Fog Era Chapter 1086

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I saw the handcuffs on Thomas' wrists suddenly lit up, and strange glowing words appeared on the iron handcuffs. This luminous text was written by Shi Tiexin using the mind of the void to leave a trace. It can produce special lethality and binding force against evil.

Limited to this Shi, people do not have professional rune knowledge. His enchantments cannot exist for a long time and can only take effect in a very limited time. And the total power attached is not large, far inferior to his own direct shot.

But it is quite effective in large-scale installation of subordinates.

It is more than enough to deal with a Thomas.

One minute later, the three of them evacuated quickly with Thomas who was unconscious.

The car drove all the way through the door of the Department of Serious Crimes. The three threw Thomas on a table like a dead pig, and then quickly left without looking back. They also have their own tasks. Today's arrest work is very busy, and every minute must be raced against.

Thomas himself is really like a pig on the slaughter line, and he was greeted by a series of clouds on the table.

This process binds the iron chain, and the next process locks the iron chain. When he opened his eyes in a daze, he found that he was being firmly fixed on a medical cart.

Tie all wrists and ankles, and both arms are cross-locked like a corset in a lunatic asylum. The hood on his head was not removed, so he could only observe the outside world through the tiny gaps at the edges.

He found that the place he was in seemed to be a very busy but depressing corridor.



Bang, the cart in the direction of the foot shook, as if it had knocked open two things similar to the door of the operating room.

Where is this?

What is this going to do?

Could it be... you want to kill me and sell me to the black market?

No, no, I am not an ordinary person, I am the Deputy Section Chief of Tieweishan Prison, I am not a miscellaneous fish!

Shoo, the cart stopped, and the person in the cart seems to have left.

This is like a preparation room for surgery, giving Thomas a little time to struggle.

Thomas was sweating all over, struggling to his death, he couldn't die here, he wanted to escape. By the way, he knew he still had "super powers."

Yes, unlike ordinary evil, he himself can clearly sense the existence of evil and respond to the power of evil voluntarily.

Hurry up, hurry up, calm down and condense your thoughts, let your greed and rage burst out, come, come, give me strength, the shadow side of my soul!

Pop, the light above suddenly lit up.

Clearly wearing a headgear, but Thomas immediately felt the intense burning of the light.

Thomas immediately convulsed in pain, and the light made him feel like a vampire basking in the sun, his whole body about to turn to dust. If it hadn't been for his mouth to be tightly sealed, he could howl at this time, and the dark side of the soul that had been calling would naturally disappear.

At this time, he heard the push of the cart.

He is not the only one in this preparation room, there are many others waiting.

He heard the man being pushed into the door next to him, and soon, there was a crazy scream from inside: "Ahhh!!! I recruit, I recruit everything!! The city police station I am responsible for laundering the long cash. I know the entire flow of funds, and I recruit them all!"


The chief of the city police station?

This, this is not a kid who digs a kidney! This is a targeted torture! This is a fight between great characters!

Thomas suddenly understood his situation, and he couldn't help but swing. It turned out that everything from start to finish was a secret arrest with a clear goal and a well-organized structure. The many screams and so many busy rollers that I heard were all countless arrest targets.

This is the real white horror!

This is a robbery for the entire law enforcement system!

I'm in the midst of a robbery, I can't hide, I can only think about the way out.

Should I surrender immediately, or should I surrender for a while? In terms of value, it seems to be better to hold on for a while--

When the car moved, someone pushed him toward the next door.

Boom, the door opened, and Thomas felt like he was passing by another cart.


He heard a voice, somewhat familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

This information is very important, he remembered desperately, where did he hear it?

Oh, yes, on TV, in talk shows.

The owner of the voice is a handsome man, who made him envy and jealous for a long time. The appearance of this voice even made him rush to the violation.

The headgear was taken off.

He saw the man, the Sunshine Detective, the crime nemesis, and the Chief of the Serious Cases Department.

The man sat there staggeringly, not angry but prestigious.

The man had a row of Chinese characters written on his head. As a banana, Thomas Zhang barely knew--

Frankly lenient and resisted strictly.

But in a trance, the text changed again--

Frankly and strictly, resisted killing.

Thomas shivered constantly and his lips turned pale.

Look at the Sunshine Detective under the big letters again, how can there be a little bit of sunlight now?

The shadow hit his face, obviously he should be handsome, but now there is a great sense of horror and oppression of Divine Immortal scared by Sorrowful Ghost. That's not a police detective of the sun, that's a high-ranking person who lives and kills, that's King Yama who governs the Eighteen Levels of Hell!

Shi Tiexin glanced at Thomas. He didn't say anything, but Thomas clearly felt his soul burst with an overwhelming sound.


He screamed hoarsely, but it was useless. The evil filth entrenched in the soul instantly collapsed and disintegrated into a large black mist, which was absorbed by a man like King Yama.

Shi Tiexin's words are concise and concise: "Explain the facts of the crime."

Heavy psychological pressure and a huge sense of terror overwhelmed Thomas’ heart instantly. What can’t be supported, tricks, I recruit, I recruit everything!

"I confess! I accept bribes from criminals! I have an improper relationship with the criminals’ family members! I acted as an umbrella for the cell boss! I was instructed by the warden to deal with multiple felons in violation of the rules Commutation and parole!"

Thomas pours beans in a bamboo tube and tells them all, Shi Tiexin one after another writes it down.

Two minutes later, Thomas was in a trance and was pushed out of the interrogation room.

Another cart staggered past Thomas and pushed into the interrogation room.

Without the headgear, she is the beautiful sergeant Tiffany of the city police station. She is known as the facial cleanser.

Tiffany's eyes widened unbelievably: "Why are you?"

Shi Tiexin didn't talk to her at all, stared at Tiffany's entrenched evil spirits, and then looked at him. Shadow’s interrogation said: "Explain the facts of the crime."

Tiffany's heart was filled with great pain and fear: "Ahhhh!!! I recruit, I recruit! I deceive consumers! My facial cleanser is actually It’s silicone!"

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