Fog Era Chapter 1098

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There are no abnormal scenes, no phase fluctuations, or even evil.

It really looks like this is just an entertainment city that just opened.

-But this is the biggest anomaly.

Just the fanatical appearance of these people, judging by their performance of wine, color, wealth, energy and five poisons, how can they breed dozens of evils. Shi Tiexin's eyes illuminate the inner circle of the Golden Palace, and Shi Tiexin's eyes can see through the three layers. But within these three levels, there was indeed no evil shadow, and all they saw were ordinary persons who were caught in a carnival and sensual.

Even the evil spirits linger in the Golden Palace, which is far lower than the concentration in other places in Nie City. Except for the serious case department where this Shi has been sitting for a long time, this place is already the place with the lowest concentration of evil spirits.

Ling Xing saw standing at the door and took a breath. He even felt a little refreshed, and his mood was slightly happy.

Is it really the promised land?

Shi Tiexin facial expression grave got up: "It's a bit evil."

For safety, you should retreat first.

But now Alphonse and Gonzalez are in there and don’t know what they are doing. Now they don’t let an opportunity slip by, and the arrow is on the line.

If you withdraw at this time, let the two people get rid of, I don't know how many major events will be born.

Nie’s City Rectification Action involves thousands of households and cannot be abandoned halfway. Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian looked at each other, and they already understood each other's thoughts.

"Explore first. This kind of place appears next to the city of Nie, and sooner or later it will be the bottom. If things are not right, I will run away immediately."

, The two passed through the crowd.

A draught wind is blowing in the gate hole. This deep and long gate hole reminds Shi Tiexin of the ancient city wall gate. If the lighting here is turned off, it must be another horrible place.

Parting the crowd all the way through the doorway, after passing the doorway, the inside suddenly opened up.

"Welcome to the Golden Palace! Please impudent play and enjoy everything here!" A group of beautiful tall women dressed up as bunny girls, blow a kiss here and wink, "accidentally" from time to time The part where he touched his partner and rubbed off the clothes next to him, the various poses are eye-catching.

The crowd who entered here was immediately ignited with endless enthusiasm, and the cheers were deafening.

Ling Xingjian quickly stretched out his hand to block this Shi’s eyes: "Don’t look at it!"

"Think about Darling too much, these are just vulgar fans, not worth mentioning." Shi Tiexin looked calmly without squinting: "Just this kind of coquettish bitch, do you want this poor monk to look at you? Don't say this acted coquettishly, it's just a clean party, and Lao Na is also empty of all four."

Ling Xing saw that he let go of his hand, a little smile appeared on his face.

She believes every word of Shi Tiexin, because--

"Indeed, using these rotten meat to entertain distinguished guests is just a filth, and it's a concubine's negligence." The voice suddenly sounded: "It's better for the concubine to entertain the two."

The crowd suddenly became quiet.

To be precise, the all around crowd is still noisy, surging, or rushing.

But when this voice sounded, all those things became insignificant background sounds, completely ignored in consciousness.

A person appeared in front of Shi Tiexin and Ling Xingjian.

This person walked out of the group of bunny girls and was a woman.

She also dresses up as a bunny girl, with bunny ears and black silk high heels, and even a funny red bunny nose on her face, which is no different from ordinary bunny girls.

But when she appeared, the crowds of people and sea elephants in the middle were squeezed out of the dimension by the warped space, and everything was pulled out of the original position and crowded into the insignificant corner. .

The sense of powerful existence radiates overwhelmingly, without seeing the race, ignoring the color of the skin, I only think that she is infinitely attractive and has a deep-rooted color. This lust penetrates the flesh, penetrates into the bone marrow, can scratch the apex of the heart, and makes people itchy from the inside out.

Seeing that his expression sank, Ling Xing couldn't help feeling nervous.

They didn't expect that they immediately got caught when they entered this entertainment city. The woman in front of her felt very bad. She had already revealed her miracle, but she had let Ling Xing see that she couldn't touch the root of her extraordinaryness.

Similar feelings have only been felt in Shi Tiexin.

——And this is the worst part.

I was thinking, the woman had already walked up to the two of them. She glanced at Ling Xing and saw it twice, and then stared at Shi Tiexin with a pair of wonderful eyes, her bright eyes were gazing, and she turned to Shi Tiexin and waved against Shi Tiexin: "In the eyes of the distinguished guests, is the concubine body also a vulgar fan, a glamorous bastard? "

Shi Tiexin's eyes flickered, and in Seventh Layer Heaven's eyes, the image of this woman changed from a simple person to a layered overlap. This woman was obviously not a human being, and the face she showed was definitely not her true face, but Guanlan Tianyan couldn't quickly deconstruct the opponent's heels and feet for a while.

The girl in front of me is stronger than any big evil filthy I have ever seen. It seems very awesome!

If you lose, you don't lose the lineup. You can't show your cowardice at this time.

Fighting method is fighting heart, words are good at attacking heart. No matter where this woman is with her feet, she still has an inseparable connection with this entertainment city. Shi Tiexin's thoughts flashed, and then his expression became solemn, and his aura suddenly became tall and empty: "It turns out that the domain master is in front of him, and the demon monk has been buried for the third time."

The entertainment city is nothing but wine and wealth. , Just use the four big ones to restrain. The vest of the demon monk does not pierce the needle.

This woman winks and sults: "Isn't the distinguished guest, the director, how come you have become a demon monk again?"

Shi Tiexin's expression is calm: "Buddha has a thousand faces, everything is comprehensive . This poor monk hasn’t learned anything else, but the ability to change the vest is quite learned."

"It seems that Master is also an expert in character play. It just so happens that the concubine body is also good at this." , But the eyebrows are very eye-catching: "If you are a Master, your concubine is a demonic girl. If you are a director, your concubine is a female prisoner. No matter how many scriptures you read and worship how many Buddhas you see, you can still be four, big, and big. All and nothing."

Looking at the woman who has been teasing this Shi, Ling Xing on the side could not help but burst into anger.

But now the situation is not good, Ling Xing's reason has suppressed the nameless fire, and began to calmly search for a way to get out of trouble.

I have just finished the draft, and run away whenever there is something wrong, and now it’s time to slip away.

So Ling Xingjian began to secretly find a way to escape.

At this moment, I only heard the woman say leisurely: "The concubine heard that when a man in the world sees a woman, there are only two things in his mind, that is, he wants to do it and he doesn't want to do it. Then Master sees Concubine, do you want to do it in your heart, or do you not want to do it?"

Shi Tiexin suddenly eyes flashed.

Good opportunity!

This woman has the right time and place, but she is still a little immature in terms of language and skills. These methods are okay to suit ordinary men's words, but in front of me is display one's slight skill before an expert.

this poor monk is an expert of the Mind Department of Sanmai Quanxue Rheology, nonsense that is have the words at hand.

Never let this woman play, she must not fall into the rhythm of the other party, she must seize the upper hand!


[Color is void, and void is color. Beauty shit, color is empty, Amitabha, good is good. 】

Think about it, just say, fiercely's blow to the opposing arrogance!

This battle is about to start my round!

The face is right, the palms are folded together, the eyes are clear, never dodge, dignified is saying it out loud——

"Want to do it!"

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