Fog Era Chapter 1099

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Huh? !

This Shi is stupid.

No, no, wait, this is not what I want to say!

I didn't think about this word, why did I say what I was thinking all of a sudden!

In the Wuxin Zen lotus, the iron heart stone slapped his face with a slap: "Brother! I beg you, brother! You are topping my face now! You pat your butt and go away, I But I still have to live here for a lifetime! As a senior officer in the police system, I can’t, at least I shouldn’t have died to this point!” This Shi just wanted to explain, and the next moment he felt stiff. An extremely sharp gaze pinned on him. Ling Xing saw his eyes staring at him extremely sinisterly, causing this Shi's gaze to rise steadily, blinking and bursting. In the various blessings of fast-moving high, this Shi is like a man on his back, covered in cold sweat.

To die to die to die!

The woman in front covered her mouth and smiled, her branches trembled, and the waves were ups and downs: "Your Excellency didn't expect is still a straightforward monk who is a thousand times stronger than those unconcealed wastes. Double, my concubine really admires you."

"a monk doesn't lie, this poor monk has always been a gentleman who is magnanimous, open-minded, and speaks to others about everything." This Shi is on the surface of people's answers. , In fact, has been very panicked.

He used the heart technique to quickly recall his recent performance, and found that since riding on the motorcycle, his mouth is not very close. Especially from the phrase "real bomb", it is somewhat out of control. That sentence can still be regarded as molesting his wife, but this sentence of "want to do" is too outrageous. It directly makes all of his plans fall into the water, and fiercely fuels the other's arrogance.

Is this woman too strong?

No, it's not right, the other party is not strong enough to affect my brain, mindfulness and perseverance are not just for watching, and 700% spirituality is not fun. Nowadays, let alone ordinary enemies, even the spiritual domain Tiancheng can't distort my cognition silently and completely without letting me notice it.

——Unless it is the celestial master of the whole mind system law domain.

Since it is not an external influence, then...this Shi is divine light flashed in people's mind, and thinks of a possibility.

While he dealt with the woman, he quietly hooked Ling Xingjian's hand. Ling Xing was full of dissatisfaction at the sight, but he was still aware of it and didn't struggle.

Nianqi immediately connected to the nerve system.

"Darling, what kind of sacred seal do you put in my heart!"

Ling Xing saw a cold expression: "The sacred seal of honesty."

This Shi was shocked: "What are you doing with the seal of honesty? Didn't you put the seal of courage? Without putting the seal of courage, you can't restrain the concept of'terror'. If I go violently, how can you kill me?"

"I don't want to kill you. I trust you. I don't like to hold your life in my hands. So I can't put the seal of courage in your heart." Ling Xing saw sighed, and then became evil again fiercely: "But you don't know which sentence can be believed or not, so I put the seal of honesty in your heart!"

That’s right, it’s because Ling Xing sees The Seal of Honesty was directly planted in the core of the concept of the terror field, so she now has a high degree of trust in the words of this Shi.

But it is precisely because of the existence of the Seal of Honesty that this Shi cannot tell a lie now!

Just now, in order to ensure that the fear field does not run wild and harm the entire world, in order to prevent the demonized self in the future, you can dig out the sacred seal with no difficulty, but Shi Tiexin reveals the deepest part of the core concept. Came out.

But at that time, it was so profound, but now it is more embarrassing to deal with.

You can't lie, that's how to fight a fart!

The woman on the other side smoked and glared, her astringent aura was full, her fingers lit her red lips, and she lightly licked her fingertips: "Then, how does the Master plan to fuck her concubine?"

"With the height, weight, size and strength of this poor monk, of course, it is to pick you up as a cup...cough cough cough!!!" This Shi coughed violently and quickly strangled himself for his damn honesty. Absolutely. Can no longer contribute to the other's arrogance. The opponent's abilities are obviously related to astringency. If you follow the other party's words again, maybe you really want to explain here today.

