Fog Era Chapter 1074

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The power of essence and mind requires spiritual enlightenment before cultivation.

So far, Shi Tiexin has not been able to break through the limitations of the spirit seed, nor has he found a way to make the spirit seed himself.

Without a spirit seed, the members of the magic monk cult will not have a magic cultivator to practice energy and mind. Without spirit and mind, impossible will cause effective damage to evil.

The effect of heavy firepower on evil has several points of to the end is hard to say, it needs practical verification. But even if it is useful, it is not as flexible and convenient as the spirit and mind. And up to now, body refinement can only resist evil, but can't produce targeted lethality against evil.

In this world, what messenger of justice can't even deal with evil?

At this time, only ordinary person can also be introduced to cultivation, and there is another super power that has enough lethality against evil-holy light.

Shi Tiexin pointed at Ling Xingjian and said: "From now on, Ms. Ling Xingjian will be your chief instructor of holy light. She will identify and select those who are suitable for cultivation holy light, and teach you to fight against , And even destroy the power of evil. During the entire training process, her words are my words, and she has the final right to interpret the selection criteria. She has the final say on who chooses and who does not, do you understand?"

"Understood!" the cult roared full of anger.

Then, they all began to look at Ling Xing one after another.

In addition to the demon monk, another super person, unheard-of's "holy light", all made everyone full of curiosity.

Who is the new instructor?

What is the power of holy light?

Are you great?

Is this instructor okay?

Compared with ordinary monks in Heavenly Buddha descend the world, this holy light messenger looks very ordinary. Can he teach us well?

Next moment, Ling Xingjian took off his glasses and took down the tabernacle.

The charm seal is lifted.

Everyone's eyes straightened immediately.

"Fuck me!"

"Light! I saw the light!"

"This is an angel, this is an angel coming to the world! It's so beautiful!"

The members didn't say these words stupidly, but they all breathed quickly. They looked straight at Ling Xingjian, and they couldn't move their gazes away. This Shi Spirit Vision: In the wild, everyone can't help being dazzled, fascinated, and imaginative at the beauty of Ling Xingjian.

Ling Xing looked at the cult members in front of him coldly when he saw him, and then put on his glasses again after a while, sealing the excessively high charm value again.

"Huh..." Many people secretly relaxed, some even got out of a cold sweat, and then felt disappointed and wanted to watch again.

Ling Xingjian is not only good-looking in appearance, but also a natural charm beyond appearance. This kind of charm Wu Siyou also has, but in terms of intensity, it is an entire order of magnitude worse than Ling Xingjian.

Especially after becoming a holy light messenger, that kind of natural charm is multiplied and magnified, gradually reaching an inhuman realm.

The consequence of being too charismatic is that when the ordinary person sees her, the whole mind seems to be pulled by a black hole and falls involuntarily. It was a strange feeling mixed with the desire to look straight into heaven and the fear of being unable to control it, which made people shudder.

Among the crowd, Wu Siyou is relatively normal. He scratched his forehead with question marks and exclamation marks. He thought it would be better to go back and ask his father.

Hey, Shi Tiexin slapped his hands, the sound waves mixed with thoughts and swept away, and immediately slapped everyone's thoughts of flying away. Everyone's spirits were refreshed, and the distracted attention was reunited.

"Since we have already met, let's go and gather, and training will start from now."

The members of the cult ran quickly to the training camp, Shi Tiexin told Ling Xing Jian said: "How about it, is there anyone eye-catching?"

Ling Xingjian asked, "This is the person you picked out?"

"Yes. Why, no Satisfied?"

"A little bit." Seeing sighed, Ling Xing was disappointed on his face: "I know that these people are carefully selected. As a police standard, they have been selected. But It’s not easy to be Paladin. It requires absolute firm belief and absolute pure heart."

Shi Tiexin: "Do you dislike them and covet you?"

