Fog Era Chapter 1100

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Shi Tiexin's big hand released.

until now are all actively clenching Ling Xingjian's hand and let it go for the first time.

Ling Xingjian suddenly felt a little flustered, and held Shi Tiexin back in his hand. He was jerky but tried to use holy light instead of mind, trying to send his thoughts: "Hey, what are you doing? What plan, tell me!"

But after only listening to the bang, the holy light was blown back with anger. Shi Tiexin ruthless bounced off Ling Xingjian's hand neatly, without any intention of responding, and walked into the wanton golden palace without looking back.

Ling Xing saw Shizhi feel pain, but her heart hurts even more.

Could it be said that Shi Tiexin was really exposed under the influence of that woman's seduction and his own seal of honesty?

He really went in front of me... Female ticket female Chang? !

Ling Xing saw that he was sad, wronged and unbelievable, and the whole person was confused.

At this moment, another familiar voice sounded: "This lady, please come down to entertain you."

When Ling Xing turned his head, he saw the mysterious Woman.

No, that woman has accompanied Shi Tiexin into the Golden Palace. What appeared in front of Ling Xingjian was a beauty in men's clothing that was almost exactly the same as that woman, but slightly adjusted.

This beauty in men's clothing changed the appearance of just being seductive, coquettish, smoky, and black. In front of Ling Xingjian’s eyes, it became a starry eyebrow, handsome, slightly provocative, and offensive. The look of an energetic elite cowherd.

She seems to have grown taller, a white suit with inexplicable charm amidst her anger, a strand of curly hair hanging down from her forehead, half blocking the sharp eyebrows and teasing corners of her eyes: "Very Sorry for leaving you out of the cold, let me accompany the lady to visit the Golden Palace."

Ling Xing saw indifferently said: "No."

"Really? Going to the Golden Palace. There are so many tricks in it, but it’s a paradise on earth." Beauty in men's clothing said gently, calmly and gracefully: "The girl has a different body and seems to be a believer. It must be a big deal for the girl to speak to herself as heaven in front of the girl. Disrespect."

Ling Xingjian continued to be indifferent: "If you know that you are disrespectful, you still said, this can be considered for service?"

"Although it is disrespect, I can’t be here. A little concession. After all, even if it’s a real heaven, I dare to compare. It’s the girl, you deny it without looking at it. This doesn’t prove your piety." Beauty in men's clothing teasedly said: "is it possible That, you are afraid, afraid that your beliefs will be shattered here? If you are so afraid, it seems that your beliefs are not really that firm."

But Ling Xingjian completely remained unmoved .

This little verbal run was heard in her ears, and it was almost impossible to make any waves. Seeing Ling Xing could not even help comparing the woman's rhetoric with the big man's words, he suddenly felt that this girl's words could not reach the bottom of people's hearts.

They are all clever words and expressions. Compared with the magic monk who is a mystery of true and false every sentence, this girl's level is too low.

Today must not be fooled, Shi Tiexin has already been recruited, and she absolutely cannot be fooled again.

Thinking of this, Ling Xing turned around and wanted to leave.

beauty in men's clothing turned his gaze: "Or, are you afraid of seeing your own men do things that make you ashamed and embarrassed? Actually, I don’t think you need to feel embarrassed, but you should Be curious."

"Don’t you want to know why your man walked into the Golden Palace and what he wanted to do?"

"Well, if you are true No matter if you want to go, I will never stop you. After you leave, I just save the energy of the next. You can greet the Lord Secretary with spare no effort."

"The man is strong like a monster, maybe he can I have hovered between life and death several times."

Ling Xing trembled when he saw his heart trembled, and he couldn't get out of the way he was about to leave.

After ten seconds of silent thinking, Ling Xingjian suddenly turned his head, staring at this woman with extremely sinister eyes, and said fiercely fiercely, "Okay, then let me see you. "Heaven"!"

beauty in men's clothing bowed gently, like an evil nobleman: "The honor of being in the next. Please come inside, welcome to the golden palace."

The two walked towards the Golden Palace.

The crowd was raging, but in a few steps, the two had passed through the crowd. Seeing Ling Xing was walking, he did not evade, but there was no collision, as if he was in a different phase from those mortal laymen.

In fact, it is true. When following this woman, the space all around has peculiarly expanded and contracted.

Shi Tiexin jokingly refers to this place as the ring ring entertainment city, which is indeed very appropriate.

The buildings here are indeed arranged in a circle.

Ling Xingjian walked into the hall of the first ring, and beauty in men's clothing began to introduce: "There are seven rings in my golden palace, and the first ring is in front of me. Everyone in the world is greedy for money, I am First Layer’s paradise is for these people-the circle of wealth and desire."

The hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor is extremely gorgeously decorated and full of hustle and bustle.

Ling Xingjian sees a super casino that is more luxurious and exaggerated than any big casino in the world.

Traditional, modern, classic, trendy, any gambling method can be available. From Mahjong Pai Gow to Sieve Poker, from stocks and securities to fund futures, almost all capital manipulation methods and profit-making methods are included here.

On the ground, there is the sound of oh la la's chips, and the sky is the stock market's skyrocketing K-line. There are countless people crowded here, tart and mean capitalists, big belly big money, jealous gamblers with thick necks, women wearing fur coats and ermines, everyone in sight is caught in the carnival of wealth.

Ling Xing sees beauty in men's clothing: "Would you like to gamble two? Don't worry, all the fun here is free."

Ling Xing sees coldly. : "A few stinky money, don't worry about it."

"Also, some yellow and white things are not in the eyes of the girl, so let's show you my collection."

beauty in men's clothing claps your hands, a table rises up from the ground, and there is a set of extremely gorgeous jewelry on it.

With the lights shining down, the set of jewels were shining brightly like stars. Many noble ladies immediately surrounded the set of jewelry all around, screaming excitedly and howling greedily. They stick out their tongues like snakes, seeming to want to feel the taste of the Supreme jewelry closer.

It's a pity that the price of Supreme jewelry is also aloof and remote. If they don't win enough money, they can't take the set of jewelry that can make any woman crazy.

beauty in men's clothing is extremely generous: "As long as you want, take it away at will."

Ling Xing saw no wavering: "The most beautiful diamond is after the prairie fire. It’s just carbon dioxide."

"Oh, I understand it below. They all say true gold fears no fire. It seems that girls like gold. Gold is immortal, very good, because I also like gold very much. , And just prepared a lot of golden rewards."

Ling Xingjian was too lazy to answer, this eye-filled wealth couldn't bring her any touch at all.

Beauty in men's clothing glanced at Ling Xing and saw: "Maybe the girl is still upright, but the girl's man seems to be enjoying it."

Ling Xing's heart moved. , And then I saw Shi Tiexin.

What is Shi Tiexin doing?

He is betting.

Big bets, special bets.

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