Fog Era Chapter 1095

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"speaking of which, if you put the sacred seal on me, will your own strength be damaged?"

"It will indeed be weakened."

"Then we have to gather a few more sacred seals and make them back."

Ling Xing laughed and scolded: "There are only so many kinds of virtues, one carrot and one pit, no If you want to condense, you can condense."

"Small, the structure is small, can it be said that practicing the Sacred Heart can only rely on virtue?"

Ling Xingjian strangely said:" What can you rely on not on virtue?"

"I’ll throw some ideas and help you open up your mind. Listen well." Shi Tiexin cleared his throat: "Sacred seal of prosperity, sacred seal of democracy, sacred seal of civilization, The seal of harmony, the seal of freedom, the seal of equality, the seal of justice, the seal of rule of law, the seal of love, the seal of dedication, the seal of integrity, the seal of friendliness-the socialist Paladin with Chinese characteristics, what about it?"

Ling Xing suddenly smiled and joined him: "Just you have more ghost ideas!"

When chatting, don't delay the speeding, the speed exceeds 250 kilometers per hour. Xunfeng weakened the air resistance, platinum driving made the vehicle extremely stable, and when chatting and talking, he was close to the target location.

Ling Xingjian said suddenly: "It is strange to say that those two people will leave their fixed area."

Shi Tiexin nodded and said: "The real Yin Sector core is big Xie Hui, even if the real Yin Sector hasn’t been opened yet, they often won’t leave their comfort zone."

"The behavior of the two of them was indeed unexpected, and it disrupted us. Plan to deploy."

"But better, it also reduces the difficulty of our capture. Regardless of whether they are evil or not, as long as they leave their territory, even if there is a real Yin Sector, formidable power It’s also greatly discounted."

"After all, the evil sighs who can carry the domain with me like me have never appeared."

Ling Xing sees hearing this sighed: "Also. It’s not that I’ve never appeared before."

Shi Tiexin keenly sensed Ling Xingjian’s emotions, and thought of a probability: "Is it your'colleague'?"

Ling Xingjian "Yes, my colleague, my discipline, and my comrade-in-arms are also the first big evil that I have personally settled." Shi Tiexin suddenly asked: "Men's and women's?"



"Men?!" Shi Tiexin immediately turned his head back: "Isn't it a predecessor? Speaking of which, you should There won’t be ten or eight ex-boyfriends, right?"

Ling Xing saw Shi Tiexin's head angrily: "Fuck off, drive well! Talk nonsense, I tore your mouth!"


Shi Tiexin slapped her head back, but her little mouth was still as sweet as arsenic: "Oh, yes, you have the seal of purity, I'm relieved—speaking of which seal of purity shines, it looks like It’s like highlighting the words'I'm a virgin' on the head. The ability of holy light is really excellent!"

Ling Xingjian’s finger immediately pinched someone’s. Fiercely spin of the loin.

Shi Tiexin did not cry for mercy, but gently held her small hand with her big hand, changing the subject and saying warmly, "I know a little bit about him, can you tell me more about it?"

Ling Xing saw that he pinched fiercely again, and found that he couldn’t pinch, so he let go of his hand: "That’s a teenager I met in Alaska, father in the Great Depression. He ran away, and his mother remarried but passed away. The stepfather kicked him out of the house. Life was very difficult."

"It was a cold and snowy night when I met him. He was hiding in the alley alone. Here, hungry and cold, sick and painful, it seems to be freezing to death, like a little match girl who is pitiful."

"With compassion in my heart, I rescued him and cured him with holy light. His illness."

Shi Tiexin speculated: "I'm afraid this kid will recognize you as the messenger of heaven and follow you."

"It is true." Ling Xingjian continued: "I cured him, but he stubbornly followed me, ten miles, hundred miles, and following me all the way."

"The wilderness, the snowy field, he will follow me wherever I go. He stayed in the corner outside when I stayed and slept."

"Whether it was a blizzard or a strong wind, whether it was hungry or exhausted, he fell down again and again, and got up again and again. He got up again and again. Without saying a word, you must follow me even if you die."

