Flower Master in the City Chapter 2183


“Hey hahahaha, it’s really impossible to withstand a single blow.”

Jin Dashao succeeded in a blow, and immediately laughed wildly: “What shit Heaven Way Organization, what is the number one heroine of the emperor, this?”

“You laughed too early.” Zhao Qingqing’s cold voice rang, with unabashed contempt in his tone.

When Young Master Jin heard this sound, he couldn’t help but was stunned. Then he turned around and saw that Zhao Qingqing was standing there safe and sound. He was shocked: “You didn’t die?”

Look again, it was Boss Ma who fell on the ground.

“Isn’t it normal if I haven’t died.” Xia Tian said casually: “Qingqing girl is my discipline, you still want to kill her at your level, thinking too much.”

“Impossible!” Young Master Jin couldn’t accept this situation. “My invisible chain has never lost its hand, and no one can avoid it.”

Xia Tian smiled hehe and said: “Yes, idiots are so confident.”

“It seems that you don’t have too much gold.” Zhao Qingqing only got up slowly at this time, coldly said: “Since you are here, don’t you plan to sign up for a name?”

Young Master Jin snorted and turned into an afterimage again. The voice came from every corner of the room: “Want to know my name, you can go directly to the underworld and ask the king of Hades!”

Zhao Qingqing sighed, he said helplessly: “You are not self-confident anymore, but arrogant.”

“hmph, when I take your head, you will know if I am arrogant.” Young Master Jin’s voice became lower and lower, and it became erratic, like falling leaves in the wind.

However, there was really a cold wind in the room for no apparent reason, which should have been driven by the high-speed movement of Young Master Jin.


There was another splitting the air sound, and then Zhao Qingqing felt his neck tighten, as if he was trapped by something.

“This time, let me see how you run!” Young Master Jin showed his figure, raised his hand and threw away a few invisible chains, which firmly entangled Zhao Qingqing, and indeed there was no wrong person. After that, he pulled the chain suddenly again.


The sound of broken neck bones suddenly rang. Guan Tianxiao didn’t understand what was going on, so he closed his eyes and fell to the ground.

“It seems that you are going to kill them.” Zhao Qingqing shook the head, and said with a sigh: “It’s a pity that you made a wrong calculation. It is useless if you kill them. My Master can save them at any time. Live them.”

“This, what the hell is going on, the person I locked up is obviously you!” Of course, Young Master Jin didn’t want to kill his teammates, but the person who died in the two shots became his own. What kind of magic was used!”

“Hellcraft? Exalt it, how can I know what sorcery.” Zhao Qingqing laughed, “Why don’t you say that you are blind.”

Jin Dashao’s eyes gradually became serious, coldly said: “It seems that I underestimated you. Being able to be the leader of the Heaven Way Organization really has some ability. Then you will not be so lucky. “

Zhao Qingqing kindly persuaded: “Don’t stand up this kind of FLAG, it has been beaten twice, haven’t you learned it?”

“Shadow chain dances, kill!” Jin Dashao was deeply stung by Zhao Qingqing’s words. In the rage, he immediately moved his fingers, only to hear a mess of splitting the air sound in the room, which seemed like There are countless blades rolling wildly.

“That’s it?” Zhao Qingqing looked at it for two seconds, shook the head with a little disappointment, “Others have at least some fancy special effects. You are actually transparent, there is nothing, disappointing.”

Jin Dashao said grimly: “Disappointed? When you meet King Yanluo, you won’t be disappointed.”

“Master, you are right, idiots can’t communicate.” Zhao Qingqing sighed, and his silhouette flashed, and he appeared behind Jin Dashao in an instant.

“hmph, I expected you to have this move, you were fooled!” Young Master Jin was not surprised at all, but laughed, because his ultimate move was prepared for his position.

The afterimage of Young Master Jin is solidified in another corner, with his hands folded on his chest: “go die for me!”


One silhouette flew out, hit the wall hard, and then fell fiercely to the ground.

“Thinking that you know how to do matryoshka.” Zhao Qingqing walked over with a smile, and said to Master Jin: “You thought you were on the 2nd floor, but in fact, I was already on the 5th floor. Your strength is too bad. I’m here to deliver food.”

At this moment, Young Master Jin rolled his eyes suddenly, and instantly lost consciousness.

“Want to run?” Zhao Qingqing sneered, rushing to Xia Tian and said: “Master, do me a favor.”

Xia Tian understands his mind, and immediately lights up a silver needle between his fingers, manipulating the air in the space, and gives Young Master Jin a needle. This is a small technique after he learns to needle outside.


Young Master Jin vomited suddenly, and then woke up with a look of horror on his face: “How come this is happening, why am I still here?”

Zhao Qingqing said with a smile: “Without our consent, do you think you can go?”

“This impossible!” Jin Dashao sweated like rain, and muttered to himself in fear: “The technique of possession is the secret skill of my Gu Family. No one can crack it!”

