Fog Era Chapter 1089

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Next is the Third Step.

Steel torrent! ——Cough, forget it, hold on, no matter how powerful the torrent is, it can’t be used here.

Tiewei Mountain is a super prison for nearly 10,000 prisoners. It is a real densely populated place. It is impossible to fire tanks here.

The real Third Step is exactly the top-secret plan executed by Ling Xingjian-Phase Jump!

Shi Tiexin extend the hand, inserted into the foggy wall, it feels a bit shady and sticky, and the high density of evil will give people an uncomfortable feeling.

But this evil has no effect on Shi Tiexin.

After owning a fake Yin Sector, I even feel a little refreshing.

He walked into the dense fog. He didn't see five fingers between one step, the world revolved between two steps, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move between three steps, and Fourth Step suddenly went out of the scope of the fog. But the phase of the space has been changed.

Another Tiewei Mountain Prison appeared in front of Shi Tiexin's eyes.

There is no such thing as night or day here, and the dome is always covered with gray lead. All around is dusty and dilapidated. The original mighty iron gate is full of rust. It seems to have been abandoned for several decades and submerged in the wasteland of time.

The sky is fine gray, and there is no sound in the air, which makes people panic in silence.

"This is Lingbo Prison? This is my first time here." Shi Tiexin looked left and right: "Sure enough, there is no life at all."

The real Yin Sector opens. At that moment, the inner life will be drawn into the inner layer, and only the life coming in from the outside will enter the mezzanine.

This brings a wonderful idea to this Shi: he intends to walk from Lingbo Prison to the core place, and then phase jump, directly attack the root of the problem. Although it is not without risk, it is more labor-saving than passing through the entire Tiewei Mountain.

After all, the scope of this Yin Sector is too large, much larger than the previous serious crime department.

"Where is the core?"

Shi Tiexin looked around and immediately saw Ling Xingjian who was wrapped in a windbreaker and wearing sunglasses, leaning against the wall.

He walked over to say hello, and suddenly heard a strange voice.

It was a vague roar.

It seems to come from far away, and it seems to be in the ear, as if it is blocked by some kind of thick film, so gloomy and thick that it is not clear. There was also a strange echo, revealing the emotions of fluxered and exasperated.

Ling Xingjian’s expression is serious: "Have you heard that voice? That is the voice of Protos."

Shi Tiexin: "Our warden master, this is What's wrong?"

"He noticed his situation and was so annoyed." Ling Xing saw that he raised his hand and stretched his fingers in the air. There were gray traces between the fingers. "Look, there is a yin wind in Lingbo Prison. If there is yin wind, it means that there is a storm. It seems that the interior of Tieweishan Prison is very unstable."

Shi Tiexin: "Thirty-seven were captured in one breath. The leaders, including five deputy wardens and 21 Section Chiefs, are impossible and peaceful in any unit."

According to the information available, Protos is a person Normally, he takes the tone, stays away from the grassroots, and arranges tasks to oppress the subordinates at random. He has a poor reputation among the middle and lower police groups.

He doesn’t care about prison administration business even more. He can’t go to the front line of supervision once a year. He usually abuses power in the office building tyrannically. The control of Tieweishan Prison is all around him. Dog leg.

Of course such authority is not well-founded.

Usually I can't see it, but when those dog legs are suddenly taken away, Protos's strength control over the entire Tiewei Mountain and the entire real Yin Sector is naturally The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

The shock of the real Yin Sector comes from this.

"This is a good thing, which shows that we are less difficult to pick Protos.

Ling Xingjian puts his hands away: "But thinking about the bad, the whole truth Yin Sector is in an unstable state. We may be drawn into the inner layer by the fluctuating space at any time, making phase stealth more difficult. "

As they were talking, the two of them watched the dimly floating scene on the high wall of the supervision area. The floating area was like ripples in the water, wave after wave along the high wall. Spreading and passing, protruding for a while and sunken for a while, it looks extremely surreal.

"Don't be afraid. Shi Tiexin is full of confidence: "I have a way. "

Ling Xing didn't ask much when he saw it: "Let's go. Due to the turbulence of the phase space, Protos may already not be in the spot I just spotted." "

"It doesn't matter, just ask someone to ask. "

"Look for someone to ask? Who can I ask? "

Shi Tiexin smiled black-belly: "Of course it's his own." "

Ling Xingjian expressed suspicion: "Do you want to repeat the same trick?" Last time it was just a semi-Yin Sector that was not formed, without a unified organization. This time the real Yin Sector has been launched, can you still get it? "

This Shi is very confident: "Just look at it." "

The main office building of Tiewei Mountain.

The phase fluctuation here has reached an extremely severe degree.

From a distance, it is as high as four 16th- The building of the layer seems to be overgrown with big pustules, each pustule is a phase that is warping or denting. When approaching the building, I saw a wave of distortion surging from the end of the corridor and sweeping everything.

Ling Xing saw that his gaze was about to avoid, but was held by Shi Tiexin.

She glanced at Shi Tiexin and did not hide.

oh la la, As if flooded by water, when the distorted aspect swept over, the aspect of the two people immediately changed and they were involved in the inner layer of the real Yin Sector.

Everything has changed. , Distorted, demonic transformation, the originally extremely quiet place suddenly became noisy and noisy, and dozens of strange evil filths all scurrying around like headless flies, from the beginning to the end revealed a This is a mixture of hysteria and panic.

Ling Xingjian took a breath. Normally, these evils will come to besiege both of them, just like an immune system besieging a foreign body.


But Shi Tiexin’s right hand suddenly spread into a small area, which just shrouded the two of them.

For the Yin Sector of Tiewei Mountain, this area is also a foreign object. But it is much smoother than holy light, sharpness, and mindfulness. If holy light is similar to an allergen, itching all over the body if you touch it; sharpness and mindfulness are similar to viruses and bacteria, and you need to mobilize the army to suppress and eliminate; then This field is similar to medical ceramics and steel plates.

If you say that they are integrated, it is not. But if you say rejection, it is not very rejection, and sometimes it can even be used to replace wear. Fix the broken bones.

Especially this area is already chaotic, so it did not immediately cause a strong reaction.

Ling Xingjian looked at this in surprise.

In the realm, the demon monk can always come up with new tricks.

Pop, Shi Tiexin grabbed a passing evil, with a familiar shape, and still a huge mouth in the abyss.

This This shape represents the greed for money.

The baring fangs and brandishing claws of the abyss seem to be very wary: "Are you who? "

Shi Tiexin smiled and said, "My own person. "

The Great Mouth of the Abyss is very suspicious: "My own person?" Why haven't I seen you? which unit are you in? "

"Really haven't seen it? Think about it again. "

"This..." Abyss Jukou scratched his slippery head with his tentacles: "It seems a bit of an impression... Wait, I remember, you are--! "

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