Ling Xing shakes Shaking his head: "I don't dislike this. If coveting my beauty doesn't hinder the fight against evil, then it doesn't matter if I covet some-after all, I am so beautiful, who doesn't like to watch it?"

Speaking subconsciously He fluffed his hair, and suddenly felt wrong after he fluffed. He immediately put down his hands and turned his face awkwardly, wondering why he was so relaxed in front of this man, showing the original form of high school.

The Shi person next to him laughed immediately.

It's still the familiar smelly beauty, or the familiar taste. Sure enough, it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one's character.

"Cough!" Ling Xing saw two coughs and straightened his face to reorganize his posture: "When I saw my true face, almost all men could not restrain the thoughts of imagination, such a person. How to become Paladin?"

This Shi person: "according to what you said, then the overwhelming majority men in this world can't be Paladin."

"Exactly." She both hands crossed near chest, took out the posture of the leader: "During this time, I found some women with good quality, and I plan to form a pure female Paladin group."

"In the past, women were relatively weak The body is an obvious weakness, and it is difficult to protect yourself until the holy light is strong enough. But if you can come to cultivating your martial arts, you can quickly make up for the shortcomings. So, instead of letting me be your instructor, Why not let you be an instructor for my people-would you like to teach them?"

This Shi squeezed his chin: "I don't mind any instructor or instructor, but I think you take it for granted. "

"Take it of course?"

"It's Di. Let's do it, you can't say anything, you call someone over and let me see."

Ling Star saw an electric flower shot out.

Soon, a total of more than fifty women arrived. Most of these women are youngsters, tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful and ugly, but their eyes are very firm. When they see Ling Xing, they are also very religious, as if the believers are facing an angel.

It seems that Paladin was also forming the Knight regiment when the demon monk assembled the Order, and everyone was not idle.

In the corner of Spirit Vision, these girls really don't have any vain thoughts.

Until Ling Xingjian began to introduce.

"From today, this Shi Tiexin is your martial arts chief instructor. Let’s get to know each other."

This Shi coughed and suddenly lifted Divine Art. Let go of the charm seal and laughed at them.

At this moment, the bright moon rises between the Tianshan Mountains and the vast sea of ​​clouds.

The intangible charm is like a tsunami that swept everyone in an instant.

Speaking of charm, this Shi thinks he is still inferior to Ling Xingjian, but under various blessings, he is also in the category of extraordinary charm. Anyway, they are all over-the-counter. Both over 50% and over 10% are the same for ordinary persons. They are both saturation attacks.

So, bang, the girls' hearts beat, their eyes straightened, and the people were stupid. Their eyes turned between the elegant and handsome face of this Shi and the incredible body.

Several girls raised their phones silently, ka-cha took photos, and the speed of light collected them.

There are also girls who can't help but wipe their noses, bit their lip, and suck up the saliva-the performance is a bit exaggerated, but the national wind is unrestrained, which is normal.

"Summon!" Ling Xing yelled angrily. The girls all lowered their heads in panic, but still couldn't restrain their floating thoughts.

"Okay, let's warm up first, and start training later." Shi Tiexin clapped his hands and drove them to the training ground: "Men's and women's cultivation is not tired, just right."

After driving away the students, Shi Tiexin turned his head and looked towards Ling Xing, then smiled and said: "The person you are looking for is pretty good." "If you want to laugh at me, just laugh at me, don’t be mystifying!"

"I don’t have mystifying, I really think the person you are looking for is pretty good." Shi Tiexin looked at the girls: " I can see that their physical fitness may be high or low, but their mentality is relatively high and upward, and they are good girls in this world."

"As for the thoughts, I think you have rushed too quickly. It’s natural.” It’s nature to eat men and women. It’s nature."

