Fog Era Chapter 1083

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If the real Yin Sector is an egg as a whole, and the material world outside the eggshell, then the egg white is the Lingbo prison, and the egg yolk is the real Yin Sector.

Compared with ordinary eggs that are yellow, clear, bright and fragrant, the real Yin Sector is like a songhua egg that is completely blackened, soaked, and not solidified. The more you go inside, the darker it gets.

Now, the shell of this egg is torn by fiercely.

The earth shook and the mountain quivered are in a mess in Lingbo prison.

The barriers of the real Yin Sector are also penetrated, and the cracks are connected in series and turned into absolutely thousands of cracks like broken glass.

dong dong dong 咚咚——! ! !

The second round bombardment hit immediately, and there was also a flurry of jumps in the real Yin Sector. The material cannonballs have broken through the barriers, and blasted into the black mud of the real Yin Sector, bursting into mud and blood waves. Those floating faces and stumps howled, avoided, reborn, and feared.

"The quantity is much better." Shi Tiexin opened the Opening Heaven Eye and set up a pergola, observing the situation in the real Yin Sector: "Material shells are also lethal to the real Yin Sector. But it is not so much that the artillery shells are powerful, as it is in the evil'concept' that tanks and artillery have strong killing'cognition' at work."

" Knowing made the shells produce a greater effect, and the effect that produced further strengthened that perception. Coupled with the fragmentation of the barrier and the mutual penetration of internal and external rules, the shelling in the back has a better effect than the shelling in the front."

"However, although large-scale shelling is cool, the most economical and cost-effective method is indeed the right way--"

Shi Tiexin's big hand was pressed on the turret.

Age, enchant!

weng weng weng!

The muzzle flickered with crackling electric lights.

The warhead in the barrel is surrounded by powerful Thunder Power.



The muzzle of the tank burst into an empty ring, and the shell carrying Thunder Power and huge kinetic energy instantly blasted on the barrier of the real Yin Sector.


The space barrier that was already riddled with holes suddenly opened a huge gap. As soon as the thunder and lightning shells were launched into the soul, the absolutely cracked lines on the barrier instantly exploded into countless flying fragments.

The real Yin Sector is like an egg with a big hole in it. The "egg white" and "egg yolk" inside are mixed together in the blink of an eye. All the evils in it poured out like dripping egg liquid, polluting the external material world, causing that area to suddenly turn into a twisted soil with billowing black mist.

Similarly, the real Yin Sector itself is also corroded by the outside material World Rule. The sun's rays penetrated the barrier, shining intensely within the real Yin Sector, on those faces and stumps.

The face and residual limbs immediately screamed and hissed in pieces, looking very tormented.

Joseph took advantage of the monsters' chaos and hurriedly waved and struggling to run here. He was now afraid that the brawny man would treat him like a monster and would kill him. He shouted desperately: "I'm just a part-time worker! I'm just a part-time worker! Help me!"

Normal people cannot penetrate the mist of evil to see the people inside.

But Shi Tiexin is not in this list.

His eyes light up, and his eyebrow raised: "en? Is there a living person in it? It seems to be the hapless person who was deceived by the criminal suspect."

Since there are innocent people, then It can't be bombarded from a long distance.

Just right, try other tricks.

Shi Tiexin waved his hand: "The whole army assaults and flattens the enemy!"

"roar! roar! roar!" Tan Collaboration rushed over towards the real Yin Sector.

The mighty, rigorous and powerful army formation carries an imposing manner of overwhelming imposing manner, without the slightest hesitation crushing into the entangled soil of rules. The pitch-black fog would have increased human fear and destroyed human will, but when this whole team was running in with heavy machine guns and driving in tanks, that little effect would no longer have any effect.

This is also this Shi's idea to deal with the real Yin Sector-the torrent of steel and evil.

Evil filth, in the final analysis is something similar to a ghost.

In the past, the Chinese legend once had ghosts and ghosts dreaming of asking a general for their lives, and the general waved his hand to cut off those ghosts. There is a saying that Ghost God in the three armies retreats, the army is over, and I am afraid of a fart ghost!

Looking now, horror movies or horror games are all in a narrow space, in a claustrophobic illusion, under a chaotic light and shadow, and are alone and unarmed in the face of ghosts and ghosts. The heart is frightening.

All fear stems from lack of firepower.

Have you ever seen an established armed force appear in ghost movies?

Have you ever seen the protagonist of a horror game driving a tank and holding a heavy machine gun next to No. Hundred and Eighty, the broad-waisted and fierce brother?

I haven't seen it before.

Don't say people have never seen it, even ghosts have never been seen.

That's just right, let all of you evil and filthy show Lao Tzu's insight! When the BGM of the Soviet March sounded, let alone a ghost, it was a group of ghosts, which was crushed by Lao Tzu!


The crackling flashing electric light radiated, and the enchanted tank opened fire again. The old farmhouse in the real Yin Sector was all split up and in pieces bombed on the spot, and it was bombed all around.

The woman screamed angrily and grabbed a bunch of faces to fight the offender.

But Shi Tiexin was seen standing high on the command vehicle, raising his hand and flicking the brim of his hat, and the police badge on the hat suddenly glowed with a thousand brilliance.

He sternly yelled: "We are the Director of the Serious Crimes Division, and I am the Director of the Nie Zhicheng Serious Crimes Division. I have received reports that someone is suspected of multiple murders! If you are the victim, we will Justice for you. If you are a criminal, we will make you severely punished by the law! The police handle the case and kill those who block it!"

Under this Shi’s police badge rays of light, all special The case team was dressed in armor with a gleam of light. This layer of rays of light armor is the use of the power of "concepts" to obtain blessings as a Law Enforcer, as a case handler, and as a motive for justice.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" The special case team roared and pushed forward unstoppably.

All faces are terrified.

The woman grinned and snarled, driving away the faces. If there is a quagmire of these human faces to block one block, it can still cause trouble to the military formation.

But at this moment, a person walking in the front suddenly lifted his hat, revealing a beautiful and alluring face. Facing the dark mud, she looked around, her body lit up with bright light.

"Victims, you were killed by the murderer, locked up by evil spirits, endured endless torture, and had to be a tiger. It really hurts you. Today, we are going to kill your people Bring to justice to help everyone break free from restraint and seek justice for themselves!"

The seal of justice hangs high and shines brightly.

The brilliance is everywhere, those human faces and residual limbs are like being fried, and the sound of zi zi lala is coming out, emitting strands of black smoke, and it is like pain and ecstasy Yelling.

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