Fog Era Chapter 1075

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Ling Xing frowned and thought.

Long time.

She did not express the result of her thoughts, but she suddenly snorted: "I really didn't expect to be able to discuss such a serious topic with you."

This Shi is going to the side Leaning on the fence: "Why, in your heart, am I the kind of handsome guy who looks impressive but is worthless?"

"I pooh! In my heart, you are a jerk with well-developed limbs and frivolous words and deeds! "

This Shi person scratched his head: "Why do you sound like a dwarf chimpanzee?"

Ling Xing saw that he was amused by these words, Pu Chi laughed out: " It's not that it's not that it's better than the bonobo."

Shi Tiexin looked at her and smiled very handsomely: "Although you are also very cute in a serious manner, you still deserve more Smile."

Ling Xing stopped smiling at once.

This Shi went on to say: "I also want to'not talk about national affairs, only talk about wind and moon', but it is a pity that everything is related to the future, and we must be unified in thinking. As long as evil is not eliminated , Then within the foreseeable range, the social structure and life mode of mankind will have major changes."

"This new structure and new changes start with you and me."

"To be exaggerated, we are the Fuxi and Nuwa of the new era. The hands we hold are human beings, and the language we speak is Huazhang. In this case, we must unite our thinking before officially launching the new version. , Be careful and thorough, otherwise, you will be left with misfortune."

"Hundred years of life, a model of common people-that is the case."

Ling Xing sees sighed: "I understand what you mean , But I still can’t agree with your point of view."

Shi Tiexin raised his hand: "Please speak."

Ling Xingjian: "You are talking about human nature, and based on human nature. The above method of improvement is a kind of revisionism in a sense. But in the real world, this kind of revisionism is difficult to work because of the increase in the total amount of evil spirits."

"Nie Zhicheng The total amount of evil spirits is increasing."

"You have handled a lot of cases, and you have wiped out two evil nests recently, but you still cannot contain the fact that the total amount of evil spirits has increased."

"And how many demon monks in the world, and how many Paladins? In places other than the city of Nie, the increase in evil will only be more than that of the city of Nie."

" Needless to say, the evil filth that breeds in the Ritritium, Sansang Kingdom, and Ganges country must be only a lot more than that in the city of Nie."

"And after my observation, the growth of evil lies in Accelerated state."

"I understand that governing a great country is like cooking small fresh food, but we don’t have the time to slowly cook small fresh food. When evil is getting stronger and stronger, the osmotic pressure of evil on the soul The difference is getting stronger and stronger, and then a little spiritual weak spot will become an ant colony that breaks the embankment."

"In half a year, a year, or two years, your impossible strengthening of the righteousness and evil spirits will spread to the whole world. , All of your disciplines are impossible to be as powerful as you."

"But in just three to five years, the evil spirits may increase to the point where they cannot be contained. At that time, you and I will again How to deal with it?"

A certain point in Wuxin Zen Lotus was a little dazed, and interrupted, "My wife also makes sense. If the global evil is as the tide rises, the boat floats, the current peace will be It’s just a flashback and a flash in the pan, so we won’t be done?"

"Fuck off, with me, I'm afraid of a fart!" This Shi thought in his heart, and then said to Ling Xingjian: "Don't do that. Pessimism, evil spirits become stronger, we also become stronger. Three or five years later, we will say I may become immortal, and my ability to clear evil has increased thousands of times. Even if you don't become a fairy, don't forget, I can walk through endless possibilities. I look for it one by one, and I can always find a solution to the evil spirits. "

Ling Xingjian looked at Shi Tiexin deeply: "There are endless possibilities to walk through?" I'm too lazy to ask you about it, just treat it as if you were telling the truth. Even if it is calculated based on this, the future is still unpredictable and the risk is uncontrollable. "

"This world is evil, do you know that there is no more terrifying monster in the other world?" "

"In three to five years you may be able to become a fairy, but you are more likely to die halfway. "

"Even if you become an immortal, how do you know that evil will not have a stronger individual?" After all, a small director of the Department of Serious Crimes asked us to do our best. After the stronger evil and the larger real Yin Sector come to the world, will the immortal be able to solve all problems? "

Shi Tiexin frowned: "overestimate the enemy as far as possible, this is also true. But if it is exactly what you said, how can you deal with it? "