Ling Xingjian immediately shook his head: "But holy light and evil spirits don’t matter what nature or nature is. You must be aware of anything that is not pure and firm enough. Thoughts will become the weakness of holy light. Any weakness may be taken advantage of by evil. When evil is contaminated with holy light, Paladin is likely to degenerate and become evil, and one evil knight is more harmful than ten evils. "

"Understand, blackening is ten times stronger, whitening is weaker by three points, yes." Shi Tiexin squeezed his chin: "Let me sum up, what you are looking for is the kind of self-denial, self-regarding, and disregard. Personal gains and losses, regardless of reputation or reputation, do not care about love between men and women, see money as dung, see pink as a skeleton, save big and no self, and have no greed, ignorance, fearless, fearless person, right?"

Ling Xing saw nodded: "Yes!"

"You think such a person is absolutely just, right?"

Ling Xing saw nodded again: "Yes!"


"pu ——!" Shi Tiexin couldn't help but laugh out loud: "I will send you four words-wishful thinking. You are engaged in holy light, so why bother with the principle of saving the heavens and destroying human desires. 'How about Cheng Zhu's Confucianism? Look at your own selection criteria. Are you looking for Paladin or the born Saint?"

Ling Xingjian frowned.

Shi Tiexin solemnly said: "About this matter, I think it is related to the whole future development direction, so I have to talk about it. If you are willing to listen to me for a chat, I will break it apart. Let’s talk with you. Humility is a virtue, can you listen to my opinion humbly——Paladin?"

This directly put Ling Xing in the corner, and she said a little annoyedly: "I don’t want to Listen—but you’re right, humility is a virtue. As long as what you say is reasonable and well-founded, I’m willing to listen to your thoughts."

"Okay, that means you are not hopeless "At this time, Shi Tiexin is not at all polite, completely disregarding the affection of the other three worlds, and bluntly said: "Paladin, I think there is one biggest problem with you, that is, being too pure."

Ling Xingjian asked, "Is it purely bad?"

"It's purely good, but it doesn't meet the reality of most people." Shi Tiexin spread his hand: "For example, you said You’ve never lied and you hate lying. In other words, you think honesty is justice and lies are evil, right?"

Ling Xing sees nodded: "as it should be by rights."

Shi Tiexin asked: "Really as it should be by rights? If a person absolutely does not lie, what that person wants to say when they see you is definitely not'you Good','I'm very happy to meet you' and so on. Men must say "Fuck you are so good-looking and hate stuffed eggs", and women must say "Fuck you are so good-looking foxes"."

"You don’t have to go anywhere else, just look at the player community. Those male players have high praises and comments on female characters, high demand for 3D modeling, and the most downloaded MOD communities. This mod has fully reflected the true thoughts of most men. Isn’t it stupid to look at?"

"You can go to the female online community to check it out. Circled, knelt down at the idol poster, take a knife to engrave the name of the idol, is it more foolish?"

"Why are there so many fools on the Internet?"

"Why don’t you seem to see so many idiots in reality?"

"The reason is simple-people on the Internet are too lazy to lie."

"People who don’t lie , Not necessarily true, good and beautiful."

Ling Xing stared at hearing this, looking thoughtful.

Shi Tiexin continued: "I don’t know the female psychology, but I can tell you for sure that most men have only two options when they first meet most women. , It means'want to do' and'don't want to do'."

"If you are completely honest, when a man opens his mouth, he says, "I'm hard" or "Fuck you ugly". That kind of world is really worth it. Are you looking forward to it? Anyway, I don’t look forward to it."

Ling Xing grumbled: "That can only be blamed on men's evil thoughts!"

"Then I don’t talk about men and women, I say Family. Have you ever seen a child? I must have seen it a lot." Shi Tiexin asked, "I ask you, what should parents do if the child is sick and does not take medicine?"

It should be said: "The medicine should be taken or the medicine should be taken. The disease is cured first, and then the immune system is strengthened."

Shi Tiexin continues to ask the question: "But the child over three years old is I don’t want to take medicine and don’t listen to your principles. What should you do?"

Ling Xingjian shook his head: "I...I don’t know, I haven’t considered this issue."


