Fog Era Chapter 1084

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Suddenly, a man's face was cracked, and a white light flew out of the cracked crack.

Then it seemed to have a chain effect, one face after another split, and one white light flew out one after another.

Those white lights flew towards Ling Xingjian like a wave of dancing light spots, surrounding her like going to heaven, wandering in her holy light.

Sacred Seal-Redemption.

A sacred seal is condensed from nothingness, and Ling Xing's power is once again increased.

Human faces collectively cast aside the dark and cast light, and the power of the real Yin Sector is waning and weakening.

The black sludge dries quickly, and without the filling of sludge, those are just ordinary pits.

In the chaos army, the sharp-eyed Wu Jing found Joseph and brought him to the command vehicle: "Boss, find an ordinary citizen."

Shi Tiexin commanded Ruo Ding , With confidence: "Protect well, go back and record your confession. Even if you want to conquer evil, you have to go through the legal process, and some investigations, evidence collection and interrogation are necessary."

Wu Jing is a little puzzled: "Conquest of evil Also go through the process?"

"Of course, this is the justice of the procedure. Moreover, you must remember one thing--" Shi Tiexin said solemnly: "We are not fighting evil, we What is fighting against is illegal crime."

Wu Jing asked: "What if someone is filthy but doesn't break the law?"

"The law will not be investigated."

Wu Jing asked again: "Just leave it there?"

"Of course it won't be ignored. After all, it is also a social security risk. But we don't take injections or medicine, and we treat it by talking. The evil language is cured, enlighten the person, and then put the person back. He must not be shot to death indiscriminately just because he was infected with evil."

"The evil comes from thought, the law Pay attention to behavior."

"Who hasn't ordered Evil Thought yet?"

"As long as Evil Thought can be restrained and not put into action, then it is a law-abiding citizen."


Shi Tiexin’s gaze is profound: “Whoever breaks the law is punished, and the law abiding is protected. All people are equal whether they are ghosts or ghosts. This is the real fairness.”

“Yes!” At this moment, Wu Jing once again felt the huge personality charm of his boss, and more like enlightenment, realized the way of life in this wicked world.

Not far away, Ling Xingjian heard Shi Tiexin's discussion all the way.

She frowned, as if she did not agree, but she seemed to be touched, and finally turned into deep introspection and reflection.

"Police officer, officer, I'll report the crime." Joseph pointed to the murderer in the chaos precisely: "That old lady, and that bastard, they both are the mastermind, and they lied to me to come over. Murder me! They must have done what happened here!"

Shi Tiexin saw the last two evils, sneaked: "put up a desperate struggle, stubborn. This action should come to an end. ."

The sound of wind and thunder, Shi Tiexin turned into a wind and thunder and went away.

On the other side, Ling Xing saw that he had finished thinking. She accepted the newly condensed sacred seal, and the holy light cultivation base became stronger again.

What else does that woman want to do? Ling Xingjian has turned into a stream of light, and a spear thrust has pierced the rabbit doll in her hand. The woman uttered a miserable howl, rolling all over the floor and dying.

But the middle-aged man, who had been sluggish, suddenly flashed up and exchanged positions with the woman. He moved the weak woman to a distance, and he teleported over, holding up the heavy pickaxe and smashing it down at Ling Xingjian.

"Dare to wife...dead!"

This pick is condensed with the real Yin Sector and finally the greatest strength. Layers of blockades are like absolutely chained chains. Wrapped around Ling Xingjian, she was unable to dodge immediately when facing this blow.

At this moment, with a thunder blast, Shi Tiexin appeared in front of Ling Xingjian instantly and grabbed the smashed pickaxe.

The iron pick, which condenses the last strength of the entire real Yin Sector, is impossible to move even a little bit in the Iron Palm of this Shi. The middle-aged man made the sound of creak creak in his mummy mouth, but it couldn't help Shi Tiexin's iron arms.

"I will give you the same sentence-dare to beat my wife and die!"

Pulpa pa pa, a fierce lightning burst.

"Oula!" Shi Tiexin Iron Fist hit the middle-aged man's face instantly as if he could travel through space, and the middle-aged man's face immediately collapsed and twisted.

It’s not over yet.

"Oula and Euler and Euler and Euler!!" Shi Tiexin's double fists are like crackling flashing electric arcs. The fast speed has become a layered phantom in the eyes of ordinary people, and it hit the middle heavily. -aged man all over his body.

The middle-aged man was hit with deep punch pits everywhere from head to toe, and it was horrible in an instant.

Stab it, my sleeves burst, my muscles swelled, my strength was full, and the last blow was Dragon Boxing!

"Ou~~~~ Pull!"



middle-aged man fly up like a meteor In the sky, ka-cha pierced the broken barrier of the real Yin Sector through a big hole. When he fell, the precarious real Yin Sector collapsed.

This real Yin Sector has been broken.

Compared with the last time at the crucial moment, the real Yin Sector at this time was leveled without any effort, and the exercise was a great success.

Slap, Shi Tiexin stretched out his hand and caught the middle-aged man who fell from the sky. He was still alive, and the force of the heavy blow was all on the evil. He himself was not dead, and he even struggled to open his eyes and protest: "You beat my wife... OK... we beat your wife... No...the people of the country...always like this...double standard..."

"Who is his wife!" Ling Xing saw a lance and slapped the man unconsciously: "Tell me the case. Wait for you to be tried!"

Shi Tiexin threw the man to Cheng Long.

"Speaking of being tried, I remembered one thing." Shi Tiexin looked towards Ling Xingjian: "Nie Zhicheng Detention Center, it's full."

It's normal for the detention center to be full with so many arrests.

But you can't just listen to Pi. What this Shi wants to talk about is definitely more than the issue of the detention center. Ling Xing immediately understood his unspoken implication: "Do you want to make a big move?"

"Yes." Shi Tiexin looked into the distance, behind the shadowed forest, is the shadowy city of Nie: "If you want to Change the Heaven and Switching the Earth, you must move mountain, collapsing sea. Our strength is still a bit weak, but time doesn't wait, it can only be so."

Ling Xing sees nodded: "I I understand. Let’s do it. Where do I start?"

Shi Tiexin spit out two words: "Inside."

Ling Xingjian couldn't help but smile: "You Chief Secretary, is it appropriate to continue to engage in internal self-righteousness after taking office?"

"Is it appropriate? I am the director of the department for this." Shi Tiexin said solemnly: "Schmidt can't help it. It’s been too long. Before those people can react, I must build the inside into an iron bucket. Only by standing firmly in the role of Law Enforcer can we advance our just cause."

"Not to mention-- "

Ling Xingjian: "What's more?"

Shi Tiexin: "What's more, legislation, justice, and law enforcement are the fundamental manifestations of social fairness and justice."

"Who legislates? To regulate whom?"

"Who administers justice? To defend whom?"

"Who enforces law? To defend whom?"

"As long as you look through these three points, you can see who the whole country and society are running around."

"The French Net is the king of heaven, and the law is the core."

"I just want to dig out the black heart of Nie City, take care of it, and then put it in the sun for a transparent, so that Nie City can be reborn and my heart will be sunny."

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