Fog Era Chapter 1092

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The real Yin Sector is fundamentally negative emotions and thoughts, and the negative emotions in the Yin Sector of Tieweishan are too mixed. There is greed, suffering, stubbornness, obsession, desire for status, and coveting for beauty.

Just like the arrested B-Rank targets, some embezzled public funds, some power and money transactions, some molested subordinates, some embezzlement of positions, and all kinds of garbage.

The building built on the basis of such a group of trash, no matter how big it is, it is nothing but a mountain of trash.

The power of Yin Sector that is pressing in front of you seems to be overwhelming and unstoppable, but in Shi Tiexin's eyes it is a group of mobs that are barely pieced together.

"It’s no wonder that your own image is so patchy and ugly, and the root of your power is nothing more than a splicing monster."

"And my'concept' , It’s simply too much."

"The bottom word is fear."

Shi Tiexin stretched his right palm to the sky, obviously very small His fake Yin Sector suddenly burst into a terrifying imposing manner. Wherever the palm of the hand is facing, the fake Yin Sector keeps bulging, as if a big bag is swollen on the round egg.

"Fear, criminal!"

"I am the incarnation of fear, I am—infinite terror!"


The big bag suddenly exploded, but the fake Yin Sector of this Shi did not collapse with it, but a crazy start.

Something horrible suddenly stretched out of the bursting big bag.

It's a chain, and the black chains are like the craziest tentacles, spreading endlessly.

The iron rope is entangled, coiled, from small to thick.

The iron rope pierced and flogged, arresting all the evil nearby.

Shi Tiexin's real Yin Sector suddenly became a kind of inexplicable ultimate monster, exuding the ultimate terrifying aura. Wherever the chain went, all the evil filthy crying father and mother ran away desperately, but they couldn't escape the entanglement and tear of the iron rope.

The fake Yin Sector is like the Evil God descending into the world, devouring all the evils that can be seen.

Those forces that pressed over did not play any role at all. The three thickest iron chains soared into the sky, like the Heaven Supporting Pillar, slamming against the pressing force.

Then the big iron chain differentiated into absolutely thousands of small iron chains, like extended roots and blood-sucking tentacles, piercing into the roots of the Yin Sector of Tiewei Mountain.

Fear, spread.

The concept of "fear" in the entire Tieweishan Prison was sucked out by these iron chains like sucking blood. Shi Tiexin's fake Yin Sector is like divine medicine that has taken a lot of supplements. Constantly twisting, expanding, beating like a heart, and pumping out more chains from the breach.

Rumbled, the iron chain seemed to be a sea tide sweeping everything, and like a basilisk that swallowed everything, it directly squeezed the gate of the command center and spread to the entire Tieweishan office building.

Every floor.

Every corridor.

Every room.

The demons ran away, cried, and collapsed in extreme terror. They saw the black chains pouring down the stairs like a surge of dirty blood, rolling over from the corner of the corridor, spreading in from the gaps in the door, drowning everything, capturing everything, imprisoning everything.

All the evil filth caught by the chains are like being ingested by monsters, and dragged into the breach of the Bottomless Abyss by the chains.

Ling Xing saw his eyes widened.

She looked at all this, she was surprised, she was shocked, she was incredible, and at the same time worried.

She couldn't help but think of a Paladin that she had cultivated in another place before. She had high hopes, but was infested by evil spirits and became the evil Knight.

Recall, memory disappear. Seeing that Ling Xing shook the head, now is not the time to recall those, do business first, catch Protos and talk about it.

So where is Protos?

He has been firmly tied up by the three thickest chains.

He is like a tiny prey firmly absorbed by the deep sea monster, even if he struggles with all his strength, he can't violate the intention of the monster.

Kala Kala, he was sent to the breach of the fake Yin Sector amid the sound of iron chains rubbing.

No, that's not a breach, it's a terrifying giant mouth that the monster swallows everything.

The huge mouth is unfolded one after another, and every arc is shining, like an absolutely thousands of Ten Thousand Flowers Mirror. And in every mirror, there is a terrifying sight. A huge psychological shock flooded Protos's mind, and he finally let out a desperate scream.

Amidst the screams, Shi Tiexin took the last step and covered Protos's head with his stretched palm.

"This is the realm."

Pop, the evil on Protos exploded.

pa pa pa, all the evil is exploded.

pa pa pa pa Pa, the huge real Yin Sector that covers the entire Tiewei Mountain Prison, from the core to the mezzanine, from the sky to the evil, there are cracks everywhere, and finally, it crashes and disappears.

Twenty minutes later.

Wow wow wow wow, amid the flashing police lights and loud sirens, dozens of police cars, armored vehicles, and personnel carriers came and firmly controlled Tieweishan Prison.

One coma after another is carried into the car, and they will all undergo detailed interrogation.

There are thousands of guards up and down in Tieweishan Prison. Picking up all these thousands of guards and cleaning the entire prison from the filth and evil atmosphere is a super big project.

Aside from Shi Tiexin's ability, manpower, cohesion, and ability to mobilize enough power to do such a huge action, no one else can do it.

This is a necessary move.

If Nie Zhicheng wants to usher in a real new life, he must clean up the three systems of legislation, justice, and law enforcement. These three systems are the core of the French Open. Only when you are in the sun can you get real light.

Ling Xingjian came to Shi Tiexin with a cup of hot cocoa: "Are you okay?"

Shi Tiexin rubbed his temples and closed his eyes tightly: "Let me relax Slow down, it will be fine in a while."

The field explosion just now is really strong. It is a strong explosion, and the efficiency of clearing monsters is far better than any previous means. In terms of fighting against the real Yin Sector and against the great evil, Shi Tiexin's fear field is stronger and more direct than the existing heart technique, vigour, and body refinement.

Furthermore, after breaking the Tiewei Mountain, the domain of this Shi person swelled violently, the radius was nearly ten times larger, the volume was nearly a thousand times larger, and the power surged along with it.

There has never been a time when becoming stronger can be so simple.

However, what is too easy to obtain often has a hidden price.

In the past, this Shi’s fake Yin Sector originated from three different fears, and the core of which was the criminal’s fear of the law. But now, the target of the massive fears has changed from the law to Shi Tiexin himself.

This is a problem.

Because this direction is too clear, it is easy to appear real Yin Sector.

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