuo replied: “Xia Tian, ​​this can be considered your wife and brother, don’t you plan to help?”

Xia Tian didn’t really have any interest in taking care of other people’s affairs, but when she heard that this person is Song Yumei’s younger brother, she decided to give this face: “You bring people over to me to see.”

“Okay.” Zhao Xiaozhuo stood up when he heard Xia Tian’s words, patted his hands, “I will call someone over tomorrow. Okay, nothing else is going to happen, you just leave first.

“Don’t you look at the few people who were arrested?” Zhao Qingqing couldn’t help but ask: “One of them seems to be the Young Master of Jin Family.”

Yuan Shihuang laughed: “Jin Family fell away as early as fifty-sixty years ago. There is so much gold but still immersed in the dream of glory in the old days, a pure idiot.”

Zhao Xiaozhuo also said: “You can handle it whatever you want.”

“If they commit something, will Shuixie Tianju also be involved?” Zhao Qingqing asked, “Will it affect your plan?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xia Tian gave a casual expression, “There is nothing to do anyway.”

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