Zhao Qingqing casually said: “My Master is World’s First Divine Doctor, you guys have too many cultivation techniques, and it’s a piece of cake to crack!”

Young Master Jin was furious and cursed: “What is cultivation technique? This is my ancient divine technique of Gu Family inheritance more then 2000 years!”

“I’m not interested in how long your cultivation technique inheritance will last.” Zhao Qingqing stared at Young Master Jin coldly, and said threateningly, “I want to know who you are and whether it has anything to do with the Devil Blood Seed. ?”

Jin Dashao was coldly snorted, and didn’t cooperate at all: “It’s just a wishful thinking to try to get words out of my mouth. At worst, I fight the danger of being backlashed and go directly to do some exercises, and I won’t give you any chance. “

Zhao Qingqing continued to ask Xia Tian for help: “Master, this man seems to be more stubborn than Jin Dashao, can you cure him?”

“Of course there are ways, and there are many.” Xia Tian looked carelessly, “Qingqing girl, you want to be faster or slower.”

Zhao Qingqing smiled and asked, “What’s the difference between faster and slower?”

“Hurry up, this idiot may not be able to hold it for a second. It is guaranteed that he will be recruited even if he peeped in a bath when he was young.” Xia Tian said with a smile: “If you slow down, it is estimated that he will hold it for half a second. No, you will say without asking him.”

Zhao Qingqing didn’t want to understand: “Why is it slow, but can’t hold it for half a second?”

“Because it is slower, he will spend seconds like years.” Xia Tian casually explained: “You think it is only half a second, but in fact, more than half a year has passed in his time.”

“hmph, do you think this kind of trick will scare me?” Young Master Jin showed a mocking smile on his face, and said proudly: “An ancient person is a cultivator, and the torture in the world cannot shake me at all. Will, don’t hesitate to do whatever you want, if I say a word, I’m not a man…Ah!”

Just when Young Master Jin was boasting, Xia Tian smiled hehe and took out the silver needle, and gave him a needle in the air.

Before the silver needle was recovered, Young Master Jin screamed in pain. In his senses, it seemed that Qianqian absolutely silver needle was constantly pricking him, and the pain increased inexplicably. Numerous times, it seemed that breathing was a heavy burden, making him worse than death.

In just half a second, for him, it was endlessly long. Obviously he was already screaming in pain, but the groaning was as if caught in a slow light, unable to spread, and it kept flowing back and forth in his own body, aggravating his pain.

“I said, I said, I said everything, stop!” Young Master Jin was sweating all over his body, as if he had just been fished out of the water, it was amazing.

Zhao Qingqing said disappointedly: “I thought you were really a bone.”

“Quickly stop, stop, I can do everything.” Just hearing Zhao Qingqing’s words, Young Master Jin felt that his brain was about to explode, and he was so painful that he wanted to kill himself head.

“Master.” Zhao Qingqing gave a soft cry.

Xia Tian said with a smile hehe: “The needle has been closed, but his body is still aftertaste.”

“You, where are you sacred?” Young Master Jin reluctantly rolled over, staring at Xia Tian without blinking, and asked laboriously.

Xia Tian looked carelessly, and said casually: “I am not a god, nor a holy, I am Xia Tian, ​​Summer from Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, Heaven from First one beneath the Heaven.”

“Xia Tian? You are Xia Tian, ​​so it’s no wonder.” Jin Dashao’s eyes flickered several times, and finally turned into a long sigh: “Think of my ancient Datong retreat for 30 or so years, and finally divine technique Great Accomplishment. I thought I could contend for supremacy, but I didn’t think I was defeated by you. I heard of your name last year, and thought it was just a bragging for some people. It really deserves such a defeat.”

“You have no time to sigh.” Zhao Qingqing has no time to listen to these nonsense, “After asking you, I still have something to ask Jinduo himself.”

Young Master Jin said: “What do you want to know?”

Zhao Qingqing asked: “who you are, what does it have to do with gold, and what does it have to do with the blood seed?”

“My name is Gu Datong, and I was the guest official of Jin Family 50 years ago.” Jin Dashao replied slowly: “I retreated for 30 years in the middle and only left the customs last year. As for the blood seeds, I didn’t hear I said. My duty is only to protect the people of Jin Family and cut off enemies for them by the way.”

“Since it has nothing to do with this, then I don’t make it difficult for you.” After Zhao Qingqing made sure that this person did not tell lies, he didn’t bother to waste time on him, “Just don’t take the side of the evil-doer in the future. Now, it’s a shame that the dignified cultivator actually acts as a thug for a waste family like Jin Family.”

Although Jin Datong was possessed by Gu Datong just now, his consciousness was not at all falling into a coma, so he knew what happened just now. The rescuer who moved in front of him was not at all the opponents of Zhao Qingqing and Xia Tian. Panic.

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