Fog Era Chapter 1088

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At this moment, Shi Tiexin had a very strange feeling.

He feels that he has a "field".

This domain is naturally incomparable with the natural jurisdiction of You Dongli. The jurisdiction of You Dongli is entirely derived from his own powerful mind and the fruit of wisdom. It is not only high in intensity, but in a large range. , And the manipulation is like a finger.

The law domain itself is an indispensable part of the law domain Tiancheng level cultivator. It is an organ that is more important than the brain and the heart, and it is the place where life is at stake.

The cultivator is the jurisdiction, and the jurisdiction is the cultivator, and the two parties are completely integrated.

And Shi Tiexin's weird domain is far from that flexible, it can only be regarded as a False Domain.

He used the heart technique to manipulate the pure Evil Thought, and then indirectly manipulated this strange fake Yin Sector.

For example, it is similar to the driver driving a small mecha and then using the fingers of the small mecha to control a larger mecha. Even if the manipulator's own skills are all over the sky, and the skills are varied, it is difficult to play the matryoshka mecha.

But having mecha is better than no.

What’s even more amazing is that Shi Tiexin instinctively discovered that this “fake Yin Sector” attached to his body is used to deal with evil, especially the big evil with the real Yin Sector. Wonderful effect that is not clear.

Shi Tiexin unfolded his palm and tried to operate it: "Domain——Expand."

weng weng weng!

A spherical field suddenly spread , Shrouded the size of a room. The boundaries of the realm twisted dimly, separating two different dimensions.

Shi Tiexin looked at the fake Yin Sector he unfolded in surprise, and saw a lot of things that he couldn't see with the eyes of the sky before.

In his new vision, the criminals transformed his negative thoughts into a substantive concept, embodied as a dark chain that spreads all over the space. These chains are the pillars of this fake Yin Sector and the greatest strength.

A closer look reveals that there are three sources for the complex and dense chain web.

One represents the fear of others towards Shi Tiexin himself.

The second represents the offender’s fear of legal punishment.

The three represent the fear of the tortured person about "involuntarily being forced to tell the truth and unable to control themselves".

In addition, there are many other negative thoughts in the void that are being passed on to him. It is the fear, fear, hatred, and curse of more people and more criminals. These emotions are like the turbid current that pollutes the world, and they are karma that any god and Buddha Bodhisattva shuns.

But in the Yin Sector, it has become a source of expansion power.

"It's a magical structure, a magical change!" Shi Tiexin opened his eyes, and his observation of the real Yin Sector from the perspective of the owner even gave him a lot of inspiration for his heart technique cultivation.

He believes that as long as he continues to conduct continuous research on this fake Yin Sector, it will provide him a huge help in opening up his own jurisdiction. After all, how many fields can be owned before Third Heavenly Layer?

The Wu Siyou next to him was also involved in the fake Yin Sector. He looked at all around incredulously: "This, this is?!"

"Don't be afraid." Shi Tiexin stretched out his palm: "Domain-Take it back."

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!, the fake Yin Sector shrinks layer by layer, instantly returning to the palm of the right hand, very obedient.

Shi Tiexin looked towards the shocked Wu Siyou, with a subtle expression: "Just now, I suddenly discovered a new way to play."

Wu Siyou has a question mark and an exclamation mark: " What brand new gameplay?"

"I don't understand in one sentence, anyway, I feel like I'm very powerful now." Shi Tiexin took out the phone and dialed Ling Xingjian's number.

In this arrest, Ling Xingjian never came forward. It's not that she doesn't care about things, but that what she performs is the most critical and important work that cannot be replaced by others.

The call is connected.

But there is no voice, only the Yin Sector of "gē gē gē" echoes.

Sure enough, Ling Xingjian has entered the real Yin Sector. In this case, it is no longer possible to communicate by modern means. Regardless of the party in the communication, all I heard was a gurgling sound.

Under the pre-arranged premise, the gurgling sound itself can be regarded as a kind of secret signal, which can convey a certain message-but the secret signal is not as bright as a direct call.

In the past, this problem could not be solved.

Now...Tiexin’s right hand fake Yin Sector suddenly expanded to the size of a volleyball, just shrouding the phone in it. After the transcription of the fake Yin Sector, the reverberation of Yin Sector was restored to its original sound.

This kind of transcription works for both parties in the communication.


In Tieweishan Prison, Ling Xing suddenly heard the sound from the receiver, and even stunned her.

She looked around and confirmed that this desolate and quiet place was indeed Lingbo Prison, and she did not go wrong.

Why did you receive a call in Lingbo prison?

Could it be that the mystery of this real Yin Sector is more than I expected, and I have been unconsciously recruited?

"Hey~~~~Did you hear Darling?"

"Who is your Darling!" Ling Xing snorted and calmed down. This tone, this feeling, can't be wrong, it's that guy, not someone else dressed up as God, playing the Devil scared her.

"How did you call me?"

"Just now, I encountered a very wonderful thing, I have grown a little bit more, and I am closer to Invincible."


"I will meet you now, you will know right away."

Tieweishan Prison is on the outskirts of Niezhi City. .

Shi Tiexin rode a Harley motorcycle and reached the place within twenty minutes.

Shi Tiexin stepped on the support of the car with a sigh, and Shi Tiexin rolled over and got out of the car, looking at the fog that covered the entire prison in front of him.

"It seems that Protos has already noticed it."

The real Yin Sector needs a big evil as the core, and the big evil often has some characteristics.

First, even when Yin Sector is not open, Daxiehui will basically not leave its domain. They will stay in the field instinctively, and this range will make them very happy.

Secondly, most people who develop evil will not realize that they are not normal, and so does the great evil. They will also exist as ordinary faces for a period of time, maintaining normal life patterns, and will not open the real Yin Sector until they are stimulated.

Because of these two characteristics, Shi Tiexin can determine some goals relatively simply, and then find ways to weaken the goals in advance.

This Shi has two plans.

First, I hope to keep the evil evil in the dark, control it in a normal form, and then take it with a thunderous blow, without giving the other party a chance to open the real Yin Sector. .

Now that Protos has opened Yin Sector, this move is no longer needed.

Then use plan B: first weaken Yin Sector, and secretly arrest 81 B-Rank targets for this. Among the 81 people, 37 are leaders at all levels of Tieweishan Prison, and are Protos' hardcore supporters. If these people are taken down, the strength of the real Yin Sector and Protos' dominance over the Yin Sector will inevitably decline.

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