Fog Era Chapter 1096

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Under the motorcycle wheel, the road in the night stretches.

Long, long, as long as it is broken, people can't see the end.

Ling Xing in the back seat was silent, without saying a word, she was confused, not knowing what to do. She felt that this Shi's statement was disrespectful to holy light, but deep down in her heart, she thought that the big man had some truth.

She was caught in a great contradiction and entanglement.

On the one hand, if she agrees with Shi Tiexin's statement, it will collapse what she believes in until now. She would question everything she had insisted on, and she would fall into a huge confusion.

She does not allow herself to be lost.

She is like Prometheus trekking through the dark wilderness, vowing to bring back the fire obtained from heaven. The world's winter is coming, if there is no fire available, the world will die. If the navigation fails at this time and you lose your way, the whole world will decay and collapse in the winter. No matter how inaccurate the ferry map is, it is not bad, and it is better than not finding the north at all.

On the other hand, she also had to think about another problem, a problem that has long made her hesitate, troubled her, and made her uncertain.

That is the fire in your hands, is it really the seed of light that benefits thousands of families? If after exhausting the suffering untold hardships and taking them back, it turns out that the karma of the world has been burned, what should I do?

The huge contradiction made her unable to stop and move forward fearlessly. There are calamities on the outside, struggles on the inside, and under internal and external difficulties, the situation Ling Xing sees is far more difficult than everyone imagined. If not, her aptitude should be far stronger than it is now.


Looking at the big man riding a motorcycle in front, Ling Xing saw the subconsciously extend the hand and encircled his waist. She leaned behind him a little tired and fragile, her face pressed against her broad back, and suddenly felt a little at ease.


Fortunately, she is not alone now.

Shi Tiexin is like another person she encounters in the vast darkness of wasteland. The fire in this person's hands is different from her. This person does not need to look at the ferry map or go to heaven to steal fire. He can see East, West, North, and South by watching Celestial Phenomenon at night, and he can set up a big bonfire by drilling wood to make a fire.

He told her: Why worship God? People can become immortals.

Although at first doubts him, guards him, rejects him, resists him, and can't stand the argument that "you spread humanity", it seems to be denying her everything so far Persistence and sacrifice.

But nowadays, when she has to stare at and examine the fire in her hands, she suddenly realizes that it is the person who observes Celestial Phenomenon at night so that she can not worry about the invalidation of the ferry map. . It is precisely because of this person who drills wood to make fire, that he has the leeway to sit by the campfire and rest, think and think, and feel his infinite courage, although he is savage, but who can conquer the sky.

Moreover, Ling Xingjian now knows very well that this man does not lie.

As for why it’s so clear...

Crack, the locomotive suddenly decelerated and braked, Ling Xing saw that he moved forward with inertia, came back to his senses: "Here?"

Shi Tiexin was nodded in front: "Really bomb."

Huh? !

Shi Tiexin scratched his head: "Ahem, I mean, it’s coming soon."

Ling Xingjian rolled his eyes pretty at this Shi, but didn’t say much. What, my temper is so much better. She looked around and came to a small town unconsciously. This small town should be one of the new towns near the city of Nie. It is located at the intersection of the main traffic arteries. It has developed quite prosperously. From a distance, it is brightly lit, splendorous and majestic.

This Shi: "The two old guys are in this town. According to the information, they brought their core doglegs, and they don’t know what they want to do. By the way, this kind of big After Xie Hui moved with the doglegs, can he open a real Yin Sector in a new place?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen it before, maybe it won't work." Ling Xingjian calculated: "You It is a policeman, born with the concept of'patrol' and'movement'. It is not surprising where it appears, and all fear belongs to itself, so it can run with the domain."

"But these two people It’s different. Their concept is related to the “Prosecutor’s Office” and the “Court”. Similar to Wraith, how can we change places at will?"

"Not to mention that we took the salary from the bottom of the pan and arrested it in advance. More B-Rank goals. Even if they can still open the field now, the formidable power must be greatly reduced."

In that case, Ling Xing sees it even more strangely.

The two of them stayed in their piece of land. Maybe they could resist a bit. What are they doing here?

Shi Tiexin opened his eyes and saw a smile that belonged to CJSP suddenly appeared on his face: "Oh~~~It turns out that this is the case~~~"

Ling Xing sees his face Don’t understand: "What’s going on?"

"Don’t ask, these two old guys should still be in the dark anyway, they didn’t find us." Shi Tiexin rolled up his sleeves: "Don't go away here, I'll go get them back."

"No, I must go with you. Don't forget, I am your'fuse' now."

"That..." This Shi hesitated for a while, nodded: "Then you have to pay attention to it."

"What do you look at?"

"Look at your pure sacred seal and don't run away." This Shi looked at the town with a serious look: "There, but Heaven on Earth."

Ling Xing see you After opening the barrier, Shi Tiexin also reduced his sense of existence, and walked into the town like two transparent people.

Ling Xingjian didn't quite understand the meaning of "Heaven on Earth", but when she was in this small town, she really felt the prosperity and beauty of the small town immediately.

Here people coming, people going, there is a lot of hustle and bustle here, here are all luxury cars. In just a few minutes, Ling Xing saw all kinds of luxury cars.

Every building here, even every street lamp on the street, has an unfathomable mystery gorgeous and extremely delicate decoration.

Under the night sky here, there are strands of shining colorful flakes, and the air is full of intoxicating aroma of wine. Just grab a wisp of wind and put it on the tip of your nose, and you can feel the wonderful touch of champagne bubbles bursting on the tip of your nose.

Ling Xing saw the journey from the south to the north, experienced and knowledgeable, but still couldn't help but be surprised: "This is really prosperous. The whole country is in the Great Depression, but here it seems to be back before the Great Depression, as if it is desolate and desolate. From the future to this country, it’s really uncomfortable."

"More than before, I think Wall Street is the most profitable and most profitable when it is only this." Shi Tiexin remembered Champion Shi once. I saw a movie called "The Great Gatsby". Although there is no such extreme carnival in this small town as in Gatsby's Villa, the sensual and indulgent atmosphere that permeates the air is exactly the same.

behind the red doors meat and wine go to waste, while out on the road lie the frozen bones of the poor, this is also one of the norms of the world. After Champion Shi followed Fang Qingjue to the party, he had a deep understanding of this.

The prosperity of this small town has gone beyond the scope of ordinary wine and meat, and has begun to move closer to the real Heaven on Earth.

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