Fog Era Chapter 1077

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The public security in the streets and lanes has improved at a speed visible with naked eye, and the macho men and women of the serious crime department have become the new weather vane.

This move has undoubtedly touched on all aspects of interest, and Schmidt's phone calls were blown.

Faced with some people, Schmidt accompanied them with a smiling face: "The three new officers are appointed to the job, I just do it."

Facing some People, Schmidt calmly said: "You pay attention to cooperation, if you are accidentally injured by my person, don't blame me for not letting you know in advance."

Faced with some of the last people, Schmidt sneered again and again: "I want someone? I want a fart! You don't even know what I mean by Lao Tzu, so don't hang around in the city of Nie! Tell you, this piece of land, Schmidt has the final say!"

Beep, as soon as the phone hung up, Schmidt immediately reported to someone next to him: "It's done, it's all flickering."

"Okay, keep it up, go on." Shi Tiexin waved his hand without raising his head.

"Yes, the two of you are busy, and the little one quit!" Schmidt walked backwards out of the office, and finally closed the door cautiously, more intimate than the secretary.

Ling Xingjian next to him was breathtaking.

The chief controller is black and white, and the director is forced to make orders. If Schmidt can be used for this purpose, the demon monk is really crazy.

But the most awesome thing about this Shi is not whether he can control a director, but the observation ability to see the micro-knowledge, and the overall view of deep plans and distant thoughts.

Ling Xingjian immediately felt the tremendous shock brought to her by that clear and logical analysis ability.

"After the actual test these days, I found a very interesting feature about evil." Shi Tiexin's expression is playful: "There is less evil during the day than at night."

Ling Xing saw nodded: "Indeed, I found it too."

"Then have you found the reason behind this?"

"The reason?" Ling When Xingjian was asked, he was a little confused: "Is it possible that the sun can restrain the evil?"

"NO, the big NO is NO!" Shi Tiexin asserted: "The sunshine is only a small amount of the evil against the evil. No, look at this."

Pop, the screen lights up, and there is a video inside.

In the video, in the interrogation room of the Department of Serious Cases, a clear image of evil is firmly fixed on the waiting chair.

In the screen, members of the special case team came in in turn, circled around like paying homage to the remains, took a closer look, and then went out through another door. Besides the weak struggle, the evil foul did not pose any real threat, because this Shi had already written the symbol of the heart technique on it with the mind of a void.

This is a training class for the special case team. Ling Xing has seen it: "What does this have to do with sunshine?"

"You don’t know anything, you are training After class, I used various frequency bands of light to irradiate different samples without interruption. I also carried out a grouping comparison of artificial light sources and natural light sources, intending to find a way to restrain evil without superpower."

"Finally, it was discovered that light from any frequency band and from any source is the same to the formed evil. This shows that sunlight does not restrain evil."

"But in fact In the daytime, the frequency and harmfulness of filth are indeed lower than at night."

"What's the reason?"

"There is only one truth--"

Shi Tiexin said with gleaming eyes: "It is not evil that the sun restrains, but evil thoughts in people's hearts."

"Evil thoughts?" Ling Xing saw that he was surprised at first, and then understood.

Yes, whether it is human natural habits or various renderings in cultural works, there are hidden attributes such as "justice", "openness", and "lawfulness" during the day. The idea of ​​"broad daylight" is not only owned by the Easterners, but also by the Westerners, because it is human nature to tend to light and be afraid of the dark.

There is no doubt that there will be fewer evil thoughts in people's hearts during the day than in the dark.

Shi Tiexin continued: "This discovery once again corroborates my many researches on evil and evil. Think about the detention center. Some evil individuals are obviously better than the guards, but in the end they are left to guard. It’s hard to fight back against bullying. In the Department of Serious Crimes, some of the "Evil Thought" of the "Evil Thought" are bigger than the director, but in the end they become thread puppets."

"This all explains one thing-evil Obscene, we must follow the rules of human society."

"Accurately speaking, it is to follow the'concepts' formed in human society."

Ling Xing sees hearing this, there is a kind of "I knew" and "so that's how it is" mixed with a strange feeling.

She really knew the mechanism of the real Yin Sector. But she vaguely felt that this Shi was about to say something she didn't expect, which would make her feel "so that's how it is", and she suddenly looked forward to it.

"Evil spirit with no opportunity is deeply entangled with human society. It is difficult to eradicate, is difficult to isolate, and is difficult to block, which is very troublesome. But on the other hand, it is this deep bond. , Let me find a way to fundamentally make evil filth unable to survive."

"That is-to use concepts to understand concepts, to cognize cognition!"

Ling Xing Jianhe’s heart was surging. She thought it was a really good idea, and immediately asked: "What should I do?"

"It's very simple." This Shi raised his finger and said slowly: "One Words-blowing."


"Yes, blowing." This Shi started to trick: "The image of the Internet celebrity I ran in the past has to be upgraded. .. When you go back, you can find a professional team in the New Star Newspaper to pack, operate, and sing to me."

"Beat with the same professionalism as packaging traffic niche and packaging hot internet celebrities."

"The standard is to squeeze Tritium Pu out of the headlines."

"The purpose is to make me the golden sign of the Niezhicheng police system in a short period of time."

Ling Xing understands as soon as he hears it: "The director is here, the city of Nie is peaceful! The director is here, and Qingtian has the kind of ~~~~?"

Shi Tiexin slapped his thigh: "That's the kind! Known to everyone to blow me, to blow me deeply into the hearts of the people. Blow into the Captain of the Law Enforcer, blow into the song of the lawbreaker; Blow; Become the protector of the disadvantaged and the death star of criminals."

Ling Xing understood: "In order to save the world, do you want to become an idol?"

"Yes. Shi Tiexin's eyes gleamed: "In this world, the set of'guarding silently' is not easy to work. People not only need protection, but also need to'know' that someone is protecting and need to'believe' that someone will protect."

"The world needs sunshine, and people need sunshine even more in their hearts. I want to stand in everyone’s field of vision, and be higher than everyone’s field of vision."

"I want to The sun shines into people’s hearts and the fundamental disc of evil."

"I want to put a'concept' in everyone's hearts, and then use this concept to restrain evil."

"Enforcement must be strict, violations must be investigated, crime nemesis, invincibility, justice must prevail, etc., etc."

"When I successfully implanted these concepts in everyone's hearts— —"

Ling Xing saw a row of palms and said excitedly: "You will have room for display in all real Yin Sectors!"

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