Shi Tiexin: "You have always been a soft-hearted person."

"Yes, I am a soft-hearted person. , And he is planning to recruit more disciplines. Seeing that he is so firm and there is no evil lingering on his body, he is a manufacturable material, so he will be accepted as a guide, and he is holy light."

"He can endure hardship very much. The character is also very tenacious."

"He doesn’t say much, never slack in his actions."

"He can show great sympathy to the weak, regardless of I’m tired to rescue them, heal them, and save others as if I’m saving myself."

"He is very suitable for holy light, and he makes rapid progress."

"Soon later Steadily mastered the first sacred word and became Paladin."

Ling Xing saw his eyes blurred: "I think he is firm and pure. He opened up to the entire world for Second Step. The result..."

"Something went wrong?" Shi Tiexin asked: "What's wrong?"

Ling Xing see sighed: "The problem lies in the second sentence of the holy word. He can't say the second sentence no matter what."

Shi Tiexin's thoughts flickered.

The first two holy words of holy light are:

I promise you that you will be brilliant in an instant and guard the palace in your heart.

I allow you to be magnanimous for the rest of your life and defend the faith of your soul.

The holy word is not only the voice of the heart, but it goes straight to the depths of the soul. Failure to pronounce the second sentence means that there is no magnanimity in the "first life magnanimity", or no faith in the "soul faith".

Holy light itself does not require people to believe in holy light itself. This Shi believes that as long as they have lofty ideals and goals, and put them into action, they are considered to have faith.

The young man should have faith, so the problem should lie in "magnanimity".



Look at Ling Xing again to see this woman...

Shi Tiexin He gave a bloody guess: "Then the little brother has a crush on you, right?!" Ling Xing was shocked when he saw it.

As soon as my thoughts are opened, this Shi is so popular as to compile stories:

"Teenage age, beginning to stir teenagers, charming pioneers, and beautiful. The redeemer, the taboo relationship between the mentor and the apprentice, the insurmountable holy light doctrine, the secret love, the dream of imagination, and the panties in the morning!"

"These turned into repression The emotions and self-denial, and the urge to tear everything apart at all costs!"

"I clearly want to treat you as faith, but the goal of faith is too good to look at, and I can’t help thinking Do something yellow, blaspheme and blaspheme this belief."

"Every time you look at you, the more you begin to stir."

"Every time you begin to stir, you will feel more guilty. "

"There is also the second sacred word that I can't pronounce, the more I can't, the more I know I have a problem, the more I know my problem, the more I can't pronounce it!"


"The young man is trapped in a spiral of contradictions, constantly spinning between impulse and regret, turbocharging between bursts and depression, like a drill bit deeper and deeper."

" In the end, ka-cha pierced through my soul."

"The evil spirit came in while it was empty and polluted the young man's soul."

"The young man was in the pain of his soul. Weeping bitterly, the blackening is ten times stronger, becoming the evil Knight, and then in a spurt of energy opens the real Yin Sector!"

"The real Yin Sector is opened, engulfing everything, and never You who have seen the real Yin Sector are sealed inside."

"The power of the concept turns into reality, and the cognition of the mind overwhelms the substance."

"You are the focus of all evil thoughts , Was suppressed in his real Yin Sector until he could not fight back."


"The confession and respect that the young man kept in his heart restricted his Power, I gave you a glimmer of survival."

"He is like a Gemini Saint Seiya, blackened for a while, albino for a while, and wanted to profanity for a while and wanted to kneel down."

" In the end—!"

"His remorse gained the upper hand, fell down on his knees, tearfully confessed his sins to you, and begged you to end him with your own hands."

"You are contradictory, you are entangled, but the demonization has deepened, and you have to do it after all."

"So the pistol fell!"

"Ka-cha, send it away Was my first discipline."

