Fog Era Chapter 1082

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Joseph's head is dumbfounded.

This is the big city...This is the big city...

Big city shit!

This is, this is clearly-the dead have been dug up!

Joseph's hands trembled a little, he stared blankly at the new hole he dug, vaguely saw the blood-stained corners of his clothes, and the broken hand that was shoveled off by a shovel.

The environment of all around suddenly became much darker.

Joseph panicked all of a sudden, he quickly threw the severed hand in, and quickly buried the pit, no one could see it!

I don’t need the wages, I won’t eat dinner anymore, I’m leaving, here I go!

Thinking wildly in his mind, Joseph wanted to get some dirt from the side to fill the hole, so he ran to another corner of the yard in a panic.

Let's find some old fashioned here.

But a shovel digs it down, and a ka-cha digs it again.

Joseph pushed up the shovel, half of his chin was dug up this time.

Here... also there?

Joseph looked stupidly at the ground under his feet, pulled it twice with a shovel, and immediately saw the sight that made him stand tall.

Under the feet, in the ground, is the corpse.

Not one, but many, many human corpses.

It can be seen that the person who buried the body was very professional and calm. In order to save space, a staggered stacking method is adopted. Therefore, Joseph saw two layers of corpses at a glance, and there seemed to be still under the two layers, and for a while, he didn't know how many were buried.

Joseph lifts the head again, looking at the yard, seeing the distance between the place where he just dug out his hand and the place where he is now standing, his brain buzzed.

If there are corpses in the middle of such a distance, many dead people are there?

Looking at the pit he dug again, Joseph suddenly remembered the man's words-the bigger the better, the more decoration.

What to install?

The answer is self-evident.

Who installed?

The answer is still self-evident.

Joseph shivered, run, run, run!

This is to kill Human Demon cave, that man kills Human Demon, run quickly!

But at this moment, Joseph suddenly felt the all around environment suddenly darkened.

The darkness came so fast, so rich, and so fast. It's not so much the sun setting, it's better to say...This place is completely black, it's just a gray camouflage superimposed in the past. Now, the disguise was taken away by some existence, and everything began to fall irretrievably to the dark hell.

Joseph suddenly heard a lot of voices. He was so silent that there was no sound at all, and suddenly he became noisy.


Joseph looked towards below, the place that was originally land has now become a black mud.

Many dark human faces emerged from the mud, struggling to stretch their mutilated and broken limbs, and screamed that humans could not make.

"Ah————!!!" Joseph screamed.

He wanted to escape this place quickly, but his legs and feet were entangled in the black mud.

The dark face and many broken limbs stretched towards Joseph.

"Go away, go away!" Joseph waved the shovel in his hand, trying to drive away the ghosts.

At this moment, I only heard a click, something fell into the mud, and gu lu gu lu rolled to Joseph's feet.

The ghosts screamed in fear and avoided far away.

Joseph saw the object—it was a plush rabbit head.

This bunny head looks so familiar.

Joseph looked up suddenly, and saw the woman walking step by step with the rabbit’s mutilated body.

"Missing a head...Missing a head..." Her mouth was whispering, her filthy hair glued together, and suddenly she lifts the head, revealing the eight eyes and With a huge mouth like a crack, Joseph burst into death in an instant.

"Head...found it."

gā gā gā gā! The woman screamed in her mouth, and she suddenly landed on all fours, rushing towards the mud as if she was floating on the water.

At the same time, a middle-aged man also appeared in the crack crack and strange rust sound.

He walked here in an extremely distorted posture, dragging a heavy pickaxe with his right hand, wading the black mud with huge waves.

Friction back and forth, there is no way to go, Joseph shouted in despair: "God, save me, I'm just a worker Ahhh!!!"

Just then.


Some voice came from a distance.

The sound is faint, as if it has been filtered, and it sounds a bit distorted.

But both the woman and the man stopped and looked towards the direction the voice came from.


The voice came again, much clearer than last time.

Is this... the sound of a gun?


The third sound, all around the thick darkness suddenly cracked.

Joseph can hardly describe that feeling.

It seems that the stage setting is torn apart, and it seems that a gap has been pierced between two parallel worlds. Looking out from that gap, Joseph saw the light, the golden-red light, and the light of the setting sun. That is what it should be at this time.

Look carefully again, under the sunset, there are still a group of people and a...tank?

That's a tank, right?

Heavy and big iron bumps. Although Joseph can't tell the model, he swears it must be a tank!

On the tank turret, a tall and majestic man put up a pergola and looked towards this side.

"Ordinary shells can shake the real Yin Sector to a certain extent, the effect is not very good, but if there are enough, maybe it will work." The man's palm moves: "Come here, be generous and don't be shy. Click on the number!"

Rumble, the rumbling sound of the howling engine is mixed with the creak metal sound of the crawler rolling over the ground. Joseph saw that tanks, tanks, and tanks one after another drove onto the high posts, appeared in the field of vision, under the golden light of the setting sun.

"Uh, this..."

Joseph is stupid, he feels that the BGM lingering in his ears has been changed.

He felt as if he had suddenly crossed from the border of hell under the Doomsday Judgment to the Red Square in Moscow during the military parade. The snare drum was beating, and he was walking forward. The invincible imposing manner and overwhelming courage condensed in the torrent.

Not only is Joseph stupid, but the demons and ghosts are also stupid.

One, three, five, ten...A full eighteen tanks emerged, and the turrets turned, all aimed at this side, aimed at the long-abandoned ones on the map." Small farm".

The men and women in the real Yin Sector seemed to feel threatened and screamed threateningly.

But the man just smiled slightly: "Hit."

dong dong dong 咚咚————! ! !

Eighteen tanks fired all at once, and the sound of heaven shaking, earth shattering artillery shook the fields. The fire from the muzzle was mixed with the air wave and exploded three meters away, and the floating dust on the ground was rolled up by a layer. The terrifying power of the tank group army during World War II reappeared here.

pa pa pa pa pa!

The barrier of truth and illusion is like a windshield hit by so many slingshots, cracks, cracks, physics Learning the physical rules of the real world carried by the formidable power of the holy sword, along with the golden sunlight, blasted through the Lingbo Prison and bombed the real Yin Sector.

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