Fog Era Chapter 1073

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"Intensive research in biology is very useful for gene remodeling. It seems that the study of biology must be on the agenda."

Speaking of biology , Shi Tiexin immediately thought of an excellent candidate.

"By the way, Champion Shi! That guy has always had the most innate talent in biology, so I'll leave it to him to study biology!"

Wait for this. Arrange for Champion Shi to start, now, let's continue to test the effect of cultivation during this period of time.

Although body refinement is strong, it has gradually become the foundation, focusing on carrying rather than fighting. To say that 2nd Heavenly Layer can play the most kung fu, it depends on our infinite robbery.

[Infinite earthquake Thunder Tribulation Third Layer cultivation progress improved to: perfect]

[Activate attribute: Zhenlei+3]

[Combined attribute: Zhenlei +6]

[Infinite Xunfeng Tribulation Third Layer cultivation progress improved to: perfect]

[Activate attribute: Xunfeng+3]

[Merge attribute : 巽风+6]

"Hu..." Shi Tiexin exhales one breath saying, a powerful spirit surged from his body. At this time, he didn't charge up his energy, instead he ran a knife in the palm of his hand abruptly, and stabbed another target at once.

The onlookers have covered their ears a long time ago to avoid tinnitus caused by the sonic boom.

But this palm was silent, and there was no big movement at all.

Could it be that it was just a fake shot?

Ling Xing, who was standing next to him, couldn’t help but sighed: “It’s too strong.”

There was no sound because of the shock wave that should have been generated when the palm of the hand blasted through the air. Was completely eliminated by Xunfeng. The air resistance is greatly reduced, making this palm faster, and the force that should have been dissipated in the air is condensed to act directly on the armor plate.

In a moment that is invisible to ordinary people, the surface of Shi Tiexin's palm is overflowing with powerful lightning. But the arrogant electric light before, this time was constrained on the surface of the palm, especially on the five fingers, making this palm seem to be wearing thunder and lightning gloves, and cut straight down with a powerful aura.

pu chi.

As if cutting butter with a hot knife, Shi Tiexin's palm, although not moving, easily pierced through layer after layer of armor plate.

From fingertips to shoulders, Shi Tiexin's palm piercing is more than one meter thick, and his entire arm is thrust into the armor plate. Even if there is a gap of equal width between the armor plates of each layer, this palm actually pierced the 70 cm thick plate.

"This is the normal state of full strength, the maximum level of A." Shi Tiexin took a deep breath: "Next, try absolute strength. Drink——!!!"

The fist suddenly clenched Tight, rumbling, this Shi was full of anger, and his jacket was instantly torn to pieces by the sharp qi.

The crackling electric arc buzzed and radiated, and the terrifying wind whirled around the body, making him almost suspended from the ground.

The reason is that he puts all his control on one thing.

Clang, pull back with right fist, hit hard with one star.

Clang clang, double pull, Samsung blows!

When the old big brother used Samsung to hit hard, his right arm was unable to withstand the trauma, and it was only supported by the high level channel to transfer the injury.

Now, the right arm of this Shi has completely withstood the surging power, and the three-star heavy blow can already be fully controlled!

Shi Tiexin turned his head and looked towards a large row of thick armor plates, which were used to test the formidable power of tank artillery.

Ling Xingjian in the distance silently put a spell to isolate the sound.

next moment, a huge explosion swept all directions, and the thick armor wall was submerged in the violent wind and thunder. Such a wild formidable power has already surpassed the punch that Shi Yuhui used to hit Laotang in absolute magnitude.

Martial Artist’s cultivation base can’t just look at absolute formidable power. It’s impossible to hit people, or it’s possible to be restrained by the other party in clever ways and unable to use tricks. Hongxing heavy hit formidable power is full but the charging time is not short, it may not be easy to use in PVP actual combat.

But to be honest, the current people of this Shi went to the small square of Earthwood Fortress, and those old men and women, come and play one by one, and two, one pair, one group— —Uh...A bunch of forget it...

Pretend Divine Art is a good at pretending, but the total amount is really not good. It is not durable, and can only be matched with Infinite Tribulation Divine Art. , High burst of instant Slaughter Path sub.

The total amount is low, resulting in slow cultivation speed. The two doors of Infinite Tribulation Wind and Thunder are already cultivated to the perfect third layer, and the Third Layer that pretends to be Divine Art is still very early. The difference is only in the total amount.

"After I went back, I looked for a Divine Art with a total amount of vigour. Now this kind of powerless feeling is really unpleasant."

Shi Tiexin put on a coat, Came outside the shooting range.

Many members of the demon monk sect came, and each one was frightened. Compared to the realm of illusory, it is more shocking to blast the armor wall with a real punch.

"Everyone, I am calling you here today. There are three things to say." Shi Tiexin looked around the audience: "The first thing is that you have already started the cultivation, and some of the faster ones have achieved small results. But then, some people began to drift."

With the blessing of this Shi’s super master system, two months before and after are enough for these people to grow. Not to mention shedding body, exchanging bones, but some people have practiced "strength of oneself".

Strength of oneself is a rubbish on the main world line, that is, bullying and bullying scumbags in the education of the children of the Star Federation of Industry and Commerce. But in this world line, I have been able to easily win multiple championships.

Many people will inevitably get fluttering, and they will also give birth to a lot of careful thoughts, Shi Tiexin clear as a flame, come and beat today.

"Everyone, my strength has increased and my mood has not kept up. In other words, I can’t find North, and I started to enter the state of not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth. This is not good. Today I just let Everyone is looking for the north." Shi Tiexin pointed his thumb to the miserable shooting range behind: "Did you find it?"

Everyone was crazy and nodded.

I found it, it's too clear!

Shi Tiexin's heart Spirit Vision was wild, and many people's vain ideas were suddenly suppressed.

But only suppression will not work. Blocking is not as good as sparse. The subordinates need correct guidance to play their due role.

"If you have power, you need a direction. The power must be used in the right thing." Shi Tiexin stretched out his hand to all adults: "My second thing is, from today, you All join the Department of Serious Cases. At the beginning, I made a wish to open the Pure Land, so from today on this Pure Land, let’s dig the first shovel."

Everyone listened to the order.

On the one hand, I dare not refuse to listen. On the other hand, all the people who have been guided by this Shi are all righteous people. With this Shi’s current heart technique ability, whether a person’s mentality is not right, it is a bit exaggerated to tell at a glance, but it is easy to see if you spend more time with you around.

This is so convenient, it almost eliminates the possibility of evildoers.

"I will appoint elite police officers from the city, and mix them with you to form a'special safety team'. Let me clarify that it is to deal with cases that may have something to do with evil, or it is particularly tricky. I will personally be the team leader for the major and important cases of ."

"Yes!" Everyone stood solemnly. From this moment on, the demon monk is not only an enlightened person, but also an institutional leader. The people in the cult are no longer ordinary citizens, but an important part of the security system.

"I know that many of you are unfamiliar with evil, have fears, and don’t know how to deal with evil. This is normal. And the third thing I want to say is also related to this Related." Shi Tiexin stretched out his hand to compare with Ling Xing Jian next to him: "Here, I want to formally introduce to you another super power in this world, the holy light messenger, Paladin, Ling Xing Jian."

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