"That day, it was also a snowy night, just like meeting him before The same night. Once, you saved him. This time, you can only kill him. "

"From then on, you begin to consciously seal your charm. "

"Since then, you have repeatedly mentioned your criteria for recruiting disciplines. "

"From then on, you began to doubt your plans for the future and the correctness of what you did. "

"From then on, your holy light realm is difficult to improve, and the third holy word is stuck. "

"-Okay, the story of my KouHi is finished. "

"Don't tell me, your story is as bloody as I made up. "

Ling Xing in the back seat was dumbfounded, and opened his mouth for a long time to close.

"No way? Is it really so bloody? Shi Tiexin's eyes widened: "Is there anything I didn't guess right?" For example, the snowy night, can't it be a snowy night twice, right? "

Ling Xing was angry again at the sight, and could not lie, so he could only mutter in a dull voice: "Alaska is close to the North Pole, the night is long, and there is a lot of snow..."

It’s so special! I’ve guessed it all!

From now on, please call me Shi Banxian!

Ling Xing sees that his unforgettable past has been completely ruined by this Shi. He listened to him. , I always feel like my past is like a third-rate TV series.

She is immediately angry and inexplicably embarrassed, and finally fly into a rage out of humiliation. , Twisted his finger up again, and said annoyedly: "If you want to laugh at me, laugh at me! "

"Is I so stupid, so stupid, I can't even teach a discipline? "

"Do you think my troubles are mediocre, not worth mentioning?" "

"Why do you guess this bastard so accurately?" "

"It can't be said that it is purely the same, it can only be said that it is exactly the same. Why on earth is this!" "

Shi Tiexin shook his head: "I am not laughing at you. I guess right, because I can understand him. "

Ling Xing saw his hands relax: "Can you understand?" "

"Yes. I have had an extremely similar experience. "

He can feel the boy's feelings very much.

Because of this world line, he was on the verge of death in the snowy night.

After the soul synced , He fully understands the feeling of desperation, and even more understands the touch of being suddenly redeemed by supernatural power at the time of the dead end. People who have not been on the verge of death will not understand that it is really a great inspiration that can make people convert.

The redemption point for someone is the bell from the outside world, the ten-ring and sharp miracle sound.

From this point on, someone firmly believes in the existence of the mysterious outside the sky, and has a positive attitude towards Shi Tiexin. The arrival of consciousness gave the greatest acceptance, no doubt at all.

And if you replace the ten-ring bells with holy light, replace this Shi, who is more than two meters high and fierce and evil, with a beautiful Ling. Seeing the stars, the effect will be completely different.

Ling Xingjian asked: "If you can understand, then tell me, where does the crux of this matter come from? Why did the right start and the right process lead to the wrong result in the end? "

"The crux? too easy. Shi Tiexin bluntly said: "Just because you are too beautiful. "

"Look at yourself, words cannot describe your charm. Only when I see you, see you, and feel your agility and smile, will I be deeply shocked. "

"If it were in Shang and Zhou Dynasties, King Zhou left Daji indifferently. "

"If in the Spring and Autumn Period, Xi Shi would become a spare tire. "

"If in the Three Kingdoms, Dong Zhuo kicked Fei Diaochan. "

"If in the prosperous Tang, Profound Sect would forget the imperial concubine. "

"In another world, there is a man named Chen Jin. He is so talented and bold, and so deliberate. If it weren't for my sudden cultivation, all his plans would be successful. "

"Even if he did not complete his work at the time, he was already integrated with the apocalyptic particles and mastered the superior power of "immortality." Endless mysterious and infinite eternity, male and female genders should no longer be in the heart. "

"-But even such a formidable person is still thinking about keeping you by his side, even knowing that you are procrastinating and didn't act immediately. "

"They all say femme fatale, too beautiful. A person who is as beautiful as you can indeed cause all kinds of problems. "

"Don't talk about others, even this poor monk, when I first met in Tokyo, I was still shaken by a back figure in the gym. "

"After getting along for a long time, the determination became stronger, the heart technique became fierce, and the things that should be done on the fire star were also done, which gradually desensitized. Otherwise, I'll tremble when I look at you. "

Ling Xing heard that she was angry and funny. She was really happy to be praised by Shi Tiexin, and then she became ashamed: "What do you mean by doing something on fire star? Done? "

"What do you mean?" "This Shi has always had a thick skin: "It's the impure, ashamed, and human reproduction things you think about-hey hey, what's your anger? We are a legal couple, and we got the certificate. ! "

"Who and you are...yes..." Ling Xingjian's face was almost red, and he seemed to want to deny it, but for some reason, he just blushed and lowered his head. She refuses to admit it as she did before.

