Fog Era Chapter 1097

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Shi Tiexin walks in the small town, looking at him with Handsome Men and Beautiful Women.

All skin tones, hair colors, pupil colors, and clothes are all presented here one after another.

Whether it is Victorian style or Victoria's Secret style, whether it is Gothic style or Gothic loli maid style, whether it is animal ear style or Fury animal ear style, there is always one that suits you.

This small town is like playing various mods of lsp’s attractive spectacle. Women with supermodel figures wearing myriad costumes are constantly coming and going. It’s really dizzy and eyes blurred. Doubt that I came to heaven on earth.

"This decoration is good."

"This costume design is also very thoughtful."

"It seems that the manager here is a person with a cultivation. Look down."

Shi Tiexin walked and observed, occasionally commenting on two sentences, always hitting the point.

The men and women on the street cuddled, and the wind was filled with a pink atmosphere. Ling Xing saw that he was not a fool, and after looking at it more, he finally understood something: "Is this a place of wind and moon?"

"Of course." Shi Tiexin lifted his chin, indicating that he was shaking next to him. The catwoman who walked past her chest: "Look at her ass, walking along the road, drawing circles from the left to the right and one to the right. Who walks like this?"

Ling Xing sees the catwoman who looks at the catwoman. Posture: "Why does she walk like this, doesn't her waist hurt?"

"All of them are specially trained. Every arc is to attract men and arouse lust." Shi Tiexin looked over with scorching eyes. : "Why don't you walk around like this, you will definitely look a hundred times better than these coquettish bastards!" Ling Xingjian suddenly got upset: "Fuck off."

Then she What came to mind: "By the way, you seem to know these things very well."

This Shi confessed: "I do know more about mean people who resort to petty tricks."


Ling Xing saw a sinister look: "Go to Fengyue places often?"

"It depends on your definition of'frequently go'." This Shi said seriously: "Go for a week Three times. Although it is not comparable to Divine Immortal who lives directly in Huajie Liuxiang, it is considered a'frequent visit' in the general sense."

Ling Xingjian suddenly became anxious: "Three times a week?! Went here. Are you looking for a woman in a place?"

"Yes, I look for the same person every time."



"Uh...Huh?" Ling Xing saw Shi Tiexin confused, and then he understood: "Why don't you talk about unfathomable mystery's parallel time and space? "

"You think it's unfathomable mystery, but to me it is a fact that I have experienced." In the night, the face Ling Xing saw looked so familiar, as if it were yesterday. Shi Tiexin said with emotion: "The first time I really knew you, it was really in this fireworks and willow alley. You dressed in disguise, I changed day and day, the dirtiest place, I met the kindest person."

Ling Xing relieved his anger when he saw hearing this, lowered his head and avoided his gaze, and did not respond to Shi Tiexin's emotions.

Shi Tiexin narrowed his smile, and felt a little bitter that things have remained the same, but people have changed.

After all, what the Black Venerable encounters is not the person in front of him, and the person in front of him is not the Black Venerable after all. My own Myriad Realms are unified, but they can't demand the people around them by this standard.

Seeing this Ling Xing, after all, it is not the yoyo.

Ling Xing saw the topic averted: "Don't say these are gone, let's do business first. Alfons and Gonzalez came here with their core dogs, could it be that they are also here for fun? They are in trouble, do they really still have this kind of leisure and elegance?"

Shi Tiexin nodded: "It's really weird, but men, it's not incomprehensible. Regardless of them, they are really worms. It's still a fake secret gathering. Anyway, they are already not in their domain, and they can't use all the magical abilities. We first reduce our sense of existence, explore their location, and then capture the bandit leader through the thunderous method, but the rest is nothing. It's something to fight pornography and illegality."

Ling Xing saw it, and that was right, there was nothing wrong with it.

Then in this manner.

"Where are those two guys now?"

"According to the agent's positioning signal, they should be in the core of this town." Shi Tiexin's eyes followed the street. It stretches over and falls on a magnificent building: "Look, it's there."

This small town is already prosperous enough.

But when he came to the building, Ling Xingjian couldn't help but feel astonished.

In front of you is a huge palace similar to Buckingham Palace. The tall classical city wall, towering gates, deep doorways, and castle-like moats and suspension bridges add a lot of mystery and magnificence.

The crackling of the fireworks burst, making the night castle a dreamlike picture. Under the brilliant lights, the whole building is gold and jade in glorious splendor. There are exquisite lights in the moat, and the stars are lit up as if the Milky Way is flowing below.

There is a lot of people here, and countless men and women want to enter. Everyone looked longing and fanatical, like believers about to ascend to heaven.

Shi Tiexin held a man: "Where is this place?"

The man's eyes widened: "You don't even know this place?"

Shi Tiexin: "Should I know?"

The man is like a sermon with his eyes shining: "Who does not know about the entire city of Nie? This is a paradise on earth, a country of eternal joy. ! Money, food, beauty, power, honor, you can get everything you want here!"

"Here, you don’t have to worry about disease, death, hunger, deceit, dignity, and inferiority. Unexplainable weirdness and weirdness. Everyone will come here, everyone will take refuge here, this is the only promised land in this suffering world, our home!"

This Shi has a human face unfathomable mystery, why have I never heard of such a place?

"What's the name here?"

"The name here is—" The man stretched out his arms and roared: "Fat! OK! Gold! Palace!"


peng peng, a series of fireworks lifted off, the crowd lining up at the door screamed frantically, and the carnival atmosphere swept the audience.

Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian looked at each other and felt something was wrong.

Shi Tiexin erected his sword and pointed it at his temples, his eyes flashed with qi and said: "Such a vast and influential Fengyue place, I should have brought someone here to fight pornography and nonsense to watch pretty girls beat evil. It’s dirty spirituality, but I don’t remember the concept of'wandering the golden palace'."

Ling Xingjian is also nodded seriously: "New Star News impossible can’t notice this, but I didn’t receive it either. As far as any news comes, it seems weird here-what does it mean to look at pretty girls?"

"Why do you not want to see women who stumbled?" Huh? Why did you say what was in your heart again? Shi Tiexin shook his head: "Guanlan Sky Eye, open!"

Buzz, 7th Layer Heavenly Eye Open, the sky eye supported by 700% spirituality looked towards the golden palace at night. The eyes of the sky were shining, and the secrets of the Golden Palace appeared, and every delicate hair was completely shown.

Shi Tiexin observed carefully for a while, then frowned for a moment to put away the divine ability: "I didn't see the abnormality, it seems to be a simple ring-shaped entertainment city here."

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