Fog Era Chapter 1091

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Shi Tiexin looked at Protos on the opposite side.

In terms of the material world, the two are only three steps away.

In the real Yin Sector, it seems to be separated by more than ten meters.

This is also normal.

The last time James of the Serious Crime Department, in the material world, he was clearly sitting next to Shi Tiexin, but after turning on the real Yin Sector, he immediately went to a very high and extremely far away. It seemed unattainable, as if it was beyond measure. Shi Tiexin is like dust, and will never meet the noble director-general for a lifetime.

That is the function of the mind concept and the function of domain suppression.

Now, Protos can only stretch three meters to more than ten meters, indicating that he can no longer suppress Shi Tiexin no matter in concept or domain application.

Look at Protos himself.

In the real Yin Sector, he is like a huge mouth in the abyss, like a dark palm, like tangled hair, and like a twisted piece of meat. He is simply a splicing monster.

"It's really ugly." Shi Tiexin looked at Protos coldly: "Obediently surrender Protos, I'm here to catch you."

"Don't think about it! You! Don't think about it!" Protos howled loudly: "This is my prison, this is my territory, this is my domain! You never want to defeat me in my domain!"

He Forcibly gathering strength.

"hmph, hehe, hahahahaha-a joke!" Shi Tiexin waved his hand, swished and shot out a piece of paper, suspended in the air suddenly enlarged, emitting terrifying red rays of light: "You said this Is it your prison? Then look, what is this!"

Protos took a look—arrest warrant.

The arrest warrant signed by Schmidt himself was targeted at him.

All the criminal evidence about Protos that Shi Tiexin grasped was turned into various police equipment and restraints, suddenly flew out of the arrest warrant and shot out, locked on Protos in the sound .

Shi Tiexin took a step forward: "You are no longer the warden, all duties are removed on the spot. Of course, you have to insist that this is your prison, then you can be locked here in the future. ——If you have not been sentenced to death."

Protos wavered, and the distance between the two parties was suddenly drawn closer.

"You said this is your site? It's even more ridiculous. If no one supports it, your incompetent people have no place to stand." Shi Tiexin looked towards those who barely stood together, seemingly united Doglegs: "Do you think the law does not blame the public? You think you are standing on dry shore? Do you think Protos can survive this catastrophe?"

"Frankly be lenient, resist strictly. I am Count to three, and if you don't give up the secret, you will have to be buried with the criminals-one!"

The eyes of the doglegs are turning around, confused, and don't know what to do. Some relatively loyal doglegs kept clamoring, trying to help Protos save the situation.


The area behind the dog leg suddenly tore a hole, and a strong holy light shone from another aspect, which was Ling Xing's assist. Taking advantage of this Shi person to attract everyone's attention, she started the Phase Jump Slash at the right time.

The so-called snake hitting seven inches, Ling Xing saw that this blow was hitting the seven inches of this turbulent real Yin Sector.

The glorious holy light is like the shining light and the showering rain. It seems to illuminate everything, inspire everything, and burn everything. In fact, it accurately pours the greatest lethality to one after another. A diehard dogleg body.

The evil filth formed by the loyal dog's legs immediately turned into a burning torch in the holy light, screaming heartbreakingly. And even if Protos desperately mobilized the power of the real Yin Sector, he couldn't suppress the flame of holy light.

Huge panic spreads in the hearts of the dogs.

Looking back again, Shi Tiexin has already taken a step forward, grinning open, revealing a cruel smile: "Three..."

"I surrendered! "I abandon the secrets!" "I have evidence, I will report, I will expose, I want to strive for leniency!" The most unsteady doglegs turned their backs and ran to the Secretary-General crying and crying. The rebellious doglegs further caused the chaos in the real Yin Sector and further reduced Protos's control of the domain.

"Asshole! Asshole!" Protos was angry, anxious and afraid: "Come back, you all come back! Do you think he will let you go in the past? No, he will only You tore it up and swallow it!"

"As long as you get through this catastrophe, I can give you what you want. But what about him? He will only handcuff you and take guns! Come back! Come back, now the only way is to fight him clearly!"

"Don't forget, this is my domain!"

Protos Some words made the surrenders who had come to surrender a little shaken.

Shi Tiexin opened his mouth, haha ​​laughed wildly: "Joke, joke, big joke."

"You said, this is your domain?"

"Do you call this messy, fragile, chaotic, disorderly, soft stuff like a realm?"

Shi Tiexin raised his right hand, right Protos stretched out his five fingers: "I'll tell you what is called a'domain'."


weng weng weng!

As if expanding another cell in one cell, Shi Tiexin's fake Yin Sector suddenly expanded in the dimly twisted ripples and shrouded toward Protos.

Protos was horrified and angry.

Protos's domain is like hemiplegia. He had been secretly engaged in other places before, and he couldn't notice it. Doing it in front of him now is the biggest provocation and the biggest blasphemy against him.

"Do you dare to clamor in such a small domain? I will kill you immediately!" Protos roared, mobilizing the huge domain power, and crushing it towards Shi Tiexin.

Ling Xing couldn't help being nervous.

The volume of the real Yin Sector of Tiewei Mountain is placed here again. Let alone the real Yin Sector formed by thousands of evils and tens of thousands of evils, its energy and strength are beyond imagination.

Protos was furious, and the huge energy was like a whistling hurricane, hiding the sky and covering the earth. Even Lingbo prison was filled with fierce storms, and the waves of phases were never as crazy as they are now.

"You must go to help!" Seeing that he grasped the long spear tightly, Ling Xing released five sacred seals in a row.

No, it's not strong enough, it must be stronger!

She chanted the holy words in her mouth, hoping to push her power to a higher level: "I promise you Liu Fang for a hundred years, and your body is...the common people...the codes...the codes..."

Damn it!

Still unable to pronounce it!

The holy words are stuck, indicating that the heart is impaired. If the idea is not clear, the holy light will be dim.

Ling Xing saw that the holy words were frustrated, and the holy light on his body was prosperous and declining, but instead began to decline.

But at this moment, Shi Tiexin in the fake Yin Sector raised his head and looked at the huge power outside, but his face showed a cold sneer.

“It’s messy, it’s too messy.”

From a new perspective, Shi Tiexin can even directly see the power source of the Yin Sector of Tiewei Mountain, and see what constitutes the entire Yin Sector. All concepts.

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