Fog Era Chapter 1076

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Ling Xing saw a dream in bed late at night.

Her dreams are strange.

First, I dreamed of the unstoppable evil surging from the horizon, and dreamed of the human world where evil is rampant forever. Wherever the evil spirits went, all humans became baring fangs and brandishing claws, and finally turned into a monstrous black turbid current to drown everything.

When he dreamed of this, Ling Xing saw subconsciously struggling and resisting on the bed.

Then my dream changed, and I dreamed that I opened the door of holy light, baptism world, scorching holy light like a glorious sun shining on the world. The highest heaven opened, enveloped the entire Earth, and completely expelled all evil spirits. She herself is like the selfless Heavenly Dao, completely embedded in the core of the highest heaven, doing all she can to maintain the operation of the highest heaven.

When he dreamed of this, Ling Xing, who was struggling, calmed down. Although he was still tight, at least he was not as anxious as before.

But then the dream changed again. This time she dreamed of the billions of believers in the highest heaven, all from humans to faceless strange forms. These faceless people have no distinction between men and women, no young and old, no thinking, no personality, no distinction, and the only thing every day is to kneel on the ground and pray to the core of the highest heaven.

Is such a person still human? What is the difference with the holy light machine?

Ling Xing in the dream sees his teeth clenched, browses tightly knit, and struggles very much.

The dream changed again. In the dream, she restarted the world and traveled back to the days before the opening of the highest heaven. Ordinary days, the hustle and bustle of the world, and the dazzling world, let her relax and smile at the corners of her mouth.

But the next moment, hiding the sky and covering the earth, the evil filth is like a tsunami. At this time, without the protection of the Supreme Heaven, the human world was completely swallowed up without any resistance, and everything fell into irreversible darkness.


She has wide eyes, her gasping for breath, her body is cold and sweaty, and she is shocked.

She fell into a huge contradiction.

To be honest, she never knew whether she should use "baptism" to open the highest heaven. It is precisely because of her own hesitation and because she cannot be sure of her correctness that she has been unable to pronounce the third word.

But if the path of the highest heaven is really not used, if evil spirits really cannot be contained, how should humanity survive?

Ling Xing saw that she put on her pajamas and came to the window, anxious, sad, contradictory, completely grasping her heart, making her sleepless at night and unable to sleep.

She hasn't had a good night's sleep for a long time.

Tired, but have to hold on. This may be the fate of every savior.

She got dressed and planned to go out to drive away evil spirits.

At this moment, she suddenly saw a familiar thing-it was Jingtian Bubble!

Just in the vicinity, a clear sky bubble rose into the sky, sucking up the evil spirits nearby, and snapped it to pieces.

Ling Xing saw that he turned on the holy light and looked into the past, only to see an electric light seeming to shuttle in the dark night of Nie’s City. One after another Jingtian bubbles lifted off one after another. Every time a Jingtian bubble blasts into the air, it means that there is a perfectly clear evil being cooked, and each Jingtian bubble will absorb a lot of evil, which can be described as one dish and two. Typical eating.

One after another bubble rises into the sky, one after another bursts, and the evil mist covering the city of Nie is reduced, and it looks like a dream-like feeling.

"Is that guy punishing evil all night?" Seeing this scene in surprise, Ling Xing suddenly felt a lot of peace of mind in his heart. It seems that at the gate where the building is about to fall into the woods, I suddenly found a supporting heaven giant pillar to be stronger and stronger than me.

Think about Shi Tiexin’s words yesterday. Seeing that Ling Xing hugged his shoulder subconsciously, he touched the place where Shi Tiexin was holding him, Xing’s eyes were bright and shiny, and he muttered to himself. Said: "I kind of understand why other people like him... I hope that his remedy for salvation will be successful."

It’s hard to say that the remedy for salvation is not successful, but the Department of Serious Crimes does. The reality has changed drastically.

The changes in the Department of Serious Crimes also changed Nie Zhicheng's public security status.

Especially the emergence of the special case team has brought quite a shock to the streets and alleys-the style of the police in Nie Zhicheng is different.

What was the style of the former Nie Zhicheng policeman? It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the typical trash policeman in an old-fashioned movie.

Almost all of the Old Bai male detectives were overweight and obese. When they were okay, they wanted to molest the women. When they were unhappy, they shot a few "suspicious" black men. When something happens, one comes later than the other, as if whoever comes to the scene first is a fool. Secretly colluding with gang members in black and white, the life of the poor is not life at all, and it is wishful thinking to expect them to fight crime.

What about now?

Let's turn on the BGM first.

Saint’s playlist recommended track "Fantasy Star" is here! Every time I hit every time I hit every time, all the time, I'm arbitrarily looking up--

Well, it doesn't seem to be right?

It seems to put the music of Black Venerable on Shi Daming's body?

It’s right to think about it, Shi Daming’s catch is the light of the right way, and it’s really not appropriate to put Black Venerable’s BGM. And this is the country of Dong, where to sing on the mountain, in the country you must play some BGM that can be understood by people of the country.

Then, "beat_it", one of the long-term top golden songs on the Saint's playlist in the Palace of the Emperors, let's go!

dong dong dong 咚咚, 噔噔噔~~~

dong dong dong 咚咚, 噔噔噔~~~

Nineties of the last century In the sensational rhythm of the crime, the main door of the Department of Serious Crimes opened, and one car after another drove out. These cars are not ordinary police cars, but eight hundred decent armored vehicles and personnel carriers, painted in cool black. The armored convoy crashed onto the streets of Nie Zhicheng, with an aggressive reputation.

In the rumbling sound of the engine, the convoy rushed all the way and began to patrol the streets and alleys of Niezhicheng.

As long as there is an illegal or criminal incident, these armored vehicles will immediately catch shrimp owners. Once there, oh la la opens the door, and members of the special case team will make their debut.

They have big muscles, big body armor, big helmets, and big sunglasses per capita. With crunchy gum in their mouths, they exercised their masseter muscles to make the line of the wall tougher, and their looks of evil spirits are even more evil than evil forces.

But this fierceness only bursts toward criminals.

The petty theft on the street, the robbery and blackmail at the end of the alley, as long as you run into the special case team, no one can get away.

How strong is the special case team?

In a word: in Mortal World, they are superheroes!

Strong physical fitness can stack thicker armor, get fierce firepower, move faster, and have higher morale.

The thief can parkour, and the special case team will fly away.

The robber dared to dig a knife, and the special case team dared to shoot with machine guns.

If you actually encounter put up a desperate struggle, the elites in the special case team can also detect evil and put a dazzling blind.

Imagine a handsome guy who slays all over the world for his dog, raises his physical fitness, adds spell, multiplies it by three hundred, and adds the effect of organization and clustering. , Just two words-sweep!

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