Fog Era Chapter 1079

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The serious case department, the special case team, and the most important thing is Shi Tiexin, the director, and the voices are getting louder day by day.

A few more days later, something more exciting came.

Shi Tiexin, speak up!

After a period of brewing, he released the French single "Justice_be_there".

This Shi borrowed the famous song "beat_it" from Saint's song list "Golden Music Dance Chart", completely retained the primordial melody, but changed all the lyrics.

In the filming studio, this Shi sang and danced, the handsome men and women of the special case team danced in the back, and the Nie Zhicheng gang detained in prison uniforms daoist to help out, but the film crew was stunned. .

Rheology and aesthetics are all part of rhetoric.

The coordination, beauty, neatness, and strength of the movements are completely included in martial arts.

In addition to this Shi’s pretense that Divine Art’s blessings on the effect, this period of singing and rap, the film crew from the director to the cleaners were all dumb.

No, it’s not just that I’m silly, I’m going to kneel down on the spot and take refuge in the demon monk.

"The king of heaven! The king of the new century!" The director and the deputy director hugged together and cried: "The music industry is finally going to have another genuine pop king!" "No, it's not the king, it's GOD GOD! GOD!"

The director and deputy director are still restrained.

When this single was released, the whole world was boiling over.

From Japan’s Oka to the three countries of England, Scotland, and Ireland, from Twitter to Facebook to search for Huweibo, and from Baidu video to pilipili, this song directly topped the charts.

A variety of second creations emerge in endlessly, but the second creation is not as good as the original version, because the charm of this Shi is so strong that the audiovisual unity of people is so strong that any transcription of the second creation does not have that taste.

The Grammy made a final decision on the Musical Person of the Year on the spot, and the topic of discussion almost broke the circle.

Wang Feng, who released the new song on the same day, has a bewildered face. In order to make the headlines, he specially chose a good day. He walked around the mountain gate and asked clearly that there is really no melon recently. This Only then feel at ease and exert effort. didn't expect Shi Tiexin was born, let alone headlines now, so the top ten in the hot search are all wrapped up by that guy!

This Shi is under one person. The charm of Sweeping Across the World is unstoppable. It explodes like a large-yield nuclear bomb in the idol circle and traffic circle.

The impact is so great that it can even tear other rice rings. Many little fans have met the big brother Shi, and then looked at their own butter cuts, and immediately abandoned them. They tore the old posters, washed the tattoos on their bodies, and cried and screamed to join the "only distressed stone giegie" army.

This can be regarded as a cake that directly moved the flow of capital, and many human-driven criticisms naturally followed.

But in the final analysis, Shi Tiexin is not an idol but an official figure. Those criticisms are really insignificant to him who is attacked by dimensionality reduction.

He was totally disinclined to pay attention to the wind and rain outside. First, he built the city of Nie into Tietong Jiangshan, which can be regarded as his own experimental field. As the original explosion point of the glamorous nuclear bomb, this Shi immediately became a household name in the city of Nie.

However, singing and dancing are just channels for the attention of bloggers. This Shi is not going to sing and rap in the real Yin Sector, but is to set up "guilt nemesis" people.

So, after a few days of preparations, Shi Tiexin gathered the police from all over the city and prepared a "police review". This grand police review was completely open and advertised, and it was arranged on the largest Sim Lim Square in Nie Zhicheng.

On the day of the police review, hundreds of thousands of spectators gathered, and they were very curious whether this Shi was as handsome as the propaganda title page.

But the focus of the Grand Review is obviously not here.

In addition to the personnel necessary for duty, all members of the special case team were dispatched to show the real skills of real things in front of the citizens.

Dropping down the rope, firing at great speed, carrying an 80kg barbell for a 100-meter race, dual wielding a .50 desert eagle gun is fatal, and the onlookers exclaimed again and again.

There is also the core performance-Kung Fu.

In the hearts of the Chinese people, all Chinese people are kung fu.

This is a wrong way of thinking. It is like thinking that people in Sichuan raise pandas, which is definitely not correct. But it does not prevent this Shi from taking advantage of this point and strengthening this point.

The special case team's Kung Fu Show is a wonderful one. Wing Chun rolls, Golang Bagua noodles, Hong Family rice noodle boxing, 12-way ham, various martial arts appeared on the stage, and the audience exclaimed again and again. Shocked, I deeply feel that the Serious Crime Division is really different.

Strong and cool, this is the most popular set of people in the country.

Finally, as everyone expected, Shi Tiexin stepped onto the front desk.

Schmidt on the left and Ling Xingjian on the right, the three of them stepped forward together.

First of all, Schmidt came to the microphone and cleared his throat: "Ahem-the wind is rising~~ The clouds are flying! Peace is fierce~~ The scholars are guarded! Criminals, any time. Fighting, not fighting!"

"Think about it, you took your mistress, opened the room, did foreplay and prepared to do errands, suddenly~ran~you were broken by criminals!"

Schmidt burst into tears.

"So, the days when there are no criminals are good~~days!"

"Next, I would like to invite Shi Tiexin, the director of the city's serious crimes department, to give a speech. Welcome everyone!"

Everyone applauded.

Shi Tiexin took a step forward, facing the hundreds of thousands of citizens gathered, silently turning on the maximum power of Divine Art.

After this period of practice, the Third Layer pretending to be Divine Art is fully completed.

Although I haven't completely finished the tempering of vigour, I have already got all the attributes. Handsome, cool, dazzling, awesome Four Great Attributes all +6, double the effect. And the Third Layer final decision [What are you looking at! With the blessing of 】, all effects will be increased by 6% under the state of 【watching value】.

Simply stopping there, hundreds of thousands of people involuntarily have the urge to be astonished and worship.

Spoken words and mindfulness bless the voice, Shi Tiexin stretched out his hands, like playing the Heavenly Dao organ, like a rising star among mankind sprinkling the gospel of enlightenment toward the ignorant and chaotic world: "Make- thePeople-Great-Again!"

The audience cheered.

This time, the police and the speech were filmed by a professional video recording and broadcasting team. The whole Niezhicheng can be seen live, and the broadcast can be seen in other parts of the country. The world’s major video platforms are simultaneously logged in, free of charge, and free to use.

Everyone has seen the mighty teacher of Nie Zhicheng, heard Shi Tiexin’s touching speech, understood his declaration of the rights and obligations of all members of the Nie Zhicheng police system, and also witnessed When Shi Tiexin finished his speech and walked into the crowd, hundreds of thousands of people in Nie Zhicheng fell over.

People are scrambling to extend the hand and want to touch Shi Tiexin.

In Shi Tiexin's gentle comfort, there was no accident of trampling magically.

Shi Tiexin separated the sea of ​​people like Moses went out of the Red Sea. People involuntarily stepped aside and converged, following him, walking, walking, as if walking on a broad and open road.

The secret mastermind of Nie Zhicheng looked at this scene, their heads were a little confused.

Are these three fires burning a bit too violently?

These are the three fires for new officials to take office. This is simply for preaching and preaching-no, it is more terrifying than that, this is simply a spark of fire preparing to start a prairie fire!

Huh, what a look, the order of this world will not change because of one or two guys who know how to make a show. The top of the head of President Xi Guo has been blown over. If I dare to touch my cake, I dare to kill!

Some people have begun to think about bad ideas behind their backs-please put "many arm ride, overestimate one's capabilities" on the public screen.

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