Fog Era Chapter 1090

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At the moment when the mouth of the abyss was shaken, the fake Yin Sector was like a cell that swallows proteins, and gu lu swept the mouth into the abyss at once. The chains all over the field were immediately tied up with ropes, and the huge mouth of the abyss was completely unable to move even a little bit.

The suppression of the identity of the director of the Department of Serious Cases has an effect, and the concept of internal authority has an effect. What's more, the "powers" carried by the three fears take effect immediately. The mouth of the abyss was frightened in an instant, all resistance capabilities disappeared, and he begged for mercy: "Master Secretary for your life, I am my own person, I am my own person!" See Shi Tiexin to Ling Xing Said: "Look, it's really'my own', right." Seeing that Ling Xing held his forehead and shook his head, his face was speechless.

Shi Tiexin's thoughts were moving, and the chains of power had already lifted the huge mouth of the abyss, and the power of the concept was tightly squeezed into the evil "flesh".

"Say, where is Protos?"

The huge mouth of the abyss didn't mean anything rather than submit: "I said, I said! He is in the command center !"

Command center?

Shi Tiexin approached the Abyssal Mouth, his face was full of shadows, pushing the fear of the Abyssal Mouth to a peak.

The abyss screamed in horror: "Spare, spare!"

"I will not kill you, but I will investigate and punish you in accordance with the law. I'm afraid that will be the same Quite terrible-but you now have a chance for a'significant meritorious performance'."

"What chance? Sir Director, I will do what you want me to do!"


"Well. Go, go to your friends, to your colleagues, to the corrupt officials. Transmit my voice, transmit my will, spread my fear. Let all Everyone knows—I’m coming!"

Slap, Shi Tiexin shook his hand suddenly, Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!, the small fake Yin Sector shrank layer by layer, and the abyss was immediately squeezed out. Back to his original real Yin Sector.

Look up again, Shi Tiexin and Ling Xing see that they have disappeared.

The Great Mouth of the Abyss sat in a daze for a while, then ran away crying and crying.

In Lingbo prison, there was a buzzing wave of spatial phase, Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian appeared out of thin air.

With the help of the fake Yin Sector, Shi Tiexin returned from the inner layer to Lingbo prison.

"Well, my new pattern is not bad, right?"

Ling Xingjian stared at Shi Tiexin: " are not contaminated by evil, right?"

"I'm okay." Shi Tiexin knew what she was worried about: "I'm like setting up a virtual machine in the computer system, just playing with evil spirits."

Ling Xing See the helpless long sighed: "Even the real Yin Sector can be tricked, you are really a peerless liar."

This Shi doesn't care: "Black cats and white cats, those who can catch mice are good cats." "

Ling Xing didn’t approve it when he saw it: "Pure pragmatism is bad, and it’s easy to go to extremes-forget it, let’s not talk about this today, you let the guy go and really thought he would help you ?"

"Of course he didn’t want to help me. When he returned to his own field, he would immediately go to tell the news. But he didn’t know, whether he wanted it or not, he was actually helping Me." Shi Tiexin moved: "Go, let's do the same, find a few more tongues, and frighten the people here."

The core of the real Yin Sector, the main command center, Protos Already going crazy.

When he noticed that all his important men were arrested overnight, he immediately felt that the major event was not good. The huge fear irritated him and made him directly open the real Yin Sector.

The real Yin Sector gave him a little confidence and increased his confidence.

But because of missing a lot of dog legs at once, his strength control over the entire Yin Sector dropped drastically. There is no dog-legs surrounded by layers of stinky feet, and he suddenly lost the former feeling of standing by one's word, holding power, and swaying freely.

What's more terrifying is that a dog's legs suddenly rushed in, yelled: "Master Warden, Master Warden, the major event is not good! Shi Tiexin from the Serious Cases Department called the door. That's it!!!"

At this moment, Protos couldn't tell what he was asking, but he clearly saw that the other thirty doglegs in the command center were all shaken.

"Damn bastard, bully intolerably, we fought him!!" Protos roared, and the doglegs responded, but a sense of panic was unstoppable in the dog group Spread.

That was Daming Shi's arrest.

Regardless of whether that guy is holding a chicken feather as a sword, he put the police system at risk a few days ago. The blades of the internal cleansing slashed one to the death, and the blood of the serious crime was flowed into a river, and even spread to multiple police stations. Who is not afraid of him in the entire police system?

Protos gave the order: "Quickly, find him out, today he will do nothing but do nothing, and he will be suppressed eternally in the hell of Tiewei Mountain!"

Many doglegs started to act immediately, panicking, hu hu hu hu, looking very powerful.

But there is no high level dogleg tissue, but the actual effect is very limited.

Without a moment’s effort, tragic reports spread frequently.

After a while I heard that this person was arrested by Shi Tiexin, and then I heard that this person was interrogated.

Shi Tiexin is almost like a ghost, coming out of here for a while, then coming out from there again, no one can touch his side, and can only look at "victims" one after another. Appeared, listening to their cry of collapse.

"Will this Shi Tiexin be invisible? Why can't so many people catch him? What the fuck!"

Until now, including Proto In Snee, all the evil filth hadn't noticed their strangeness. A group of evils were scared by the head of the serious crime department who appeared and disappear unpredictably.

Suddenly, the intercom rang.

The walkie-talkie turned into a skull in Yin Sector, and the skull’s eyes lit up with red light, and the mandible opened and closed. Shi Tiexin’s oppression-filled gloomy voice came out:

" Tieweishan Prison, all the police have paid attention. I am Shi Tiexin, Director of the Serious Cases Department. Now, I will investigate the case of Tieweishan’s “collapsed corruption” and arrest criminals."

"I have the definitive evidence, and none of the offenders can escape!"

"Now, I will give you one last chance."

"Proactively confess, voluntarily surrender, If you take the initiative to expose it, you can take it lightly."

"If you have a major meritorious service, you can reduce the sentence."

"But if you dare to put up a desperate struggle, violently resist the law, don't 't blame me vicious and merciless!"

Protos loudly roared: "Shut up for me——!"

peng~ peng~ peng~, 18 pairs in a row Speaking of skeletons exploding. But there are too many walkie-talkies in the command center, and Shi Tiexin's ultimatum is still echoed in the remaining walkie-talkies:

"Don't have any luck, there is only one chance, and cherish my last mercy."

The entire command center was silent. Except for the hysterical Protos, all the evil spirits couldn't help being afraid, and their hearts couldn't help but waver.

As part of the real Yin Sector, their swings will eventually calm down.

But before they could break free from the sway, I saw a sudden wave of Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! in the lobby of the command center.

In the ripples, an extremely tall and majestic silhouette appeared with a heavy oppression.

Phase jump cut, directly attack the root of the problem.

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