Fog Era Chapter 1093

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The influence of Yin Sector is two-way. When the core of Yin Sector uses Yin Sector, it will also be affected by Yin Sector.

The core of Yin Sector is not just itself, but a pan-conscious manifestation of a mixture of "self-awareness" and "outside cognition".

Similar to a celebrity, not just myself, but also an imaginary image of fans in mind. The more fans there are, the more the celebrity will be engulfed in pan-consciousness. If the celebrity seriously violates the imaginary image recognized by the public, it will lose followers immediately, or even be assassinated by crazy fans.

The same goes for the core of the real Yin Sector.

Shi Tiexin's terror field is powerful, but Shi Tiexin itself will also be contaminated by massive amounts of terrorism.

If Shi Tiexin is really a big evil, and his body is just an ordinary person, then he must have become fearful of the Demon King, completely unrecognizable, and he will never be able to find himself. Appearance.

The demon monk is not a mortal, but he also tasted the unbalanced concept.

The fake Yin Sector in the palm of the right hand is like a monster's egg, swelling, squirming, and pumping with tremors, constantly issuing faintly discernable calls, trying to completely invade Shi Tiexin’s body and mind .

This thing is already disobedient.

Fortunately, the breaking of the Yin Sector of Tiewei Mountain also brought him a huge spirituality. In addition to the spirituality obtained from the previous interrogation, a total of 700% of the huge spirituality nourishes the thoughts, allowing the heart technique of this Shi to exert a stronger effect.

"Inhale and exhale--inhale and exhale--"

He was panting hard, blowing like a balloon. Pieces of Jingtian bubbles blew out of his mouth, flying up to the sky, crackling and bursting.

He played for ten minutes before he stopped.

A large number of Absolute Evil Thoughts were excluded, which relieved a lot of burden on his spiritual realm.

Then, his eyes fell on the restless fake Yin Sector of the right hand.

"Drink--!" Shi Tiexin stared at angry roar, crackling thunder and whirling wind burst out from the right hand. A large amount of thunder is like a lance sticking to the fake Yin Sector, and the rolling wind is like a meat grinder cutting quickly. The fake Yin Sector struggled and roared, as if planning to run away, but was firmly grasped by Shi Tiexin's right hand with five fingers.

No, pure vigor is not enough.


"Bah, who is your darling, make shameless!" . Behind her, she spread out the illusory wings of light, the right hand held aloft in the void, and the holy light long spear took shape, showing off one's ability.

A little cold glow breaks through the air and points directly to the place where the wind and thunder meet.


holy light and vigor cooperated to fight and fought fiercely against the fake Yin Sector.

After all, it is a fake Yin Sector, after all, it is Shi Tiexin's own thing, after all, there is no other evil to provide power. After hearing only the sound of ka-cha, a hole was opened on the surface of the fake Yin Sector.

Shi Tiexin's left sword pointed upright, and the powerful heart technique condensed into flickering light at his fingertips.

Then, with a sound of pu chi, two fingers were inserted into the fake Yin Sector.

Crunchy, the pitch-black color continued to spread upward along Shi Tiexin's left arm. While spreading, Shi Tiexin opened the pores on his left arm, puffing out a lot of small bubbles, all of which are pure.

Black spread to the left and right of the elbow, and was blocked by the fierce spirit. Coupled with the small bubble continuously drawing wages from the bottom of the tank, the black area had to retreat after a stalemate for a while, and finally disappeared.

Look at the fake Yin Sector of the right hand again.

Shi Tiexin rubbed the fake Yin Sector, rubbed it into a ball like plasticine, and put it away with his backhand. The fake Yin Sector at this moment only retains the equivalent to ten times the power of the original state, which is the level line that this Shi can fully control now.

Ling Xingjian frowned: "You still keep it?"

"It's still useful."

Ling Xingjian is not without worry: "Be careful , Don’t be assimilated by the concept."

Shi Tiexin nodded and said: "What you said makes sense, and it must be prevented. The power of the concept is indeed strong, and you really can’t take it lightly."

"And the power of fear itself fits me quite well."

"Feared by others will breed tyranny."

"People who practice martial arts I always emphasize imposing manner, good at fighting, good at making people fearful, and good at violent."

"I have the world’s strongest body, the most determined and determined, and the strongest spiritual spirit. The amount of power. If I really merge with the Fear Realm, I’m afraid I will immediately become a Demon God, which will expand the power of the Terror Realm trillions of times."

Shi Tiexin That was exactly what Ling Xing saw was worried about.

The so-called blackening is ten times stronger, and whitening is weaker by three points. Although this sentence is a slogan, it is especially reasonable to put it in the evil world.

This is the case with the last blackened evil Knight, leading the full-server version when the evil concentration is not as high as it is now, and for the first time Ling Xing has seen the terrifying power of the real Yin Sector.

It was that experience that gave Ling Xingjian an almost neurotic vigilance against "degeneration" and "blackening", and a demand for "purity" and "firmness". .

Paladin, who fell last time, is not so strong yet, and is just an apprentice that Ling Xing saw. To compare it, an ordinary undead Knight came out, not even Lich King.

If the monk is blackened, don't mention the Lich King. The equivalent to Sargeras is in the level 60 nostalgic suit. If the realm of terror gains the true core, and endlessly strengthens and spreads it out, the end of mankind will come early.

So Ling Xing saw a fierce suggestion: "Then you don't hurry up and get rid of this stuff?"

Shi Tiexin shook his head: "The evil is not done, but the knife is still Can’t be released. The hell is not empty, the demon monk must be a demon monk. And I can also cultivate the domain myself. I won’t be greedy for such harmful foreign objects, and I won’t miss it when I throw it away."

"What's more, the stone of the mountain can be used for jade. After being tempered by the fake Yin Sector and the fake domain, I can better control the power of the domain and build the strongest legal domain."

Ling Xing sees still Worry: "I say so, but this thing does not listen to you, it will spontaneously and uncontrollably swallow and absorb the nourishment of other real Yin Sectors!"

"Next we will have to In the face of many big evils, the intensity of the struggle will continue to rise."

"What if it swells too strong in a short period of time during a certain struggle?"

" What do you do if you are really dragged to the dark side?"

Ling Xing saw that the more you talk, the more excited, the more you talk, the more anxious, and finally clenched his fists and gritted his teeth and shouted: "I don't want to... I really don't want to see my companion be-"

Pop, Shi Tiexin shook Ling Xingjian's hand and placed it in his warm palm.

The voice of Ling Xing stopped abruptly and looked up at the man.

Shi Tiexin smiled slightly: "Then, you come to be my fuse."

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