Fog Era Chapter 1080

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The public security of Nie Zhicheng's naked eye has obviously improved.

The criminals who used to ramp up the streets are being eliminated step by step by Shi Tiexin in a rhythmic and planned manner.

He actively promoted the program of strengthening the righteousness and eliminating evil, opened the door widely, absorbed one after another aspiring members, and gradually expanded the team of the special case team. A special case team of close to two thousand people will be drawn from the Department of Serious Cases.

At the same time, the fast-acting, quick-response, and quick-attack special case team has also established prestige in every street and alley of Niezhicheng.


In a bank, a masked man is robbing.

He took out a grenade and stuffed it into the mouth of the fallen security guard. He took off the mask, revealing his pale makeup and blood-red corners of his lips.

He looked at the security guard condescendingly, and said with a hoarse voice and a weird accent: "Those who can't kill you will make you more...weird."

He has a crazy temperament, and the robber is not like a mortal. The robber has a secret and genius idea and wants to make the entire city of Nie overwhelming——

"Wow!!" Li Xiaolong approached quickly. A roundabout kick fiercely was drawn in the face of the robber. The robber vomited foam at his mouth and volleyed around 72 Baidu.

Li Xiaolong wiped his nose with his thumb: "Take the suspect away for interrogation. By the way, find a towel to wipe his face clean, so I don’t want to cover it with such a thick foundation!"

A huge storm about to sweep the city of Nie was planted at the very beginning.


In a certain alley, another armed robber blocked a family of three.

The wealthy couple obediently took out valuable accessories, hoping that the gunmen could spare them their lives. But the robbers are obviously not ready to play the trick of stealing.

He raised his gun and aimed at the rich man he hated. As long as the trigger is pulled, the couple can be sent to the west, and the half-size son trembling in the couple's arms can inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes on the spot.

Next, this half-sized boy may be determined to fight crime and become a Legendary in the dark.

In a flash, the half-and-half child has already thought about it. He wants to worship the legendary ninja Master as his teacher, and his Legendary will be fired from this shot--

"Quick fist within seven steps!" There was a loud bang, and he hit directly with every inch of fist. In the robber's throat. The robber lost the combat capability in an instant, and Zhen Zidan followed a stall to deal with the robber clearly.

The half-year-old asked in surprise: "What kind of effort is this?"

Zhen Zidan is peaceful, and a Grandmaster: "Want to learn? The special case team will teach you."

"Um um um!" kid and teenagers eyes shine, immediately thrown into the back of the head shit Ninja Master.

A section of Legendary that is about to take the stage turned a corner from the source.


In a secret laboratory of a biomedical company, a man with glasses in a white coat was blocked by a group of militants.

"My! The research results of the lighthouse virus are mine, no one can usurp my results!" William Palladium Academician clung to the suitcase in his arms, his spirit is almost crazy .

Faced with the fully armed special warfare squad, he actually took out a small pistol to fight back, which was act recklessly.

The special warfare squad has received an order to capture it alive, but one of the players in the squad obviously has a secret order. Taking advantage of the opportunity of Academician to raise his gun, he immediately aimed and planned to shoot.

As soon as Academician dies, he will immediately retrieve the box to get a lighthouse virus sample. Forehand to infect the whole world, and backhand to sell special effects, it can hardly be more profitable.

As for whether the scientific name of the lighthouse virus starts with T or C, he doesn't care.

In addition, he doesn't even care if this William Palladium Academician will mutate in a huge obsession, stand up again, and cause various incidents.

At this moment, the young Kennedy Divine Weapon descended from the sky.

He first threw a flasher to control the audience, and then kicked the person who was about to shoot. He flew up and down with a small dagger in his hand.

Academician is still irritable: "Don't want to grab anyone, the lighthouse virus is—"

A roundabout kick, the palladium Academician was pumped three meters away.

Separately, Kennedy picked up the box and looked at it: "What is this? No matter what, the boss said anyway. I must search wherever I go. Then I will take it away first. Go back and let Jimmy researches and studies."

A huge storm that might sweep the world caused a shit to fall at the beginning.


Nie Zhicheng Furniture Market, on the top of the building, a masked youth is arrogantly shooting into the sky.

He is the son of the head of the Department of Serious Crimes.

As the former "Second Generation Officials", he felt empty every day before yesterday.

As a "former" Second Generation Officials, he is now desperate every day.

He wants revenge, he wants to vent, he hates the police, and he wants to take all those incompetent policemen, all--

"Come on, Azu! This is the furniture market. , Is the site of'Furniture Master' Cheng Long!"

The youth is still arrogant: "Furniture Master is a fart! I will take care of him when he comes!"

"But Ah Ancestor, it is not only Cheng Long who came here, but also Li Xiaolong, the "East Asian fierce man", Li Lianjie, the "Gambling Feihong", "Anything to ask" Zhen Zidan, the "Wandering Wolf Warrior" Wu Jing, and the "Fat Dragon Crossing the River" Hong Jin Full, "Dawei Heavenly Dragon" Zhao Wenzhuo, "Charter" Yuan Hua, and "I don't remember being the leading role" Yuan Biao!"

The youth was a little confused, and his legs were trembling a little, but he was in a mouthful The second qi is still there, and I can still speak hard: "So, then I... Then I don't..."

"There are also the most powerful and ruthless characters-'Also never starred but Known to everyone's Cao Dahua!"

The youth stared, and was really shocked: "Cao Dahua is here?"

"Yes, Azu! Listen to my uncle’s persuasion, The water in Chenglong’s Happy Building is very deep. You hold, hold, don’t, live~~~"

The young man fell to his knees, both eyes are spiritless: "Coach, I still I want to be the Second Generation Officials..."

A handsome guy who is likely to be shot, was finally shocked by the name of the special case team, obediently surrender, accepted the trial, went to the detention center and squatted.

So and so, so and so, the special forces team made their debut.

Because of the earlier cultivation and the stronger strength, the men's team also quickly became famous.

As the girl group’s cultivation base has come up, they can also act under the name "CJSP-48".

By the way, I have to say something about Ling Xing.

On the day of the great police review and the great speech, Schmidt spoke and Shi Tiexin spoke. Everyone showed their best. Only Ling Xing saw that he didn't speak, but stood silently on the side.

But being able to stand next to Shi Tiexin on such an important occasion is what attracts people's attention.

In addition, Ling Xing saw that he did not wear glasses that day, although he did not deliberately show it, he did not deliberately hide his sense of existence.

So, when the popularity of the most handsome policeman gradually declined for a while, the popularity of "mysterious peerless beauty" swished again-Wang Feng, who had regrouped and set off again, cried and fainted in the toilet.

What is Shi Tiexin doing at this time?

He is doing what the Chief of the Serious Cases Department should do-solving the case.

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