Now she seems to be more inclined to believe than the previous suspicion.

With a few tricks, this Shi went on to say the business:" Do you think it is your beauty that harmed him? "

Ling Xing saw a smile, nodded dull, a little depressed: "This incident is my fault. "

"Wrong, very wrong. Isn’t it a big joke to be guilty for beauty? Shi Tiexin categorically said: "If you think this way, it is truly a big mistake, and it has let down the passing of your discipline and failed to find the real culprit of the whole thing!" "

"The culprit? "Ling Xing saw lifts the head: "Who is the culprit?" Evil? "

"No. "Shi Tiexin slowly said the profanity that shocked Ling Xingjian: "It's holy light." To be precise, it is the holy light you understand. "

Ling Xing saw his eyes widened, his pupils shrunk, and his whole body was standing up, as if he had been stepped on his tail.

"Is it hard to accept?" But this is true. Shi Tiexin said solemnly, "When I talk about business, I always speak out. Now, I also tell you without reservation, I think the crux of this matter lies in the point I have said-your holy light is too pure. "

"You ask for pure love, pure respect, not pure blasphemy. "

"But human beings are not pure. "

"Don't say you are a peerless beauty, even if you are a brawny man with a height of two meters and a full face, you will not change his destiny. "

"Because he will always meet other women who make him feel stunned, and then love each other. "

"How should he deal with himself at that time?" "

"If you don't get married, you won't be able to end it. Letting the old-fashioned beauty spends time and waits, it is a torment to his soul. "

"But if we are married, can hehehe pa pa pa do things? If she doesn't do it, she keeps her widow, but if she does, where does his purity and sacred seal go? "

"If this problem is not solved, Paladin will eventually be trapped by love, will eventually be stuck in a dilemma, and will eventually fall into self-disgust. "

Ling Xing saw that the blown up hair slowly fell, and she began to think carefully about Shi Tiexin's theory.

She seems to be more able to accept this Shi’s statement today. .

This is a good sign, so Shi Tiexin continued: "Similarly, this is also about the vision of the future that you and I said before. "

"If everyone is required to be pure, and even thoughts must be flawless, then people with evil thoughts will be afraid of their impurity. Fear is also a negative thought. The more you fear, the more you worry that you are in fear. In the end, you are deeply in fear and cannot extricate yourself from it. "

"This will instead drive people to the evil side. "

"Your method of salvation, the final result is to force mankind to extremes. "

"Either there is no self at all, and it becomes a machine that makes holy light. "

"Either they were forced into evil in fear and strangled by violent agencies. "

"What is justice and what is evil is distorted, obscured, or even confused in the pursuit of too pure and extreme. When it is hard to return, either the faith in holy light has completely collapsed, or holy light has won, but men and women cannot breed offspring, and mankind perishes. "

"This is the fundamental reason why I oppose you. "

"Think about your discipline. Do you think what I said makes sense?" "

Ling Xing saw silence.

She was confused and thinking again. She had no idea, but she seemed to understand something.

Suddenly, She lifts the head, looking towards Shi Tiexin with her eager and eager gaze for the first time: "So what should the holy light in your eyes look like? "

"I don't know. I am not a holy light messenger, so I can't talk about a thorough understanding. "Shi Tiexin looked towards the dark sky in the distance: "But, the other you, who is also the messenger of holy light, once said a word to me--"

"Save you, and save the world, As important. "

"For your reference. "

At this moment, when the long wind blew, Ling Xing saw that he felt like being struck by a thunderbolt in his heart, and he was speechless for a long time.

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