Fog Era Chapter 1078

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"Not only myself, but also more people can make a debut." Shi Tiexin leaned forward without losing the opportunity, shameless raised his hand and looked forward to the future with Ling Xingjian's shoulder: " The special case team can form a men’s and women’s team. The stronger the division of justice, the stronger the conceptual effect in people’s minds."

"Oh, yes, it’s the fastest to get hot, break the circle, The quickest way to get into the hearts of the people is really'that'."

Ling Xing saw that the perverted hand was drained, gave him a glance, and asked, "Which?"

"That's it—" this Shi frowned, "Fried CP!"

"I put on the tough guys, you can also put on the investigative guys. Implant them in people's hearts. The concepts of'appear and disappear unpredictably','Legendary Investigator','the most beautiful fireworks at night', and'beauty that no one can resist'."

"With our charm value, then Let the CP scramble, huh, and get out of the circle every minute!"

"You said that no one asks about the life or death of a hero, and the family knows everything about the actors. This is a realistic helplessness, but it is also a means that can be used. We use the method of acting and the way of heroes to make fanboy the greatest help for us to punish the evil."

"When the time comes, our two swords are combined. Wherever the fame is, the evil will be punishable."

" Where, isn't it beautiful?"

Ling Xing was in a mess when he heard about this plan, and his mind was full of emotions of "This is also OK?" and "Maybe it will work!"

Using the power of the rice circle to punish evil, this idea is absolutely amazing!

Besides the absurdity, there is actually an inexplicable feeling that makes Ling Xingjian burst into a strange enthusiasm in his heart.

Become an idol and become popular?

As soon as he thought of this, Ling Xing saw that he had been poked into a switch, and the strange drive of begin to stir suddenly grew from the heart of Dadao's ruthless heart.

"I see." Seeing Ling Xing took a deep breath, he squeezed his fingers like a switch personality, corner of the mouth raised, his eyes lit up, and suddenly he burst out. Great enthusiasm: "So what are you waiting for? I want to find a professional image team, operation team, and packaging team! Let's go to the studio, recording studio, and set!"

" Create your public persona in a blind spot, and label you one after another. You have to be prepared to live under the lens and treat the entire world as a huge stage. If the play fails, watch me How to pack you!"

This Shi stood at attention: "Yes, Darling!"

Ling Xing waved his hand when he saw it, ten thousand zhang ambitious: "Don't call me Darling , Call me the director!"

"Good Darling, no problem Darling!"

That night, Ling Xing saw another dream.

In her dream this time, she rarely dreamed of anything about evil or holy light. In a daze, she seemed to see the Warhammer in the void again. What is passing and telling Warhammer, like an old friend describing a long and nostalgic past.

She didn’t remember those past events at all, but Ling Xing on the bed turned over and mumbled a dream saying: "Save the world with song and dance..."

second day, version 2.0 of Fanquan's Anti-Evil Plan-Fanquan's punish evil, righteousness, style, on-line, online!

In the streets and alleys of Niezhicheng, Shi Tiexin's propaganda page hiding the sky and covering the earth was scattered.

From the front page headlines of the New Star Newspaper, to the advertising spray paintings on the streets and alleys, there is no blind spot to publicize this matter in all directions. People saw him when they got the newspaper, he saw him when they turned on the TV, and he was still heard from the public audio system on the bus and subway.

"Good news, good news, the evil nemesis Shi Tiexin has officially served as the director of the Department of Serious Crimes!"

"The most handsome policeman, the light of the righteous way, the guard of justice, the golden letter of Nie Zhicheng Signboard!"

"The director is here, the city of Nie is peaceful! The director is here, and the sky is here~~~!"

People crowded in front of the TV and watched Watching the talk show on the TV station. The host of the famous stinky talk show female boxing host, who went forward and retreated in front of the charming Shi Tiexin, fell out of standard, just biting his lip and swallowing his mouth at this Shi, without the usual sarcasm and irony.

Shi Tiexin said to the camera: "As a policeman, I only do three things-fairness, fairness, or motherfucker's fairness!"

"As long as you are a law-abiding citizen, No matter whether it’s black or white, I protect it the same!"

"As long as it is a criminal, whether it is rich or not, I will punish it the same!"

"Take it all down, I am not the capital's policeman, I am the people's policeman. I don't care whether you are a cool or a small target-a lawbreaker, no matter how far away you are you will certainly be punished!"

this The Shi people originally had the characters of "the most handsome policeman" and "sunshine police detective". There were already a lot of fans. Now that they are doing this, they use almost official media channels to promote publicity, and the effect is directly exploded.

This televised speech brought a huge shock to the entire city of Nie, and it quickly set off a wave on the other side of the ocean.

The major video portals reproduced this paragraph, "recommended to join the party on the spot", "recommended to apply for the heritage immediately", "red flag rising in the land of the country" and other barrage screens to take off.

Second day, Shi Tiexin related paper media has already begun to be published.

Li Jingjing and other Chinese-American capitals strongly supported in the back, and hard-working Chinese laborers worked day and night to produce the flyers. The image of this Shi person began to be painted on the bus, and the express delivery service began to distribute Shi Tiexin's flyers.

The airship wu wu flew across the sky and dropped a small French poster of Shi Tiexin from a high altitude. The poster hiding the sky and covering the earth, in an imposing manner that overwhelms everything, pours the presence of Lord Secretary to the entire city of Nie.

Those who know know that this is in popularizing the law, but those who don’t know think this Shi is electing the president.

Various Chinese restaurants soon launched a "Sunshine Detective" joint event. As long as you order a meal below the center line of the store, you will shout "The lawbreaker, no matter how far away you are you will certainly be "punished" or "fair, fair, or motherfucker's fair", you can enjoy a 25% discount and get a limited clay doll from the special case team.

As for whether you can get Cheng Long or Li Lianjie’s clay doll, it depends on your luck and your relationship with the boss.

As soon as this event was launched, it was an immediate success.

Youngsters flock to the clay dolls.

The police detective online reporting platform is launched simultaneously, and the mobile reporting APP is open for download. The content is basically the shaking shadow of the report board, and everyone is encouraged to "take a shot at your fingertips and uphold justice around you."

This APP can be said to have outstanding results, with downloads exceeding one hundred thousand in one day and one million in three days, and the reporting platform is even more lively.

For example, the clay dolls before. Many Yellow Oxs are ready to snap up and resell them and increase prices for roasted seeds and nuts. This kind of thing was difficult to deal with in the past. But now it was reported by the public, the special case team immediately located and rushed to the scene, and the stolen goods were obtained on the spot.

After the case is solved, the official will synchronize the details of the case. The whole process of solving the case in the once secret interrogation is now not only open and transparent, but it can even be broadcast live to the world, and there are countless praises. Many people hate that there is no place to vote for rewards, so they can only go to the Serious Crime Department to give food and drink to show their support.

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