"I have experience in this area, let me tell you. When a little child is sick and does not take medicine, the best way is to—" Shi Tiexin raised a finger: "Cheat."

Ling Xingjian surprisedly said: "Cheat?"

"Yes." Shi Tiexin said with rich experience: "I won't talk about those brats, I will just say those are more cute and more useful. Loving little angel. If you let him take medicine, he won’t take it, but you have to say,'little kitty is sick and feels uncomfortable now, but little kitty can’t take medicine. Can you help little kitty? How does it take medicine?', he will come over and take the medicine obediently."

"Then you squeeze your throat and learn the little kitty accent to thank him, and he will be very happy. This method can be used to feed medicine again."

"Is this a lie?"

"There is no doubt that this is a lie. There is no need for a child to teach medicine. "The little kitty of the children is made up."

"But tell me, do parents have evil thoughts when they feed their children? The actions taken by caring. Then tell me, is this kind of lie good or evil?"

Ling Xingjian's eyes widened and speechless: "Uh...this..."

Shi Tiexin spread his hands together: "Look, things shouldn't be so pure. After all, lies are part of language. There is no good and evil attri. bute. Some lie is packaging and disguise, but I prefer to compare lies to "fat". "

"Fat fills the cavities between the organs, fat provides cushioning and lubrication, fat makes the skin firm, shiny and elastic, and fat can keep warm and shockproof. Of course, fat can also make people hyperlipidemia and make people sick. "

" After all, fat itself has no good and evil, good and bad. It is not the fat itself that really causes the illness, but the self who does not keep his mouth shut and opens his legs. "

"The same goes for lies. "

"Some people lie to be a scammer, and some people lie to give medicine to the child. You can't just see the scammers and the parents who coaxed the child, so you can beat all the'lie' to death. "

"You ask for pure honesty, like looking for a shriveled person who doesn't have the slightest amount of fat. And the person who is not pure and honest in your eyes must be a super fat boy weighing 500 catties. "

"This is too extreme. "

"Things that are too pure are always too extreme, and too extreme are easy to lose balance and collapse. Eventually, it brings systematic collapse and rust extinction. "

Ling Xingjian looked thoughtful: "Then what should you do in your opinion?" The evil spirit is there, and it doesn't change in any way because of human nature. Envy, greed, and lust will all attract the attachment of evil spirits, and no matter how great the truth is, the reality of evil spirits raging away. "

"That can't be rushed. Evil is the pollution of the soul, and fighting evil is, in the final analysis, the construction of the mental health of the whole people. In terms of psychological construction, what is emphasized is a degree of relaxation and yin and yang coordination. And my method is very simple, just four words—"Shi Tiexin raised his finger: "Help, righteous, dispel evil, and evil. "

Ling Xing sees: "What is meant by strengthening the body and eliminating evil?" "

"If you want to punish the evil, you must first strengthen your righteousness. Shi Tiexin began to give an example: "More than 600 people have been taken from the Department of Serious Crimes, and the remaining 1,500 people are not all clean. There are many unclean people. Depending on you, do you want to kill all those people in one fell swoop? "

Ling Xing sees nodded: "I'm doing everything I can to eliminate evil, of course I want to catch it all at once!" "

"But there are too many people who have problems, and they are all caught up in one go. Who will do the security work of the entire Nie Zhicheng? Who will suppress the begin to stir gang members? Who patrols the streets, who arrests the suspects, and who maintains a safe and stable situation? To defeat the Serious Crime Division, not only will it not be able to bring justice, but will make Nie Zhicheng jump around and breed more crimes. "

"So, I left the people who were in lesser circumstances. On the one hand, it has maintained stability, on the other hand, they can also use their intricate connections with gang members to carry out precision strikes. On the third, it has also given me a strategic space for'righting up'. "

Shi Tiexin pointed to hundreds of people on the training ground: "I have to pull up the righteous division before I can free my hands to start the liquidation." If you want to scrape the bones to cure poison, you must first consolidate the roots, and if you want to cut the flesh to cure the disease, you must cultivate the essence. Only strengthening the body and eliminating evils is the real way out. "