"baptism. "Ling Xingjian's expression is extremely serious: "I have a kind of ceremony called baptism. I want to broaden my beliefs, popularize holy light, give people baptism, purify ideas, tempering beliefs, which can greatly increase the number of saints and unify everyone's hearts into the teachings of holy light. "

"When the holy light belief is strong enough, a large Formation can be set up to completely purify the evil spirits in Nie City. "

"Furthermore, a great pure land can be expanded to cover the land of a state. "

Shi Tiexin narrowed his eyes: "If you want to unfold the'big Formation' you mentioned, you should need a core. "

"Yes. "Ling Xingjian nodded: "I can be the core, but I need more people who can be the core. Enough of the Great Pure Land continues to expand and connect continuously, and it can become the supreme paradise and spread to the entire world. "

Shi Tiexin nodded: "That's why the requirements for holy light users are so high, right? "

"Yes. I don’t need the nation’s cultivation holy light, I just need them to accept baptism, believe in holy light, and then let individuals who are firm and selfless enough to become the core to build heaven. This is the easiest, fastest, and most effective method. After all, cultivation is difficult, but it is easy to unify thinking. "

"You wait for a while, you wait for a while. Shi Tiexin interrupted Ling Xing to see: "What do you say, why do I sound familiar?" It seems that replacing'saint' with'responders','holy light messenger' with'former director', and'big Formation' with'real Yin Sector', there is no sense of disobedience at all. "

Ling Xing sees honest nodded: "The principle of action is indeed similar. "

"Then tell me, what is the difference between a human being fanatical towards holy light and fanatical towards evil? "

These words made Ling Xing angry at seeing: "Of course it's different!" "

Shi Tiexin also said very solemnly: "Is it really different?" One is to extremely amplify the evil thoughts and desires (harmony) in the heart, and the other is to force a calm mind and a clear heart with few desires. What is different for a normal person? "

"For you, holy light may be a revelation from heaven. But to me, holy light is just holy light, just a kind of power. "

"If there are only two paths of holy light and evil in this world, then it can only be so as a last resort. Now there is obviously a third way to go, why have to dig a grave? "

"We can regard this kind of hand as a final hole card to perish together with evil, but it should never be the main direction of advancement at the moment. "

"In addition, the so-called'baptism' is a very serious problem! "

"The'baptism' you describe is not very different from brainwashing to me. The act of'forced to be good' is itself very evil. "

"Holy light is supposed to be a concept, a question of the soul. When we get the same answer in front of the same question, we are already like-minded. It doesn't matter whether the palm of your hand is white light or earth, water, wind, fire thunder. "

"If this world will eventually unfold the so-called supreme paradise, it should also be the common development of the people's heart, and it should be a journey of one mind. "

"Why does a righteous heart need'baptism'?" "

"If you don't understand this, you are not a real Paladin. "

"And if you really persist in your own wrong doings, you have to do something'baptism', then you are a crime. Even if it is you, as long as you are a criminal, I will photograph, catch, no, mistake! "

Seeing hearing this, Ling Xing suddenly felt a sudden change in his heart. He couldn't help but squeeze the corners of his mouth. There were countless grievances in his heart: "You, are you grabbing me?" "

Shi Tiexin said very solemnly: "Yes. The law does not tolerate any crimes. "

"As a Law Enforcer, if you commit a crime, I will arrest you, try you, imprison you, and then educate you and correct you while you are serving your sentence. After punishing the past, treating the sick and saving people, this is my justice. "

Ling Xing turned her head and almost cried when she was wronged. She didn't know why she was so wronged. She obviously didn't like this guy well, but she just couldn't help it.

" In addition, as a person, I will encourage you, help you, wait for you, and accept you again after you have served your sentence, trust you, support you, and look forward to you. The law does not tolerate love, and this is my tenderness. "

Ling Xing saw that he turned his back, bowed his head and couldn't see the expression.

"Believe it or not, you and I are in another world, forever together. Since this world reunites with you, I will recognize you. When I pursued you, I was stalked and faceless, but if you make a mistake, I will also pull you back. "

"Besides, you already have value emotion, value friendship, why force yourself Heavenly Dao to be ruthless? "

Shi Tiexin raised his hands and placed them gently on Ling Xingjian’s shoulders from behind, warming each other with his palms, and said warmly in a soft tone: "I promise you a hundred years of life, body A model of life for the common people. Think about it, dear. "

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