There is a risk here, don’t do it, run!

"Amitabha, guilt and guilt. This poor monk has nothing to hide and violates the precepts. Today, he thinks in front of the wall, repents with great concentration, kneels on the washboard, and retire first."

Shi Tiexin Secretly pulling up Ling Xingjian's hand, this is the entrance to the Golden Palace, if you see the right time, you should be easy to run. And I have never taken it lightly all the way, I simply didn't see all the abnormalities of unfolding the real Yin Sector. Neither the diffuse fog nor the sudden change of painting style has ever appeared.

Therefore, even if the woman in front of her is somewhat mysterious, it is impossible to cover the realm where she is. He and Ling Xingjian joined forces, and couldn't even run away if they didn't believe it.

——Unless the opponent is already an expert at the real domain level of Tiancheng.

Seeing eyes flashed, Ling Xing understood Shi Tiexin's plan, and immediately passed the various plans he had just calculated using the mind-qi channel. This plan has feints and withdrawals, temptations and main attacks, and after running or being interrupted, there is support and response. It is very complete.

The woman on the opposite side said to stay: "You said that meat and wine have passed through the intestines and left in the heart of the Buddha. If the Master does not swim in the Boundless Abyss of Suffering, how can he know the true meaning of repent and be saved? Concubine. The Golden Palace has just opened. It’s better for the Master and Mrs. Zun to stay and comment, so that the concubine can appreciate Master’s demeanor and opinion."

This lady’s mouth is really sharp, even Will you use Buddhist allusions to run against me?

But this Shi is not a true monk, so I went to Yi Shijian: "Amitabha, the little monk is proficient in eating, drinking, and betting--cough cough cough!! Gao is not very satisfied. Another day, another day I will bring more people."

The next day, I will bring all the aircraft and tanks of the Department of Serious Crimes, no matter what magical this lady is, damn her!

Send the message in your mind, count down to three, prepare to run away!


Ling Xing saw his muscles tense up.


Ling Xing sees that holy light is accumulated secretly, ready to open up.


"Master, are you afraid right?" The woman smiled and said at a moderate pace: "The Master just needs to say one thing and is scared. Let the Master leave without stopping. It’s just that, I don’t know if the Master is afraid of red karma, or is afraid of going to the golden palace, or even-afraid of me?"

The indescribable Yingying lit up in the woman's eyes. Bright, I can’t feel any dangerous aura, it seems that I am really just a long-tongued woman who likes to use words to run against men: "Or, as the Master of the demon monk, I am afraid that my wife will fail?"

This For a moment, Shi Tiexin, who had been counting down, suddenly stopped.

Ling Xing saw that his whole body strength was about to reach Peak, and he waited for a signal from this Shi.

However, the signal did not come.

Not only is it not coming, Shi Tiexin's thoughts are also receding like a tide.

Ling Xing saw this Shi man in surprise, and he unilaterally disconnected his mind.

Then he smiled.

There is no intention to leave at all.

This Shi said slowly: "Since everything is up to this point, and the atmosphere is here, it seems that I am going to lose weight again."

Ling Xing see startled.

Hey, what are you talking about, hurry up! Hurry up!

This guy, shouldn't you really want to enjoy the service here!

Ling Xing saw that Shi Tiexin would not believe that Shi Tiexin would do this, but instead, the CJSP smile on the face of this Shi became more sincere: "Then, deference is no substitute for obedience, let this poor monk Take a good turn in the red dust of Huanhuan Huanhuan Entertainment City. Lady Boss, as the host here, you have to entertain me well."

The woman immediately looked like a poisonous snake I wrapped Shi Tiexin's arm like this: "Please come inside the demon monk Master~~~!"

This Shi laughed up to the sky: "hu hu wa hahahaha! Lao Na hasn’t opened meat for a long time, so I’m going to play today. Happy! Let us enjoy the wanton pleasure!"

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