Fog Era Chapter 1087

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From 10:40 in the morning to 21:10 in the afternoon, within ten and a half hours, Shi Tiexin’s interrogation room interrogated more than 700 people with incredible efficiency .

Of these 700 people, more than 300 people have developed evil filth. Although the remaining 400 people have not developed evil filth, they are deeply entangled with evil spirits. The scattered ones have contributed a wave of spirituality to this Shi.

Sure enough, the higher the status, the more convenient it is to harvest. In the past, you had to run and break your legs, but now your subordinates directly send evil to the door.

But the fundamental purpose of this time action is not to collect spirituality.

The crime facts confessed by more than 700 C-Rank targets were recorded and summarized by Shi Tiexin with a strong mind and a powerful heart technique, and gathered them into a massive amount of intelligence, forming a criss-crossed complex and rigorous The chain entangles 81 B-Rank targets sturdyly.

The next step is to capture those B-Rank targets that "will inevitably lead to evil and open the real Yin Sector with a small probability", these chains of evidence will become an important boost to the identity of the Law Enforcer.

And these 81 B-Rank targets are actually just the periphery.

What Shi Tiexin’s pawns really point to are the three “highly probable opening real Yin Sectors” that are strongly related to the 81 B-Rank targets and “have considerable power in the material world” A- Rank goal.

The first one to bear the brunt is the princes of the Niezhicheng police system, who formed a separate faction of Lilie Tuxian, and the former chief of the Department of Serious Cases, the warden of Tieweishan Prison, Protos.

Tieweishan Prison is the place that must be won if we want to fight crime well in the future and achieve the goal of "punishing the past and treating the sick and saving people".

"Huh..." Shi Tiexin stood up, twisted his waist, and relieved the slight fatigue of the long and high-intensity interrogation.

Under the strong spirituality infusion, the consumed thought energy is quickly refilled, just like the plug-in of "high speed return". It filled up without much effort.

Twisted waist, refreshed.

Looking at your side again, the subordinates are exhausted. A whole day of high-intensity secret arrest and interrogation, the ordinary person simply couldn't sustain it. Rao is that the special case team has a cultivation base, and they are all exhausted.

"Leave the intelligence team and the support team, others can take a break." Shi Tiexin put on his coat and walked out the door of the Department of Serious Crimes: "I will do the rest."

Looking at the city of Nie in Huadeng Cui Can, Shi Tiexin's vision showed a full map of the city.

The locations of 81 B-Rank targets are accurately marked, and Platinum Driving will automatically outline the shortest route plan on the map.

He squatted slightly, accumulating the muscles of his legs.

"Tonight, I will complete the battle and clean up the three malignant tumors."

Shoo, Shi Tiexin leaped forward and brazenly jumped to the roof on the opposite side of the street. In a crowded city, his driving speed is not as fast as his running speed.



All heart technique states are hung on the body. Divine Art is online, and the presence decreases and then decreases. Driving skills have been hanging, let him like a fish back in water in the streets and lanes. The Guanlan Sky Eye consumes a little bit more and cannot be opened normally, but it does not need to be buckled as before.

Physical strength?


The strength of the whole body swells to the point of completely inhumane, and the clothes will burst if you are not paying attention. The high-rise buildings are like flat ground, and the Eight-lane Avenue hops across easily. You don't need sturdy assistance, you can run to overspeed with the fleshy body alone. The physical energy consumed by this exercise intensity is not even as fast as the recovery speed.


Too much... Sorry, I can't afford it.

It is true that the spirit cannot be consumed, and the total amount of spirit and the speed of gas return that pretend to be Divine Art are not enough to make this Shi squander the whole process.

But he doesn't need full power to turn on his spirit.

He only needs low power to use Xunfeng to eliminate the sound of running, and he can maintain the slow recovery of the total energy. And once it’s the critical moment--

this Shi’s eyes are light flashed, turning into a wind and thunder, piercing through the air, and slamming into an old building that looks unremarkable.

"The first one."

As swift as an electric arc pierced through the air, it was just a flash of effort, and the lightning came out from the opposite side of the old building.

The support team waiting downstairs felt that the car sank, and the target was thrown in the back row like a dead pig. The support group itself was even taken aback, not understanding how the mission target could teleport to his car.

When they finally figured out the situation, Shi Tiexin had already gone far.

Usually save the use, the critical moment is high explosive, high change, high flexibility, this is the correct usage of Divine Art. Speaking of which does match the pretense purport of "low-key hiding in peacetime, and sacredness in front of wartime".

At around 22:30, Shi Tiexin captured all 81 B-Rank targets and took them to the interrogation room for interrogation. In the detailed preparations, careful planning, and strong martial power guarantee, the capture process was quite smooth, and no B-Rank goal can cause Shi Tiexin trouble.

Although these 81 people without exception all derive evil, but in front of this Shi, these 81 evils have no chance to resist.

At 23:20, Shi Tiexin completed the interrogation of all 81 targets and mastered a large amount of criminal facts and first-hand information.

ka beng, ka beng, Shi Tiexin twisted his neck and walked out of the interrogation room.

Today the threshold of this interrogation room will be broken.

But as soon as he walked out the door, he said "Huh?" and looked back towards the door of the interrogation room.

In the eyes of Guanlantian, the door of the interrogation room actually lingered around a floating virtual image. It seems that the interrogation room is no longer a physical world, but another hellish space.

"This is really amazing." Wu Siyou walked over and said to Shi Tiexin with a smile: "Didn't expect the place where the Director General's interrogation has evolved into the prototype of the real Yin Sector? See Those filthy people are quite afraid of you."

Indeed, the feeling of the interrogation room cannot be said to be exactly the same as the real Yin Sector, only exactly the same.

In a short period of time, nearly 800 people were interrogated inside, and every one of them was frightened and heartbroken. The panic of being secretly arrested, the despair of being processed by the pipeline, the collapse of being dug out of their own crimes, and the great psychological pressure faced by this Shi, caused this interrogation room to gather too many negative emotions in a short time. .

In addition to the high concentration of evil qi that was lost when the evil depravity collapsed, there are already various conditions here.

If the targets pointed by these fears and emotions also derive evil, this evil is likely to open the real Yin Sector.

Like the farmer who kills with a pickaxe.

It's a pity that this Shi himself is not filthy, so huge negative emotions migrated to this interrogation room, instead, this interrogation room produced something similar to the real Yin Sector.

This Shi raised his palm, and the thunder surging between his palms, he could smash this embryonic Yin Sector into pieces with one palm.

But when my thoughts turned, divine light flashed, I suddenly had some special thoughts.

He pointed at the interrogation room, and his mind system ability turned the pure Evil Thought to the body surface, simulating the thoughts radiated by the peerless villain.


Om, the prototype of Yin Sector escaped from the interrogation room and flew into Shi Tiexin's palm obediently. After all, Yin Sector was originally born from criminals. His own fear.

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