Ling Xing heard and heard straight nodded: "What you said makes sense. However, this does not prove that my'pureness' is wrong. "

Shi Tiexin continued: "I don't want to fight with you right or wrong, I want to find a way with you." On the macro level, it is necessary to strengthen the righteousness and eliminate the evil, and it is the same for everyone's spiritual construction, and we must pay attention to methods. "

"For example,'jealousy' attracts evil spirits, so do I have to kill all the men who are jealous of my handsome appearance?" Certainly not, after all I am so handsome, there is no one who is not jealous of me. "

Ling Xing saw immediately rolled the eyes, this kind of stinky beauty, I don't know who I learned from...

"Then how to solve this jealousy? Forcing everyone not to be jealous? That's not realistic at all. The real solution is very simple, as long as this—" Shi Tiexin shouted at the training ground: "Everyone pays attention, I can tell you good news! "

The audience is quiet.

"Cultivation helps beauty! If you can reach my level, anyone can be as handsome as me and as beautiful as Ling Xingjian! "

People looked at each other in blank dismay, and then everyone burst into enthusiasm, and the cultivation motivation rolled upwards.

Ling Xing saw help. Holding the glasses, she did sense stronger thoughts and higher enthusiasm from holy light. But she immediately questioned: "The enthusiasm coaxed by a lie will be pierced at any time. When the time comes, it will be replaced. The big counter-effect. "

"Who said it was a lie? Do you think I am so handsome by nature? "Shi Tiexin is eight hundred serious: "——Yes, I am so handsome by nature. But my martial arts can really beautify! "

"Huh? "Ling Xing saw a look of error, then shook his head and sighed: "I can't figure out whether what you said is true or false." "

"true or false, we will know in the future. But as long as this path is effective, as long as they know that they work hard, they can make themselves more beautiful. As long as they are given a path, most people will no longer just complain about others, envy and hate, but will make practical efforts to make Become beautiful by yourself, which solves the problem of jealousy. "

"Then say'greedy'. Remember the mouth of the abyss? "

Ling Xing sees nodded.

The mouth of the abyss in the detention center impressed her, and it was the greed that caused the guard to become the mouth of the abyss.


"The solution to greed is not just to kill the people who are greedy for money. Everyone loves money, so you can get it in a proper way. To solve corruption in the police force, on the one hand, we must strengthen supervision so that the delinquents have nowhere to hide. On the other hand—"Shi Tiexin shouted to the playground again: "I'll tell you another good news! "

Everyone calmed down instantly and looked at Shi Tiexin eagerly.

"The special case team's salary is twice as high as that of ordinary police! Fifteen months' salary is paid throughout the year! Depending on the circumstances of the case, performance awards will be added! "

Everyone cheered loudly in an instant, more enthusiastic than before.

"ao ——! "

"Long live the boss! ! "

Shi Tiexin turned around: "Look, the law enforcement heart is immediately firm. "

"After all, why did the former police always arrive slowly? It's not because the profession of the police was born into a hail of bullets, and when they die, they are all gone, and no one wants to arrive in time. "

"Furthermore, the special case team has to master superpowers and face evil, forcibly requiring them to regard money as dung as impossible and inhuman. Who doesn't have a family yet, who doesn't raise children for old age. "

"I teach them martial arts and let you teach holy light, for the same purpose. "

"The evil filth is weird, and the evil filth is terrifying. Forcing them to be fearless is totally unrealistic. Only by giving them solid armor, powerful weapons, adequate training, perfect logistical support, and strict military discipline requirements, can they be trained for a hundred battles. "

"In this way, the human heart becomes stronger, the teacher of justice becomes stronger, the society becomes more stable, and the evil spirits naturally disappear. And this is my'strengthening the righteousness and eliminating evil', and it is also the best way to save the world. "

"Paladin, what do you think?" "

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