Fog Era Chapter 1085

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Depressed room, depressed atmosphere, depressed author.

This pen is like Dragon Snake, every word written will be carried out by powerful violent agencies.

Now, this pen has written the latest secret order, and this secret order will surely set off a bloody storm throughout the city of Nie.

"Operation code: white."

"Order: Secretly arrest the following targets."

The target list is very long, with 81 people from beginning to end. As soon as this order was issued, all the personnel involved understood that since the last large-scale cleansing, a new round of cleansing has begun again.

Compared to the last major cleaning, the number of 81 people sounds small, but in fact it can’t be counted as such.

All those who are eligible to see the full list, all have a click in the heart. Because these 81 people are B-Rank lists, the number of C-Rank lists around these B-Rank targets will increase tenfold. Lin Lin finally calculated that Nie Zhicheng will have nearly 1,000 C-Rank or higher targets covered by this cleanup.

The Chief-In-Charge of the Internal Affairs Office of the Special Case Team took a deep breath and smelled the tension of the rain from the mountains and the excitement of beginning to stir from the wind.

The days of smoothing the demon atmosphere are coming.

Within three days, a detailed plan was worked out, the target list was carefully broken down, and the entire task force performed its duties. Such a high-precision, high-difficulty and high-response plan cannot be made by a non-heart technique expert.

The covert, suspicion, accusation, and secretive all have been assigned their own jobs. Everyone is like a warrior preparing for a decisive battle, tense and firm.

The task is arduous and the enemy is strong, but they are not afraid.

Because-boss, invincible.

On the fifth day, the action began.

At the gate of Niezhicheng Oak Elementary School, a female special case team disguised as a parent to pick up the child. While holding the homework with other parents seemingly ordinary, they repeated the task instruction book in the heart.

"Target: Oak Elementary School teacher Burberry."


"This target has a 30% probability of deriving evil, and B- The Rank goal is strongly related."

"One C-Rank officer is required to cooperate with two D-Rank personnel to carry out the arrest."

At this moment, a beautiful woman came from school. Came out. She is obviously young and beautiful, but for some reason, nearby children will always avoid her subconsciously, as if a demon resides in her body.

It is Burberry.

She walked, she smiled, her footsteps were light, she was very proud, she thought it was a wise move to go to a police station chief, and let her become no one dare to provoke her in Oak Elementary School The presence.

Although there has been some rumors in the police system recently, she is very clear that she is not any cat or dog, but the old power director.

Slight fluctuations, breeze blowing. As soon as this gust of wind passes, I will--


A hand was placed on her shoulder. It was obviously a female palm, but the strength was beyond Burberry's imagination.

This person is practicing weightlifting!

"Burberry teacher, it’s just waiting for you, I’m Xiao Ming’s parent. Let’s sit down and talk about the child’s academic performance. Come, come, don’t be polite."

Who is Xiao Ming?

Also, I am a dance teacher, what are the achievements?

I'm not going, I'm not talking, I want to call someone-before Burberry can turn this idea, a stun gun has been secretly poked on her waist. Ruthless's decisive electricity hit, Burberry went into a coma on the spot.

A car drove up quickly, and the two agents came down and stuffed Burberry into the car. They quickly removed all metal objects, locked the wrist sleeve and the headgear to seal the mouth, and the accelerator stepped on the coma. Burberry quickly walked away and the task was completed.

The same secret arrests are staged in many places.

The Big Bird Bar was pushed aside, and three hard-covered men walked into this service place that sells dog meat.

One person came forward to negotiate with the front desk, and the remaining two repeated instructions in the heart.

"Target: Tieweishan Prison, Deputy Section Chief, Division Chief, Thomas * Zhang."

"C+ level."

"This target has 90% Probability of evil filth, which is strongly related to B+ level targets."

"3 C-Rank personnel are required to carry enchanted weapons to capture."

Big Bird Bar is rugged and deep, with air The smell of choking is permeated. This taste not only originates from the customers of Heicao, but also because it is entrenched with a stronger evil than other places.

For some people, a strong evil spirit can make them play more unrestrainedly.

Faced with the hidden clerk, the front desk clerk did not cooperate, and the negotiating clerk immediately opened a scroll and flashed it in front of the waiter. There was only a simple triangle in the picture, but the waiter was dumbfounded, and dazedly agreed to all requests.

This is the enchanted weapon, the new equipment of the special case team.

The three operators immediately took over the camera system, turned on the surveillance and found Thomas Zhang’s box, detected the nearby terrain, and quickly formulated a capture plan.

In the box, Thomas Zhang is enjoying his happiness.

There was a woman in a sexy police uniform who was constantly yelling and cursing, and the Little Pi in her hand crackled with a whip: "Hurry up and crawl for me, you dirty and mean maggot!"

Thomas*Zhang was blindfolded, tied up with his neck, and crawled all over the ground. He seemed miserable, but he was actually very happy.

He needs to enter the role first, and when he successfully brings this skinny girl into the role of warden, it is the moment when his slave turns over to the higher level of the angry grass.

He has played this kind of game many times. With the smoke effect of the grass, it is almost reluctant to think about it.

But this time, there are some setbacks.

The door of the box opened very quietly. As soon as the fleshy girl looked up, she saw someone appearing in front of her with a very agile hand and covering her mouth, raising her hand to put a picture in front of her. Dangled.

The woman immediately stood up blankly.

"What's the matter, don't stop! Come on, Lord Warden, insult me, trample on me, beat me!" Thomas Zhang was still hilarious, but the invading man made a gesture , And then strangled Thomas's neck.

Thomas at first also feels that the little old girl is quite vigorous, this move is really exciting. But at the next moment, the other two operators swiftly attacked from the other two directions and instantly twisted his hands. Ka-cha was handcuffed.

This is not a sex toy, but a genuine silver bracelet.

Thomas finally felt that something was wrong.

He was startled first, then furious.

"Dare to mess with me? eaten a bear's heart and a leopard's gallbladder, I'm going to tear you guys!"

Crunchy, Thomas burst out in a strangely gloomy imposing manner, the room The lamp buzzed and flickered, and black liquid poured out of Thomas' mouth and followed the skin to cover his whole body.

The eyes of the three cadres tightened, and this guy was going to be filthy.

But the three are not nervous.

The enchanting weapon they carry is not only the hypnotic scroll.

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