Fog Era Chapter 1081

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Niezhicheng Railway Station, among the bustling crowd, a young man stepped off the train.

His name is Joseph.

Since the country fell from the position of world hegemon, the former high-tech and high-value-added core industries were quickly taken away. The loss of high value-added industries is not just a few simple words, but a real impact on all aspects of life.

It's harder to make money and work harder. People from the country begin to experience the way of life of the residents of the former third world country.

Work in the city.

This word is very unfamiliar to most people in the country. This generation The ancestors of the Chinese people have never felt the feeling of trekking hard with their baggage and baggage. Therefore, although the migrant labor wave has appeared, the migrant workers are still relatively at a loss.

Joseph is like that.

He got off the crowded train, stood on the platform, and followed the bustling crowd out of the train station. An unfamiliar person, he looked at the high-rise buildings of Nie Zhicheng, completely unsure of where to go or what to do.

In his eyes, this city of Nie is a dull lead color.

Joseph thought to himself, this may be the tune of the big city, let yourself be at ease.

Joseph doesn't care about color, he only knows what he must do, otherwise the rations after three meals will become a big problem.

The entrance of the railway station is very lively, and someone hangs up a sign here to recruit workers. Those Boss with attendants crowding round are well-dressed, aloof and remote are hard to confess, and countless people flock to the recruiting spot when they just greet them.

Joseph tried several times, but all failed.

Looking thin and short, he can hardly compete with those big red necks.

The competition is fierce.

Joseph thought to himself, this might be the inner scroll of the big city, so please feel at ease.

Just then, he saw a person.

A man.

Forty years old, with flax-colored hair and a gloomy look. He looked up and down at Joseph and said dullly: Do you work?

This man does not look grandiose, his clothes are not glamorous, and he looks a bit sloppy, unlike Big Boss. And his eyes were very strange, something that Joseph couldn't describe, made him feel cold in his heart.

But Joseph didn't pick and choose. Unlike most of the people in the country, he is an introvert and stoic.

Joseph thought to himself, this might be the alienation of the big city, so he settled down.

Then, he said: I can work, and the salary is negotiated, and I just need to take care of the food.

Man nodded: Come with me.

Joseph: What do you want me to do?

Man: Repair the farm.

Without an interview or work experience, Joseph found a job casually.

The man drove him and drove all the way to the outskirts of Nie Zhicheng. The urban-rural difference in Dongguo is bigger than many people thought, especially during the Great Depression, all around quickly became deserted.

This old broken car has passed through deserted towns and gloomy forests, walking on increasingly broken lanes. It is almost summer, but under the dark weather, everything in Joseph's eyes is like a BBC Yin Sector filter, stained with a cold tone.

Follow the path forward and then forward again. I don't know when the fog all around all around.

Joseph was a little nervous, for fear of overturning or hitting something. But the man driving the car at high speed in the fog with expressionless expression seems to have become commonplace.

Joseph thought to himself, this might be a driving expert in a big city, so he settled down.

Sure enough, the thick fog passed quickly, the old pickup drove out of the thick fog smoothly, and Joseph looked up and saw the farm.

It's a small farm, and it's obviously in disrepair.

The poultry house and the corral were all empty. The two-story main house was swayed by wind and rain, and the dilapidated wooden boards almost smelled of mildew.

I raised my eyes and looked into the distance. The fog has not yet dissipated. Ying Ying Chuo Chuo can see a bit of other farms, reflecting a slightly strange silhouette in the depth of the thick fog.

Those farmhouses are either crooked or collapsed. After watching them for a long time, they make people feel uncomfortable, and they always think of something bad, but they can't tell what they think of.

Suddenly, Joseph felt a strange look, something was watching him.

Who? !

Joseph looked up following the feeling and saw something in the window on the second floor of the main house. There was something pale, weird, and disordered there, looking at him from the dark window.

Who is that?

No. I should ask, what is that?

Joseph's eyes widened. He was a little frightened, but wanted to figure out his situation, so he looked hard.

In the window of the black hole, something is approaching, as if constantly floating up from a cloud of pitch-black ink.

A strange panic caught Joseph's heart, making him a little breathless and wanting to escape.

Just then, the man next to him coughed.


The sound is very loud.

Joseph couldn't help but glanced back at the man.

When I looked up again, the things hidden in the windows on the second floor had appeared, but unexpectedly there was no abnormal monster, just a woman.

Of course, that middle-aged woman is not pretty.

She is very thin, her facial lines are too deep, her expression is dull, her eyes are straight and stunned, and she is holding a doll in her hand. While staring at Joseph, she pulled the dirty stuffed rabbit in her arms. A loop of stitches around the rabbit's neck was cracked in half, and its head was broken and drooped. The woman grabbed a handful of lint after another, and she looked a little mentally abnormal.

But overall, she is just an ordinary woman.

It should be the man's wife.

The family relationship seems not to be harmonious.

Joseph thought to himself, this might be the relationship between husband and wife in a big city, so he settled down.

The man threw him a shovel and started to work.

Joseph's job is very simple. It is digging holes in the backyard of the farm.

No need to repair houses, no need to level the land, just dig holes in the area delineated by the man.

Joseph asked: How big is the dig?

The man said: The bigger the better, the more you can decorate.

So Joseph began to dig, shovels after shovels.

Work without any technical content, mechanical repetitive and inefficient labor, this should be excavator work. But Joseph is neither too tired nor too bitter. He is a low-key and stoic person, and he is also very good at comforting himself. He even thought it would be nice not to have an excavator, because he can't drive an excavator, just so he got this simple job.

The whole afternoon passed, and Joseph worked hard all the time, dug a big hole.

He has dug up all the places that man casually circled.

Look at other locations in the backyard, Joseph thought. Boss said that bigger is better, so dig bigger.

So Joseph moved two steps and continued to excavate.

A shovel went down, and a strange smell appeared in the ground.

The two shovel went down, and the edge of the shovel was stained with a dark red color.

Three shovels went down, ka-cha made a sound, it seemed that something had been shovelled.

Joseph grabbed the shovel and looked at it suspiciously. In the dark red mud, there were half of human palms.

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